Post Apr 28-May 4 2013 (3rd and 4th TaN last minute addendum)

TaN: It is always a good idea until it affects you – the NIMBY Syndrome.  It is a common attitude for people to be all in agreement with some concept, especially if it concerns the environment or society as a whole – even if it seems outlandish or it is the trend or it is against what you feel or believe in – because they think that it will not “reach” them or that they will not be directly affected.

Take the case of a portion from the video “The Age of Stupid” (interspersed throughout the video, but starting somewhere ar 53:28 seconds in) where a conscientious environmental advocate was trying to get the township of Bedfordshire, Central England to go wind turbine energy.  The townsfolk are all for clean enervy and the environment but, when the turbines will be on their property, suddenly, they changed their tune and reasoned that they would be unsightly and would bring down property values – in other words, the NIMBY (or Not In My BackYard) Syndrome.

It is strangely and morbidly amusing to know that even among environment-conscious people, double standards are still very much a reality.  Everything is good and I support it completely until I actually have to be involved, until I will be affected, then it’s a whole different ballgame – the NIMBY Syndrome.  Admit it or not, many of us – myself included – have been guilty, in at least one point in our lives or another, of this syndrome.

The NIMBY Syndrome is one of the most dfficult behavior patterns to correct and get rid of.  Just when you think you have changed, an occasion will arise that makes you back slide and you, suddenly, realize it is still there.

This syndrome is traditionally and more familiarly known as hypocrisy.  It is alright with us, until we ourselves become affected.  I’m still hard at work on eradicating it from myself but I do not (or may never) know until the next time I will be faced with such an opportunity again.  Until, I sincerely hope I have changed – for the better.

TaN: One more time…there is no such thing as superfood.  If something edible does not function as it is supposed to or the body is incapable of utilizing whatever nutrients there are in whatever edible is ingested to maintain health, then that edible thing is NOT FOOD!  The definition and purpose of food is to provide nourishment to the body to support its myriad of functions.  If what you eat does not fit this definition and description, you are not eating food.  I do not know what you are eating but I definitely know you are not eating food.

Sometimes, there is great difficulty telling them apart because they look identical.  What this means is that with 2 carrots, one could be food and the other not, with 2 corns, one could be food and the other not, and with 2 slices of beef, one could be food and the other not.  This means that if the soil is deficient in certain nutrients, the plants grown in it will be nutritionally deficient.  It will survive but it will be “sickly”.  This is evidenced by its suceptibility to pests and to disease.

When your plants are constantly, persistently, and easily attacked or infested with and by pests and by blights, it only means that the soil is deficient in nutrients needed to provide and arm the plant’s defense system with the proper or with enough trace nutrients to fend off pests and diseases.  Yor plants are defenseless and it is for this reason that Big Chem and Big Ag comes in to offer their poisons – i.e., pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, bactericides, antibiotics, and other toxic concoctions – to do what your plants should have been able to do had they been provided with fertile and healthy soil (soil that is rich in minerals and trace elements, the micro nutrients).

When plants are provided with all necessary micro nutrients – and not just macro nutrients, the so-called N (nitrogen), P (phosphoris), K (potassium) – it will not need the poisons that Big Chem and Big Ag peddle.  They will be perfectly capable of defending themselves against pests and diseases.  And these plant foods are the so-called “superfoods” – i.e., true foods that can really nourish us and support our health.  But, these foods are merely serving their purpose, functioning as they are supposed to.  There is really nothing super about them.

As it has been said before, one cannot be more intelligent but one can be less intelligent.  One cannot be healthier but one can be less healthy.  One cannot be taller (that what your DNA has pre-determined you to be) but one can be less tall or stunted (due to malnourishment).  One cannot live longer (because we do not know how long we are to live) but one’s life can be “cut short” (by being careless or malnourished or diseased).  And, in like manner, food cannot be super but it can be less nourishing (by being deficient with micro nutrients, grown from nutrient-deficient soil).

TaN: Labor Day: It will always be non-wage benefits for laborers in the Philippines because, like or not, admit it or not, employers or capitalists still and will always hold the upper hand.  For as long as the constitution of the Tri-partite Wage Board remains as it is and for as long as government continues to pander to the whims and caprices of – or, if the government insists in its denial and prefers to refer to it in nicer-sounding terms, to listen to the arguments of – financial capitalists, the odds will always be stacked against labor.

Although the employers’ argument and reasons are not without its merits, it remains that a better solution to the perennial clamor of labor for higher and more decent or livable wages is to raise the minimum wage to such an amount that it can comfortably support a family of 5.  I would set the limit at a 5-member family because population should grow at a modest rate.  A zero or replacement or a negative population growth would be detrimental to true sustainable development – one thing would be that there would, eventually, not be enough people to support and take care of the elderly population.  And, a runaway population growth would not only put a strain on natural resources and degrade the environment (as what we have been witnessing for some years now) but would fuel soaring global poverty and suffering.

I contend that, since nothing gets done without labor, labor concerns and welfare should be held above all.  Moreover and after seeing some of the International Workers’ Day (in photographs from all over, I really cannot fathom the “reluctance” of labor to “cede” from the capitalist-consumeristic paradigm and establish its own eco-political system.  As I have repeatedly advocated, let labor transact and deal amongst themselves and leave the capitalists to themselves.  Let us see who will survive in this world.

It is labor that make operate the machines and equipment, that serve the wealthy (their servants and service providers, chauffeurs and valets, cooks and kitchen staff, guards and soldiers, clothiers and clothes makers, office staff and factory workers, etc), that produce and process agricultural products, and so forth.

The usual argument of financial collapse if workers are given “decent” wages just does not hold water.  It is holding financial and economic concerns above the welfare of human life.  I say, if a business, in order to stay financially “viable” is to subject workers to an “unsustainable” and demeaning existence, that business has no business existing in the first place.  No ifs nor buts about it, no business or economic endeavor is worth more than human dignity and welfare.  It does not make sense – and, certainly, obscene and inhumanely cruel – to continue to support and uphold a paradigm that consistently and persistently inflict suffering and hardship on people.

In this world, man above all.  But, in the whole scheme of things, God above all.

TaN: No election credible unless the counting of the ballots is done in plain view for all witnesses.  Whenever counting – even if it is automated – is done out of sight, there is no certainty that the counting is done forthright.  People will always imagine all sorts of ideas to doubt the credibility of the results, especially those who wish to cast doubts due to selfish interests.  The rest of the election process can be as automated as needed or as desired, but leave the counting alone.  Let the precinct count be done manually.  As a compromise, let the precinct ballot count be automated but there must be a manual parallel count done simultaneously.


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