Post May 12-18 2013

TaN: Before everything, Happy Mother’s Day to my mom!

TaN: What is happening in Big Ag is and has been happening in Big Pharma for some time now – i.e., regulating only enough of the fundamental (micro) nutrients to keep us alive (think: Codex Alimentarius) but not healthy.  In Big Ag, we have been witnessing the gradual transition from traditional, natural, and healthy farming techniques to artificial, chemical-dominated (antibiotics, pesticides, genetically-altered and -contaminated), and nutritionally-deficient agricultural products (plant and animal).  Just like people getting sicker and sicker due to junk, processed, and nutrient-deficient foods, our plant and animal foods are following us down the same path to perdition.

The problem the world is experiencing with their agriculture and food production is rooted in Big Ag’s and Big Chem’s insistence that science – i.e., their idea and kind of science – is better than what has been done by nature since the dawn of time.  It makes one wonder how nature had survived without man.

And, when everything is not going as successfully as expected, they follow the Big Pharma technique of coercing people to achieve their ends.  In the base of Big Pharma, it uses government to persecute and go after isolated cases of advocates and practitioners of natural health and healing – refer to: for a timeline of FDA actions against raw milk advocates and the Rawsome incident.  As for Big Ag, latest (as of this writing) are: “Police stake out hydroponics shops, harass customers who grow their own food” ( and “New GMO labeling bill will be the ultimate test between the will of the people versus the greed and power of the biotech industry” ( which came as one of the latest response to “Obama betrays America yet again by signing the ‘Monsanto Protection Act’ into law” (  One of the most sinister and nefarious groundwork for this putsch of the Global Elite cabal (of Big Ag, Big Chem, Big Pharma, Big Food, and Big Media – according to Dr Rima Leibow) was officiall implemented on Dec 31, 2009 – Codex Alimentarius.

In conclusion, it would seem that, in these times, as prophecied in the Holy Scriptures and forewarned in 1 Timothy 6:10 (that the Love of – and not – Money is the Root of Evil), when profit has become the most important thing, the end all, and nothing is spared nor held sacred in its pursuit – to the point of not only curtailing all rights but even above life itself.

And this all accomplished with the putting in of the final nail in the coffin of total global domination – Big Media.  But manipulating and orchestrating information given to the public – through mainstream media – people’s mindset, behavior, decisions, and reactions are deliberately and effectively controlled.  Only the World Wide Web remains the last bastion of truth and the common good and it must be kept that way at all cost.

TaN: Iodized salt is NOT SALT – it is a salt only by technicality or chemical definition.  In chemistry, a salt is defined as: [1] (according to:, “…is applied to an ionic compound produced by reacting an acid with a base“; [2] (according to:, “d. any of various compounds that result from replacement of part or all of the acid hydrogen of an acid by a metal or a group acting like a metal: an ionic crystalline compound“; and, [3] (according to:, “Any of a large class of chemical compounds formed when a positively charged ion (a cation) bonds with a negatively charged ion (an anion), as when a halogen bonds with a metal…”.  So, it is plain as day that salt is not merely the 3 measly elements of: Na or sodium, Cl or cholrine, and I or iodine – as is being so aggressively marketed by unscrupulous Big Business and mindlessly parroted by mainstream/conventional medical professionals and pseudo and self-proclaimed uninformed quack health and nutrition charlatans.

Salt traditionally and principally comes from seawater (known among true health advocates as full-spectrum salt) – where seawater refers to water sourced from either the sea or the ocean.  The average seawater has up to 70 – some even say 82 – elements (see:–Tables–Diagrams/Table-of-Top-14-Out-of-70-Trac.htm).

Whether how many elements actually make up seawater is still being determined because some trace elements are so minute in quantity that current measuring instruments have not yet attained that level of sensitivity to detect them.  Regardless of how many elements should (true) salt contain, it remains that there is definitely much much more than 3 miserable elements.

In fact, even the three elements may not be healthy at all as they may have been “manufactured” and were not derived properly from natural processes, thus rendering them not only non-beneficial but even be detrimental to health and nutrition.  There is growing evidence – though they are being ignored or suppressed – that they may be behind many of the incidences of increasing kidney stones – see:  The main suspected cause is the rejection of the nutrients and ingested substances that the body considers or has deemed to be foreign, inflammatory, toxic, and, otherwise, incompatible (i.e., not bio-compatible) such that the body will absorb and utilize.  These rejected substances are passed on to the kidneys to be excreted.  However, while in the kidneys, they may accumulate into balls or stones – unless the kidneys are well-irrigated and functional so that they are flushed out before they could form into larger stones and block the ducts.  In the case of iodized salt, the 3 elements are most likely produced in laboratories and are in their inorganic bio-incompatible forms.  Natural-occurring (and true) salt will have a different molecular structure and would be recognized, readily-accepted and utilized by the body.

True salt will never cause kidney stones, will not cause elevated blood pressure and (consequently) increased body weight, will provide the correct proportion and balance of nutritive minerals vital to health, will be essential to the equilibrium of the body (which is health), and is vital to the digestive, the immune, the lymphatic, the nervous, the circulatory, and all the various other systems to sustain (a healthy) life.

Finally, true salt comes in a variety of forms.  The most familiar is the whitish granules on the table and in the kitchen.  The healthier salts are those that are less white – clue: the whiter the salt, the less healthful.  An not-so-familiar – except, perhaps, to farmers and ranchers – are salt licks.  True salt comes from seawater, from salt mines, and from salt licks (where sizes vary from tiny fist- and pebble-sizes to massive boulders).

TaN: Using the issue of the source code, how can I manipulate the results of the elections?  It’s too late – for now – but as they say, better late than later.

First, the review of the source code must be prior to the conduct of the elections.  It – i.e., the review – should be satisfactorily completed before the first PCOS (precinct count optical scan) machine is sealed prior to shipping to their respective polling precincts, otherwise all sorts of complications and headaches may arise and the credibility cannot be beyond repute.

The source code is human-readable set of instructions for the computer or digital device to carry out or perform.  It is not machine-understandable in its source form.  The source form must undergo a translation (either compilation or interpretation) into a form – called object or binaries – before the machine can understand and execute, much like translating Chinese or Japanese characters into, say, English.

So, after being satisfied [step 1] that all the source code instructions have nothing sinister about them, the source code should be translated [step 2] into binaries.  Then, the binaries should be loaded or copied [step 3] into the PCOS or into the CFCs (compact flash cards) then loaded into the PCOS.  Then, the PCOS machines should be sealed [step 4] – individually.  In every step of the process, all constitutionally mandated and lawfully authorized parties (i.e., election officials, political party representatives, media, accredited citizens’ poll organizations, etc) should be present and have full view of what is being done – even the loading of the binaries into each and every one of the PCOS to be used or as standby or replacement during the election.  If, at any instant, any segment of the process escaped public view and scrutiny, there will always be the opportunity to make changes and insert malicious code into the PCOS machine.

This is why is it very essential that the source code be made available for public inspection long before the first PCOS machine is to be loaded with the instructions and that every step of the way be in full view of the public.


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