Post Apr 21-27 2013

TaN: Happy Earth Day everyone (April 22) and the 49th for a dear friend – Ting, kamusta na.

TaN: We must be biased…biased in favor of what is Right, of what is Good, in favor of God.  Though it appears to be ethical and good to be objective and stay unprejuiced, the truth is that we must be biased…biased in favor of what is Right, of what is Good, of what is the Truth, in favor of God.  It is a clever ploy of Satanic forces to manipulate and sway us from God’s grace, from God’s light, from God’s love, from God’s omnipresence.  We have to make a stand and take sides.  We are either with God or not.

It is wrong to be a fence-sitter, to be uncommitted, to be undecided, to be an opportunist and take the side of whoever will be the victor (sigurista).  In our desire not to be wrong, to ensure that we will be on the “winning” side, to play it safe and evade or dodge consequences or to escape from responsibility, we opt for a position of neutrality or “objectivity”.  But this “objectivity” is incorrectly and improperly applied with the goal of guaranteeing we will be blameless.  This “objectivity” is selfish and irresponsible; it is dangerous because one’s loyalty and allegiance is uncertain.

We must be prepared to take sides and, right or wrong, be prepared to take the consequences, whatever they will be.  Being biased or prejudiced in this manner is neither wrong nor bad.  It is the right and courageous thing to do.  Only a coward dares not express overtly his/her convictions and color.  Be biased, but for God.

TaN: The “orthorexia nervosa” of Steven Bratman MD is becoming a reality.  We are now witnessing health-conscious people dropping dead – reinforcing the argument that just because we are eating “healthy” foods – aside from those that are misled into eating endorsed-healthy foods – that we will be healthy and will not get sick and will not suddenly drop dead.  This is a tale of mythic proportions.

First, it must be understood that healthy people are not people who do not get sick.  A healthy person is one who occasionally gets sick but is able to recover with minimal external assistance and within a short (like 3-5 days) duration.  [Of course, it goes without saying that even healthy people die because no one is “immune” to death.  This is an absurdity and total foolishness.]

Second, it must be understood that it is more important not to eat or do harmful food or acts than to eat or do healthy food or lifestyles.  This is a primary and fundamental reason why healthy foods or lifestyles work for some while totally ineffective for others.  Without avoiding bad edibles – from now on, I shall refer to anything we eat that is healthy as food and everything else as edibles (because we ingest them but they have no nutritionally beneficial value) – any benefit from food will only be negated by whatever bad edible we eat (or, likewise, any beneficial lifestyle activity will be voided by any harmful lifestyle we do).

Also, it does not follow that if a small quantity of healthy food is beneficial, a larger quantity is better.  The key to true health is equilibrium – the body receives only the proper nutrients it needs at the right moment, no more no less (the danger of “too much of a good thing”).  And “proper nutrient” is defined as the correct food from the nearest source endemic to the locality or surrounding environment.

Third, it must be understood that health comes from the body absorbing or assimilating (beneficial) nutrients, successfully.  No matter how healthy the food you eat, if the body cannot get to it, it is of little value.  [One key is black pepper or long pepper, where piperine is primarily sourced, has no appreciable nutritive value but its benefit is it assists in the absorption of nutrients by the body.]

Fourth, it must be understood that healthy food is one that is grown in naturally fertile soil and prepared (for eating) in the proper way – i.e., eaten raw (or may be properly fermented, sprouted, or pickled or using acids), whole (whenever possible), naturally (with minimal or no processing whatsoever), endemic (or an original native to the locality), and in season.  [Note: If cooking is imperative otherwise it cannot be eaten, cooking temperature and duration must be kept to as low and as short as possible but not exceeding 120 degrees C or 248 degrees F else all beneficial nutrients will be altered at the molecular level that will transform them into inflammatory and unrecognizably toxic substances – please read up on stereochemistry, chiral or mirror molecules.]

Fifth, it must be understood that eating for health is only third in priority or importance – the first is movement or physical activity and the second is good and positive thoughts and intentions.  Most people insist on eating to maintain or return to health – principally, because it is the easiest and most enjoyable.  Furthermore, referring back to the “second” paragraph, most people do not want to change their unhealthy ways and seek to practice healthy eating and lifestyles that do not “interfere” or require them to “deviate” from their wrongful ways.  As explained, this will not really work but only delay or postpone the inevitable.

And sixth, it must be understood that, in these “modern” times, to completely entrust our health to others – especially to those who depend on you not changing your set ways (mga konsintidor) and/or who do not have your best interests at heart – and not doing any research and not using your (God-given) common sense is tempting the fates and playing Russian roulette with your health.

As to orthorexia nervosa (from “ortho” which is Latin for “right or correct” and from “orexis” which is Latin for “appetite or eating”), due to the widespread and rampant attempts by Big Business – principally by Big Pharma and by Big Food – to profit from your fear (of the unknown and the unfamiliar, from peddlers of hysteria and of confusion and of unfounded pronouncements by conventional/allopathic medicine practitioners, from unscrupulous and unprincipled and irresponsible marketieers and advertising agents), from your laziness (to look after your own interests and do your own research), from your stupidity or gullibility (because you do not use your common sense), the general public are hoodwinked into believing in the wrong information and following carefully orchestrated protocols and agendas to maximize profits and power and infkuence for complete monopolistic dominion over everything.

Truly, as “predicted” by Steven Bratman, legions of health-conscious (but not necessarily healthy) people are dropping like flies.  The best evidence or proof is the rising statistics in iatrogenic disease – a disease defined in ( as: “Due to the activity of a physician or therapy” – to the 3rd killer in the USA (see: “Iatrogenic Disease: The 3rd Most Fatal Disease in the USA” in, as of April 16, 2013).  In our obsession to return to or stay in health, we have, foolishly, permitted ourselves to be manipulated into believing in falsehoods and deceptions with the tried and tested technique of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt).

TaN: Another unplanned addendum – taken from the April 19, 2013 GOTCHA column of PhilSTAR columnist Jarius Bondoc, entitled “More takes: NSO, coconut pestilence, military graft” and according to him,

Re the Supreme Court, Sandiganbayan and Ombudsman actions favoring military grafters over whistleblowers (Gotcha 15 Apr. 2013), a timely quote from Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged: “When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against youyou may know that your society is doomed.”


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