Post Mar 31-Apr 6 2013

TaN: Please permit me a little indulgence and to greet a good friend a Happy (59th?!) Birthday Ka Jim.

TaN: Mistaking IQ for smartness – what about EQ?  There is an enormous abyss differentiating between IQ intelligence and EQ intelligence.  The former is bookish but the latter is wisdom – for wisdom is knowledge applied.  Without application, knowledge is garbage, not power.

IQ is having knowledge, EQ is the application of that knowledge (to serve as an advantage).  Most people are impressed with mere knowledge, from memorizing and quoting verbatim from literature and other sources to reciting litanies of facts and figures to dishing out complex formulas, as well as possess the same ability.  However, few can actually put that knowledge to good use, to apply it to formulate algorithms and solve problems, while others apply their gift for more nefarious ends.  Even fewer are capable of applying knowledge in more complicated situations involving needs to weigh opportunities to maximize the outcome.

Most people are unaware that the brain has an inherent capacity to store incalculable amounts of information.  The mere fact that images and videos take up the largest storage spaces in our electronic devices and gadgets and the fact that our brain store everything that we sense (i.e., see, hear, smell, taste, and feel) every moment of our lives should be sufficient to convince people of its mind-boggling storage capacity.  Imagine how much storage capacity it takes to store everything we perceive since birth.  [In fact, it has been proven that our brain already begins storing information even before we are born – in the form of non-visual data such as ambient sounds received by the fetus while still in the mother’s womb.]

Given the above, imagine now how large our current data storage devices would need to be – even as the current state of miniaturization of technology, where terabytes can easily fit in one’s pocket – to accommodate all the data our brain receive (even while asleep) if one should life to be 100.  Imagine how massive your data storage need to be to keep (i.e., no erasure or deletion) every moment of (only) the video input from your cctv for a year.  Now multiply that by the number of years in an average lifespan today.  And yet, that is but mere knowledge; useless unless it is applied – let us say, to solve a crime or a mystery, to resolve a dilemma, to develop new technology.

Now, going back to the topic at hand, that knowledge in our data storage devices represent the IQ intelligence.  If we let it sit in storage, it serves no purpose.  It is garbage, a waste of valuable storage space.

EQ or true smartness is what sets genius from mere “mortals”.  The products of EQ are the true works of art.  They are not exactly the same as the art of the masters (in the audio and the visual arts, like classical music, like paintings, like sculptures, like literature, like architecture, like engineering, etc) but they are, nevertheless, art.  They represent the epitome of man’s genius, the climax of man’s application of God’s gift, and, most of all, the ultimate expression of man’s appreciation and gratitude for God’s gift – the fulfillment of God’s command to have dominion over all of His creation – not what most of us are doing to the environment today, which is exploiting and destroying the gift of God to man.

So, next time, let us be more prudent in what we call and consider smartness.

TaN: “Baligtad na (talaga) ang mundo.”  It used to be “Innocent until proven guilty” but now, we are being accused falsely and it has become the burden of the accused to prove himself innocent nor not guilty.  It used to be that the healthy is normal and being sick or dis-eased is not.

Today, if you are not taking any medication (i.e., allopathic chemical or pharmaceutical), you are not normal.  Being sick has become the new normal.  You see people comparing the number of medications and drugs they are taking, as if they are some sort of medal or achievement.  People are aghast to find out you are not taking anything, that there is nothing wrong with you.  And, that in itself is not normal.

In fact, there is this inane concept of superfoods – that there are foods that are beyond food.  This is utter nonsense.

Superfoods are supposed to be foods that provide nutrition, that keeps your body healthy and functioning properly.  Well, if whatever you eat does not keep you healthy and functioning properly, THEN IT IS NOT FOOD!  There ain’t no such animal as Superfood.  IT IS ETHER FOOD OR IT IS NOT.  Anything you eat that does not keep you healthy and functioning properly IS NOT FOOD.  IT IS POISON!

Stop calling less profits as loses.  Stop calling depressed people as sick.  Stop being politically correct – for heaven’s sake, call a spade a spade.  It is not wrong to tell the truth.  Do not hide behind the stupid and lame excuse of being politically correct – stop calling a janitor a sanitary engineer, there is no shame in being a janitor.  It is a noble and important job.  It is honest work.

For the last time, STOP HANGING THE DEFINITIONS – to suit your agenda.


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