Post Jun 16-22 2013

TaN: Just to insert an aside, Belated Happy FATHER’S DAY!

TaN: Only the body can heal itself.  Medicines and, even, vitamins and minerals and food supplements do not heal or cure.  They merely provide the body with the necessary nutrients and substances required for the body to heal whatever ails it.  It is the body that does the healing.  Just like in cigarettes, where it is the cigarette that smoke, smokers are merely the SUCKERS!

And, only patients can heal themselves.  Physicians can only prescribe and recommend.  It is up to the patient to comply or not.

It is, therefore, not right to say – much less, thank – the doctor has healed/cured the patient.  The body has everything it needs to heal itself.  Built into body is the inherent or innate ability to restore itself into equilibrium (i.e., health).  In fact, the body – because of its ability to repair and replace and renew itself constantly – is designed to live forever, theoretically.

This is not to say that the body is invulnerable…only immortal.  This means, if nothing externally lethal happens to the body, it can live eternally.  Immortality only means living forever but does not necessary mean it cannot die.  Anyway…

The body heals itself constantly because parts are constantly wearing out and dying.  These dead or dying parts are broken down into component elements and recycled whenever applicable – like the iron in hemoglobin is recycled but the rest of the blood cell goes to the excretory system for disposal.

The body is a marvel and only can only be a product of an Almighty Creator.  It cannot be an “accident” of nature.  Mathematicians have calculated the odds of that for all the necessary elements and organic compounds to come together at the right instant (when all the conditions are ideal for life) to result in life is beyond human imagination, much less comprehension – so next to impossible that it might as well, for all intents and purposes, be impossible.

Include into this impossibility is the endowed ability to reproduce itself, to repair and replace its worn out and broken down parts, and, ultimately, to have consciousness.

TaN: I suspect that the reason for the hijacking of the definition of “survival” in conventional allopathic oncology is a fear in the increasing evidence in successes in natural or traditional healing – shared by TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) and by Ayuverdic medicine – while allopathic medicine has nothing to show for it.  Since natural healing is making headway and news is gaining circulation, while allopathic medicine has been mired in the “A Cure Is Just Around The Corner” stage since the late USA President Richard Milhous Nixon announced and signed into law the battle against cancer, it is embarrassing that after more than four decades, allopathic medicine is no nearer to finding a cure than it was at the beginning.  It has always been promises and propagandizing.  Therefore, to save face, allopathic medicine has REDEFINED the meaning of survive (with respect to cancer) to mean that if the patient-victim is still alive five years after the first treatment, s/he is considered a survivor – even if s/he dies one day after.

One has to be very careful in believing what information is being circulated, especially when it comes to Big Business where profit is not only the most important but the ONLY consideration – never mind the lives it costs, the sufferings it inflicts, and the destruction to the environment that it entails.  For cancer medicine, redefining the meaning of “survive” is essential in order to make it appear that people are being helped – to keep the donations pouring into its research coffers while not spending a penny of its own and then reaping monopolistic profits from the patents to the toxic therapies it creates.

To add injury to insult (to our intelligence) to all this and for some time now, it has also become a legal liability to use the term “cure” for lifestyle diseases – especially for cancer, for diabetes, for hypertension, etc – and true medicine (i.e., natural medicine) has to use the terms “reverse” and the phrase “no therapeutic claims” in order to avoid prosecution and sanctions from the allopathic-dominated regulatory government agency.  This is, according to the logic and argument of allopathic medicine, so that people will not be misled and given false hopes, whereas Big Pharma is not only given the widest and most lenient leeway to make outrageous and unsupported claims for their toxic pharmaceuticals and have even colluded with the courts to ensure that they will not be criminally liable should anyone die or become disabled from taking their prescriptions.  Big Pharma has been given blanket immunity against suit from damages resulting from taking their toxic chemical pharmaceuticals even when the protocols have been strictly observed and it is clearly their fault.

It is the new normal…if evil (lies and wrongs) cannot be hidden, legalize and redefine them into “truths”.  Redefine “survival” to mean exceeding 5 years; legalize poisons to become medicine; hijack allopathic medicine to mean mainstream while natural medicine to be alternative (whereas “allos” is Latin for “other”).

Truly, man is more powerful than God for he can make right into wrong and falsehoods into truth.  We can do what God cannot do.

TaN: A leader is a SERVANT – NOT A MASTER.  It would appear that there is a prevailing misconception of the true purpose and responsibility of a “leader”.  A true leader does not put himself above others but below.

A true leader serves the people who have put their trust in him(her) to work for their interests and benefit.  It is one of the principal reasons why Jesus came down to us.  Even when He was God, He humbled Himself and walked among us to serve us, to show us what is our duty and responsibilities to God (1st) and to one another.  In fact, because God loves us, He “serves” us to providing us all our needs.

This is a stark contrast to what most our (so-called) leaders consider themselves.  They look upon everyone else as their dominion, their property, to dispose of as they please.

Correct me if I wrong but I seem to recall that the late JFK (John Fitzgerald Kennedy) who once said that the mark of a true leader is in how much he improves the lives of the poorest of the poor.


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