Post Mar 17-23 2013

TaN: Today, only businesses that deal with unethical or immoral commodities or practices can turn a profit.  Let us be honest.  What businesses today make a profit by following and practicing the Holy Scriptures in its dealings and transactions?

When we advertise our product/s or service/s, do we tell the whole truth or do we tell our intended consumers only that portion of the whole truth that will persuade (read: entice) and convince them to make a purchase?  Aside from telling them the price, do we tell them about the consequences that they may incur or may happen to them?

How about in the case of listing of ingredients, when the business relies on technicality to circumvent a requirement of the law.  Take the case of the public awareness of the dangers of taste enhancers, artificial colorings, and artificial preservatives.  Since it is mandated that ingredients be listed in the order of greatest to the least in relation to proportion, an ingredient that is known to be harmful or is being shunned by the consuming public is intentionally broken down into its constituent compounds and/or is deliberately masqueraded under different names or designations to skirt the attention of consumers in order to ensure continued “patronage”.

And then there is the one about aggressively campaigning, using celebrity product endorsers, using unfounded or manipulated “scientific” studies and trials, using any and all manners of deception or persuasion techniques to sway consumers into making a purchase, and using various methods of guaranteeing, if not at least increasing the chances of, making a sale.  Although this is so obvious that it does not merit examples, for the benefit of those who may be too “trusting” or incapable of discerning between clever deceptive marketing and honest advertising, permit me the liberty of naming a few:

  • [aggressive marketing] pharmaceuticals via direct selling to the public in the form of broadcast and print ads as well as via doctors and even celebrity endorsers;
  • [celebrity endorsers] usually teens and popular entertainment and sports personalities – endorsing beauty and personal care products and services, sports and health products, food especially the so-called “health or healthy” foods and milk, and fast food chains, and consumer electronic and technological products and services (like gadgetry and communications);
  • [unfounded or manipulated studies and trials] also in pharmaceuticals and allopathic therapies through infomercials (especially if they have an allopathic medical background) who (explicitly or implicitly) have read some allopathic medical literature or just a brochure handed to them by a medical representative and may even have a regular print media column espousing the latest without looking into the real situation (because I just recently learned – through a downloaded video (entitled: “YOU CAN HEAL ANY DISEASE” by Gagan Polank, with the URL:, 35:05-35:12 minutes into the video) on health and nutrition – that the US FDA requires that a new pharmaceutical to be approved for marketing to the public must have at least two (2) successful trials, even if the pharmaceutical has failed miserably a dozen or more times before the minimum 2 successful trials, and this does not even include trials for adverse interactions when taken in combination with other pharmaceuticals and determining whether the placebo used in the trials are true placebos or were placebos by altered defintion; and,
  • [clever play of words and definitions] product label ingredient MSG or monosodium glutamate – due to increasing consumer awareness and concern over its health impact – hidden under different names like autolyzed or hydrolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extract, autolyzed yeast, textured vegetable protein, and the list goes on – try the article: and  Need I say more?

TaN: There is neither any nor will here be a water scarcity crisis.  Despite the fact that freshwater – i.e., those easily accessible to man – is but a miniscule portion of the total water on this planet, it is our incorrect use of water than is the root of our water scarcity problems.  There are “tons” of studies and articles – to provide a few, see:;;;;; and, – clearly and convincingly showing that it is the insistence of following a meat-based diet that is one (but not the only) major cause of a (media-hyped) water scarcity crisis.

Another major cause is commercialization or commoditization of water.  It used to be that tap water was already sufficient – i.e., in industrialized countries and urbanized population centers.  Today, bottled water companies are making incredible “killings” off gullible and off ignorant people, having already laid the groundwork of spreading unfounded fears and unsubstantiated health claims that bottled water is safe(r).  Unscrupulous bottled water companies siphon precious (free) groundwater – at fractionally insignificant costs – and sells them for exhorbitant and indecently-marked up prices to unsusp[ecting consumers.  In addition, the marginalized and poor inhabitants of the freshwater lakes and rivers and other major sources of water are deprived of their access to free and naturally clean water.

Include, also, the irresponsible utility of freshwater to support and maintain unsustainable and polluting industries – cooling and cleaning of machines and heavy equipment operations (including transportation) – which could just as well use untreated water.  And, all for what, just to keep the wheels of industry turning which makes the rich richer (magnified astronomically for those in the global and transnational arena) while making the poor poorer.  In the meantime, the dumbed down public is fed bovine ordure like in the name of economic growth or is dictated upon by global imperialistic agencies as the IMF-WB tandem, the WTO, the G8, and the various one-sided treaties and agreements arranged and designed to keep the status quo of the power elite in domination of all wealth and resources.

Finally, it has been proven that, inspite the fact that accessible global freshwater is but a mere 0.7775% (covering only lakes, rivers, and some groundwater sources) of the global water supply, it is still able to support all life – from the plants and trees to the animals and all of humanity.  Just like food, there is no scarcity, no crisis.  There is just the unequal and unequitable distribution and accessibility of water among both the rich and the poor – and the mis-use.  It is simply a matter of the wealthy and powerful commoditizing, privatizing, and monopolizing all natural resources – in the name of money, For the love of money is the root of (all) evil – 1 Timothy 6:10.

TaN: In agreement with most commentaries regarding the case of Kristel Tejada…Yes, not only is it a case of too little too late, it was a preventable tragedy and there is no excuse for whoever had the authority to act.  It is sad that most of us, most of the time, are reactive instead of pro-active – to be differentiated from pre-emptive.

Like a commentary made earlier, I, likewise, cannot understand why it has to take a tragedy before any action is taken to avert it.  Her tragedy is unforgiveable, considering that it was preventable.  It was preventable because of or if we had put man before profit.  Instead, we put profit ahead of man – we put more importance that Kristel put up the required amount than for her to receive her education and, on top of the fact, that it is a state educational institution which means that it is being supported by public funds (scarce as it may be, the fact remains that it is public funds).

It is regrettable and shameful that lives must be lost before we (re)act on what should have been obvious moral decisions.  It is hoped that this tragedy be the last, that we become proactive and not wait for other tragedies before doing what ough to be, what is right.  For it is written that, (1) The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath and that, (2) For the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life and that, (3) For the love of money is the root of evil.  It is when we put everything – most of all, money – before man that tragedies befall us, especially the innocent.


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