Post Mar 10-16 2013

TaN: It is said that “at the moment of birth, our date of death has been set”.  Many argue that a man sets his own destiny, but this is true only if destiny is defined as how one will determine the course of one’s life.  They, further, argue that since one sets one’s course of life, the decisions we make may either put us in harm’s way or away from it.  This, in turn, determines our lifespan.

It is said that making rash decisions – ergo, living dangerously – drastically decreases our life expectancy.  That, if we keep to healthy lifestyles, we will live long lives – like no smoking, no stress, no junk food, etc.  This is an absurd argument because otherwise how would one account for the numerous cases of healthy people dropping dead for no aparrent reason and of people who miraculously survive incredible odds – surviving like parachutes failing to open, like thrown several meters from a motorcycle hit by a truck, etc.  This only shows that when it not your time to go, you can survive seemingly impossible odds, but when it is your time to go, nothing you can prevent it from happening.  When death comes for you, there is nowhere you can hide.

Living a healthy lifestyle never guarantees a long life.  It only guarantees an “easy” death.  We have no choice as to when we will go, only how we will go.  It’s like the saying, Growing old is mandatory, growing up is optional.

TaN: Difference between prophecy and prediction, this is a common misunderstanding.  Only God can prophecy.  Prophets are merely instruments by which God makes known to man His prophecies.  Man can only predict.

The fundamental difference between the two is that the former is a foretelling of things and of events to come (period).  There is no (perceivable or knowable) basis for the foretelling.

Prediction, however, is a foretelling of future things or events based on the past or what has transpired.  Based on past events, (hopefully) a reliable guesswork or expectation of future things or of events can be deduced basing on the assumption all things or events will remain constant and consistent enough so as to continue the trend or development of events.

Furthermore, the greatest difference between the two is that prophecies always come true, while predictions come true in a mixture of coincidence, of reasoning, and mostly due to faith – faith in the accuracy of our past observations and of analysis.


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