Post Jun 2-8 2013

TaN: Call me a conspiracy theorist but with all the rash of violence (shootings and bombings) and increasing as time goes in the USA, I am very tempted to link it to the ever-expanding attempts to curtail rights – like gun control, like drone surveillance, and like warrantless prying into people’s lives.  The Hegelian dialectic is very apt – start with a thesis, come up with an anti-thesis, and end up with a synthesis – but we do it in reverse.

In order for the powers-that-be to stay in perpetual power, the people must not have rights.  To forcibly take away their rights will most certainly result in a backlash that will ultimately oust the powers-that-be from their perch.  The best way is for the people to voluntarily relinquish their rights.  So, the process begins…

To remove the people’s right to security and to privacy (synthesis), an atmosphere is terror must be created (thesis), to make the people be in a state of fear – fear for their security.  When the people has been convinced that a threat to their security is imminent and can come from anywhere, they will be more than willing to be searched, scanned, probed, scrutinized (anti-thesis) to ensure that no one is bringing any threat – hence, we have the now ubiquitous warrantless body searches (through airports, seaports, train and bus stations, buildings, etc).

In addition, to preempt any possible threat, we put in place surveillance everywhere – in CCTV, in drones, in Google glasses, in modernized and expanded Hitler Youth program, in the Utah Data Center project – to keep track of everyone (in Orwellian fashion) so as to preempt threats to the state (and the powers-that-be).  [By the way, Barack Obama is not the powers-that-be; he is a mere puppet, a pawn in the game of power and complete world domination.  The true powers-that-be are the centuries-old wielders of true power.]

TaN: As the Holy Scriptures have so accurately prophesied (repeatedly), it is the Love of Money (and not money) that is the root of all evil – 1 Timothy 6:10 – and is at the very root of election violence, of trash and landfill scavengers, of religious cults and sects, of the dead being refused release or withheld in morgues and the sick being refused treatment or help and of patients being withheld from discharge from a hospital or medical facility.

Many of the “preventable” sufferings and conflicts of man arise from this fundamental sin – of putting profit ahead of man.  Man has become so materialistic that everything must be measured in terms of wealth, in terms of profit, in terms of material accumulation.  It is as if we can take it with us.

I doubt if we ever stop and really ponder on what we are doing to others, on what they are undergoing in the name of wealth and profit.  After all, it is only money.  Should the global 99% finally wake up and realize that they have the power in their hands to change their plight, not to accept and live by the status quo established by the global 1% elite, that without the 99% to be the servants (read: slaves) so the 1% can eat, can party, can show-off, can travel, can enjoy their lives of affluence and luxury (their growers, their transporters, their food processing workers, their cooks, their household help, their chauffeurs, their gardeners, their repairmen, their butlers, their pilots, their body guards and closed-in security…), to wait on them hand and foot, they are completely at the mercy of the 99%.

And yet, when these down-trodden masses need a mere drop of what they take for granted (food, medical care, clothing, shelter), no compassion, not even an iota of mercy, is given.  It is always, “I have stockholders to answer to”, “I owe it to the owners to earn as much profit for them”, etc.

If ever some crumbs are thrown to the few lucky – as in beneficiaries of medical missions, of charitable institutions, of philanthropic foundations – it is in an effort to wash away some of the filthy guilt of exploiting the majority of 99%, to lessen the stench of their misdeeds and of their greed.

It must be remembered that, where there are no masters, there are no slaves – or, where there are no wealthy elites, there will be no poverty-stricken masses.  If everybody is wealthy, then no one is wealthy.

TaN: While cutting up a watermelon rind for composting, it suddenly dawned on me the reason for the admonition of the Holy Scriptures that it is better to give than to receive.  Epiphanies really are amazing.

It is as simple as it is wise.  When we seek to receive, there is always a chance that you wll not get what you are expecting.  This leads to disappointment and to negative emotions.

Meanwhile, if we seek to give, there will never be a chance of a disappointment because we are not expecting.  Instead, we have no expectations.  In addition, we cannot give what we do not have, ergo there can be no non-fulfillment of our expectation – which is to impart or give.

And this is where the elegance, the majesty, the beauty, and the greatness of God’s wisdom.

TaN: It must be admitted that any state’s Constitution cannot be perfect and it must be updated, every now and then, to conform to the peculiarities of the ever-changing times.

However, since a Constitution embodies the fundamental laws (and aspirations) of a people, it should possess some quality of steadiness or constancy.  To change it every so often means that it was shabbily done – to say the least – by immature and non-forward-thinking people, which necessitates that it me changed frequently.  It means that the people did not give it much thought when the Constitution was being framed.

The argument is that ideals and aspirations of a people must be consistent and lasting.  The Constitution should contain the universal abstracts that endure over time and not the details and the nitty-gritty.  It is the details that change over time and these do not belong in a Constitution.  They belong in the laws and policies that we enact or formulate.

The proper way of updating the Constitution is how the USA did it in the past – via amendments.  The Constitution should NEVER be opened for any changes for whatever reason.  Instead, only piecemeal changes are done.  This way, we not only target the exact articles that we are interested in but we also avoid giving a window of opportunity for parties with hidden personal agendas from gaining access.  One Constitutional Convention is enough.


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