Post Apr 14-20 2013

TaN: More on…our date of death is pre-determined at the date of our birth.

A woman attempts suicide repeatedly – drinking cleaning fluid, slashing her wrist, overdosing on sleeping pills, etc – but is miraculously still alive.  A skydiver’s parachute fails to deploy and the reserved chute also fails but he survives the fall.  A health buff leaves the gymnasium and is run over by a truck.  An athlete dies in his sleep.

It seems strange and uncanny that there are such accounts where people appear to defy the odds while others who take very care of themselves die.  This not only goes to show that death comes to us unexpectedly but even reinforces the argument that one can choose how one will meet one’s end but not when.  Just like the saying, growing old is mandatory but growing up is optional.

This shows that there are certain things in life that we do not have control over.  Try as much as we do, we cannot, even the slightest iota, influence the moment of our death.  All we can is to influence in what manner we choose to die – slowly and agonizingly or peacefully.

The never-ending argument of the Sickness Industry – i.e., Big Pharma and its cronies like mainstream medical practitioners – to discredit natural methods and protocols regarding practicing natural and healthy lifestyles cannot guarantee long life is both deceptive and manipulative.  (Gullible) People are easily led to believe and accept the argument as truth when, in truth, if one stops to give it some thought, conventional or allopathic medicine is not only no better but often makes it worse but no one blames them nor holds them accountable.

In the video, “Let thy Food be thy Medicine and they Medicine be thy Food – Hippocrates” (from, somewhere 53 minutes 17 seconds in until 53 minutes 46 seconds, the speaker saying, in effect, that the Cancer industry has redefined “cancer survivor” as someone who has undergone the conventional cancer therapy protocol and is still alive five years later.  However, if the same “survivor” dies on day 5 years and 1 day, s/he is still forever immortalized as a cancer “survivor” even if s/he dies of cancer one day after the five-year cut-off.  So, it can be seen that there is widespread and rampant deception (via redefinition) – and fear-mongering – going on in the world today, all in the name of the “almighty” love of money – as Timothy has forewarned in 1 Timothy 6:10.

Anyway, back to topic.  With all the unexplainable time of deaths (and even more not) recorded under the most bizarre situations or circumstances, there is only one possible explanation…that death comes when it chooses to – i.e., at the time set by God.  There can be no other explanation without contradictions.  As in the preceding paragraph of cancer deaths – even among those with the same cancer types and receive the same treatments – there are those who receive massive doses of toxic therapies and survive while there are those who undergo the barest of toxic cocktails but die and those that survive years beyond the 5-year standard life expectancy while there are those who pass away right after the first session.  As the Lord has foretold, Death comes as a thief in the night – one will never know when it will come calling.

TaN: Everything that can be given or shared freely must be given or shared freely.  It is my humble opinion – and only my humble opinion, whether it is original (as in the first anyone has thought of it) or not I have no idea of knowing and don’t really care  – that everything that can be given or shared freely must be freely given or shared.  This is the only way to genuine sustainable and lasting development and growth.

Because everything is free or shared, there will be no need to be secretive and monopolistic – neither any fear that someone else will get the better of you or get the credit nor will there be any need to overproduce and flood the market with goods that are derived from over-harvesting or from over-exploiting natural resources from the environment in the quest for maximum profits at all cost.  This is an unanticipated benefit of giving freely or of sharing – that there would be less and more responsible demand on the environment to satisfy man’s (true) needs.

By giving freely or sharing all that can be given freely or shared, man would be left with only necessities.  Wants – disguised as needs by the machinations of Big Business, by the global elite, and by the power-obsessed – have been exploited under the ideology of consumerism and have been the bedrock of the environmental and global devastation and economic ruin (disguised or misdefined as growth).

Property or ownership should be limited to personal – i.e., those that cannot be shared with others, such as hygiene like toiletries and personal care items or as essentials like clothing and shelter and others.  However, even if such items are classified as personal, there should likewise still be with restraint or not excessive.

Personal property or owndership should not be beyond what one can actually use – like a walk-in closet just for clothes is considered excessive or like having several shoe trees or racks.  In addition, even just one item can be considered excessive if it is hardly or even never used – like owning a pair of hiking boots but the owner does not even like hiking.

Finally, (to reiterate) things that are of the common good or are not made by man cannot be owned by man, no matter how much we “redefine” or enact laws to enable them.  The primal thing referred to here is land ownership.  Land must “belong” to anyone who can make use of it, to make it productive.  [“Belong” is defined as having rights to the exclusive use and, to a certain limited extent, to the subsequent disposition as in inheritance, but the recipient must prove worthy in the sense that the land can remain productive.]


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