Post for Feb 17-23 2013

TaN: We have lots of good values; the problem is wrong application.  It must be remembered (and understood) that what is shameful are bad acts and not our physical appearance.

Take for example, most would feel shame – or are looked down upon – when we do not have nice looking clothes, when we have simple fare, when we arrive by walking or by commuting; yet, we parade our expensive stuff even though we know it came from ill-gotten gains.  We espoused the simple life of the late Sec Jesse Robredo (his wearing of shorts, of a T-shirt, of slippers, of riding around in a bicycle, etc) yet we continue to insist that the people we deal with must be attired impressively – i.e., in leather shoes, in suits, and (preferably) arrive in nice cars).

We continue to show respect and give high regards to people with many fancy alphabets after their name – like MA, MS, PhD, MD, DD, etc – while thumb our noses and pass by (without so much as a glance) building maintenance personnel, pedestrians, street sweepers, and service people.  We show respect only to people we consider have a higher stature in society but show disdain towards those in menial labor.  What would Jesus say?

Better still, I wonder how sincere and honest are we with respect to our true values.  Everywhere, we hear people paraphrase, quote, and talk about being Christians yet actions speak otherwise.  We speak of the need for change, for transparency, for accountability, yet we usually mean it to be “for others”.  When it comes to ourselves, we are the exception.

We also continue to value the superficial and trivial things instead of focusing on genuine spiritual renewals and epiphanies.  We adamantly refuse to let go of our greed, our hypocrisy, our egos, our sham.  We continue to discriminate people based on trivial, superficial and temporal reasons and ignore what is important and true.  We even discriminate between gender (when we enact laws that favor one gender over another, like for women, for children) and between biological states (when we provide special areas for disabled people and pregnant women).  It should be inherent and automatic that we give people with special needs consideration without need of laws and policies.

Enacting special laws and allocating special areas only reflect that we are not conscious of our duties and responsibilities as humans – as Christians.  We must instinctively remember our responsibility to respect each others rights and privileges and, in turn, others must see to it that our respect for their rights are not abused or be taken for granted.  At all times, we must live our values and not “philosophize” them.  Fooling other people is bad enough; what is worse then we can fool ourselves, when we can justify our wrong acts.  It has been said that if one can fool oneself, one will not hesitate to fool others.

TaN: There is neither good nor bad cholesterol, nor good nor bad stress, nor good nor bad anything; there is only cholesterol, stress, etc.  Only man can be good or bad, but only acts can be right or wrong – but I will get into this in my next post.  Everything else is just acting according to its nature, to the dictates of the natural law.

Since only man is said to have free will – though this article ( claims to have information to the contrary – it naturally follows that only man can be good or bad because he would be able to choose between the two.

However, having the ability/right to choose does not necessarily mean that man is bad if he makes the wrong choice.  One evil act does not an evil man make.  Goodness or evilness of a person is based on his totality and it is possible only when one dies.

Throughout one’s life, there will be good and evil acts.  The goodness or the evilness of each act must be determined individually and independently.  It is only at the moment of death that the goodness or evilness of a man can be determined with certainty.  Until then, goodness or evilness is restricted to the act/s of man.

Given this, there are no such “animals” as good and bad cholesterol, no good and bad food, no good and bad anything.  It will be argued that however something affects us, it is merely acting according to its nature, according to the dictates of natural law.

In the case of cholesterol, it is a very vital and essential substance produced by the body.  It is used in tissue repair (when tissues have sustained damage, like micro fissures in our vascular system in the form of plaque which causes narrowing due to the absence of collagen that enables the blood vessels to be elastic and, in turn, is due to deficiency in (bioavailable) vitamin C in the diet), in immunity (in the production of certain antibodies and attack cells against infections and intrusive organisms), in digestion (in the production of digestive enzymes by the pancreas and the liver), in proper brain and nervous system functioning (because half of the brain is cholesterol and saturated fat), in feeling good (when serotonin or the happiness hormone is produced) and various hormones, and in a myriad of other significant body functions and needs.

It “becomes bad” when it has been “used”.  Just like anything we use, once it is used, it becomes “bad” – such as after eating a banana we throw away the peel, as after we are through extracting all the flavor and “good stuff” in a chewing gum, etc.  “Bad” cholesterol is simply used “good” cholesterol.  It is not bad, in the sense that it has been transformed.

As to stress, it is the same thing.  Stress that motivates us is good (like becoming aware that the opposing team has outscored us and we have to do catch-up), but when it hinders us, it is bad (like learning we have contracted some serious illness).  However, it is also a matter of attitude.  In other words, stress is “good” or “bad” depending on how one will take it.  If you take it as a challenge, then it is good.  If you take it as an omen or something negative, then it is bad.

So remember, only man can be good or bad and only acts can be right or wrong.  And, stop confusing people, especially those who are impressionable, who are gullible, who are ignorant, and who are “easy”.


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