Post May 19-25 2013

TaN: The President should not be – and should be barred from – campaigning…PERIOD!  It suddenly dawned on me that once a political candidate assumes office, any and all ties with the political party should be extinguished.

The three different branches of government, at least in theory or on paper, are independent and co-equal branches, having unique power and responsibilities to ensure a system of checks and balances so that no one branch is superior to another and that they work harmoniously for the good of the citizenry.  For the Chief Executive to campaign, even covertly, for candidates for the legislative is to show partisanship and presupposes that there will be collaboration (read: connivance) between the two branches, thus compromising the system of checks and balances.

In addition, for the Executive also to be the appointing power behind the Magistrates of the highest positions of the third branch also puts a tinge of prejudice into the independence of the executive and the judiciary.

Given these, how can it be said that the branches of government are not engaged in some sort of horse trading, of conspiracy, of cartelizing power and authority amongst themselves.  The President should refrain from getting involved in whatever dealings of the other branches.  This will remove doubt from the citizens that there is some kind of chicanery going on among them.  For as long as there are ties that bind, there will always be the persistent perception that the elected officials will have debts of gratitude to repay or reciprocate when the time comes for payback.

TaN: Principal reason behind why natural ways of treating illness and disease, except by pharmaceuticals and chemotherapy, by radiation, by surgery, are being ignored, suppressed, and even demonized is because there is NO MONEY IN IT.  Just like there is no money in doing good and the right thing, curing sick people brings with it the inherent danger of running out of sick people, especially when the patients are taught how to avoid becoming sick.  To ensure a steady income or stream of profit, it becomes necessary to make sure that more and more people stay or become sick (or sicker).  This is achieved by writing prescriptions and treat only the symptoms (or the manifestations of the sickness but not the sickness itself), but leaving the patient completely in the dark concerning the causes and how to prevent or avoid becoming sick again.

Another (more selfish) reason is the fear or shame of realizing that all that time and effort that has been put in medical school, in internship, etc just to admit, later on, that what was taught has been all wrong and deceitfully inculcated into their brains for the sake of profit by the pharmaceutical industry (Big Pharma) and the professional medical organizations (or doctors’ orgs).  Without a doubt, it is truly embarrassing to have to admit that, with all that intelligence, that one has been hoodwinked or made a fool.  The “better” alternative is just to continue the charade and perpetuate the fraud, even at the expense of the health and life of other people, rather than to admit one’s stupidity.

However, there are a few growing number of true physicians – who truly desire to heal and help others – and change their ways.  They do not necessarily have to make any public declaration concerning their mistake or their being misled, but will change and re-tool themselves, to unlearn what was “force fed” them in medical school, and resist the influences and threats of conventional mainstream medicine in order to be true to themselves – true healers and not charlatans of medical quackery.

Finally, if only we heed the foreboding of St Timothy – that the LOVE of Money is the Root of All Evil – there would not be any need to prey on helpless and halpless patients just so one can continue to profit.  If we share freely our talents and products of our skills with one another and not harbor any envy in our hearts about the good fortunes of others and – as God has commanded – not to covet our neighbors’ goods, this would be a lot happier and enjoyable world.

TaN: Like humans, animals and plants have their own defenses – immune system.  And, like our immune system, if we are malnourished (i.e., just taking in the basic macro nutrients and little or no micro nutrients or trace elements), we are defenseless.  We are merely existing, but not living.  We will be forever dependent on food supplements and pharmaceuticals to fight disease and infection for us.  And, this is precisely, what is happening to most people who follow the Western diet or SAD.

It is foolish to think and believe that living things – humans included – are halplessly existing in this world without any way of defending themselves, not only against predators but even against the unseen (like microorganisms).  If this were true, all living things would have died out long ago.  They would have fallen ill and died out long time ago.

It is, precisely, the function of the immune system to defend and protect the body against dangers that are too small or “insignificant” to be noticed.  To do its job, it must be trained to fight (this explains the purpose of childhood diseases and the occasional colds and fever) and be armed properly (this explains the role of micronutrients such as trace minerals and as vitamins and their precursors).  The lack or deficiency of these essential “weapons and ammunition” is one of two primary causes of many – if not most – of the pandemic of chronic lifestyle diseases, syndromes, and disorders.  The other is the over-saturation or over-exposure to toxic and harmful substances or even supposedly beneficial ones.  After all, health is a state of equilibrium where essential substances and nutrients are available at the right moment in the right quantities and molecular configuration.

Plants become diseased or are attacked by pests because their immune system are not functioning as expected.  Externally, plant-eating “pests” seek out plants because they need food.  In defense, the plants produce chemicals that deter pests or attract their predators.  Internally, they produce antibodies against bacteria, viruses, and fungi.  When this happens, outside or external assistance is required – in the form of pesticides and (organic) fertilizer or compost.

The same is true for animals and man is no exception.  Healthy individuals are seldom sick but, when they do get sick, they are able to recover on their own with minimal external assistance and within a short duration.  In our case, we have medicines and supplements – which would become unnecessary if we eat the correct foods at the right time in the right amount and in the correct manner (of preparation).  [Note: A healthy person is not someone who never gets sick because there has never been nor will there ever be such a person but rather someone who gets sick but will recover with minimal external assistance and within a short duration.]

What has been happening to modern agriculture has been going almost simultaneously with our health because we have been consuming nutrient-deficient agricultural products.  And things such as pharmaceuticals, as Codex Alimentarius, as Big Foods, as modern/conventional medicine, and as Big Ag are not helping.  To make things worse, they even aggravate everything and for what…all for and in the name of PROFIT (i.e., GREED).

Aside from eating the wrong edibles (not necessarily foods) and in the wrong manner or preparation, modern lifestyles are exacerbating the problem.  Wrong lifestyle is principally in the form of inactivity and of indulgence into artificial activities (such as spending too much time in front of the boob tube, of the computer and other electronic consumer gadgets) and not enough time out in the sunshine, in natural parks and forests, in communing with nature.

BTW, another way to suppress or depress the immune system is to be emotionally or psychologically negative.


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