Post May 26-Jun 1 2013 (updated May 25 topmost TaN)

TaN: As a last minute update, the issue of “Manila being the gates of hell” is really a non-issue.  Does it have to matter to Filipinos what some foreigner thinks what is obviously a publicity stunt?  Why give it mileage?  Why dignify it with a reaction, however petty?

The problem with many Filipinos is many have too much time on their hands and not enough time to tend to the really urgent and important matters, like poverty ERADICATION (NOT ALLEVIATION), like human rights, like unemployment (the decent and meaningful or productive and sustainable ones, not the stupid ones like BPO and OFWs and the totally waste-of-time ones like fashion and sports), like the environment and climate change and biodiversity extinction, like true education (and not the superficial ones that are advantageous only to the First and industrialized world, like ISO and the like), and a host of other really important things.

Focus people…FOCUS!  Know which is essential to our development and improvement as a nation and as a people and leave the inane things and issues to people with tiny, miniscule, microscopic minds.

TaN: One can be sincere and be sincerely wrong.  Sincerity is not necessarily mean that it is right.  It has been said that the road to hell is paved with good intentions (or sincerity).  What is important is that one must make immediate atonements and reparations upon learning that we have been wrong in our sincerity.  It is not wrong nor bad to be sincerely wrong, just as long as we do something about it the moment we realize our sincerity is incorrect.

TaN: People, today, are taking pharmaceuticals not anymore to be cured but just to stay alive – but for what?  Let us stop and take a breather and clear the haze (i.e., the “fog of war”, because for all intents and purposes, what is happening is a war) in the air for a change.

The trend is maintenance drug (but not medicine, because MEDICINE CURES) so NO ONE IS BEING CURED ANYMORE and Big Pharma keeps posting obscene profits every passing year (most probably, because more and more people are taking more and more drugs – not medicine), which implies that it is more concerned with making profits than in curing people…else profits should taper off or at least stabilize or plateau.

We, the gullible public, have been cleverly and subtlely deceived into believing that: (1) lifestyle diseases (such as diabetes mellitus, as arthritis, as hypertension, etc) have no cures and that we have to spend the rest of our lives taking their toxic side effect-ridden pharmaceuticals for the rest of our lives; (2) if a cancer victim dies of (the same) cancer after five (5) years from the initial or first (conventional cancer) treatment, s/he is still considered or labeled as a cancer survivor even though s/he has died.  Imagine that – A DEAD SURVIVOR!

The truth of the matter is that the RDA (recommended daily allowance) that industry and the “experts” want us to religiously abide by is intended or designed to keep us alive but not healthy.  In other words, there is neither money in healthy nor in dead people – it is not profitable.  We must be somewhere in between – in a state of perpetual sickness.  This is the underlying motive of Big Pharma in its pronouncement that modern sickness have no cure and that their toxic chemical pharmaceuticals must be taken for the rest of our remaining lives.  They have been making boastful announcements that the cure for cancer is just around the corner for over two (2) decades and have maliciously redefined cancer survival (to mean existing, not living, for more than five (5) years after the initial treatment) in order to be able to make their hollow claims appear to be real.

To return to or stay in health, it has become essential that we take it seriously and take matters into our own hands.  Learn how to see through the veils of fraud and deception the unscrupulous merchants of disease and death propagandizes to the world with the aim of muddling the issues and the truth – relying the tried-and-tested FUD tactic or Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.

TaN: It was not until I saw a video in that I realized the word “universe” comes from “uni” meaning one and “verse” which refers to a measured poetic phrase.  And, all along I relied on the conventional definition which refers to everything.

In the video, it posed the query as to whether “universe” refers to EVERYTHING THAT IS or to EVERYTHING (i.e., including the past and the future).  It is a very interesting query and I will have to leave it at that.


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