Post Aug 18-24 2013

TaN: For the health-conscious, the wise can and should look beyond what is being presented and see the truth – that adding beneficial nutrients to toxic food does not make it healthy, beneficial or nutritious.  Many, even the so-called health-conscious, are commonly and easily misled into thinking and agreeing that adding something “beneficial” means healthful and nutritious.  They often neglect or fail to consider and understand that only food that are entirely and originally healthful and nutritious can be truly beneficial and that the mere addition or inclusion of anything healthy – assuming that it is truly healthy – will undo or negate whatever unhealthful or detrimental properties a food may have.

It is as simple as asking yourself that if you put a cup of vitamins and various healthful probiotics into a pitcher of pesticide, would it be any healthier?  Would you call it healthy and drink it?  Or, would  you put derivatives of petroleum into your baby’s food?  Believe it or not, many of the so-called “vitamins” and “minerals” and other stuff that they put as ingredients of the products of Big Food and Big Ag are created from petroleum.  They can do wonders with petroleum these days, even produce food ingredients that are chemically identical to the natural nutrients that are beneficial but not bio-compatible or bio-available or bio-absorbable by our bodies.  This is one reason why the calcium in multi-vitamins sold commercially and cheaply in supermarkets are among the main causes for kidney and bladder stones.

On an even more subtle and sneakier manner, Big Chem and Big Biotech are now even inserting (gene splicing and DNA recombining) alien amino acid and DNA segments into plants and animals where nature never intended.  They are playing God.  All in the name of providing consumers with “improved” strains of biotech Frankenfoods – like vitamin A-rich rice varieties.  They claim that they are doing it to feed the hungry global masses and yet the number of hungry people continue to increase by leaps and bounds while they (i.e., Big Ag, Big Chem, and Big Biotech) are patenting genes and plants and animals left and right as if the world is about to end.

It is true, what I first heard from Dr Rima Laibow, that: He who control food…controls the world.  After all, everyone must eat – unless we are instantly and miraculously are transformed and acquire the capability to sun-graze (where people act like plants and are able to absorb or harvest the energy of the sun, via simple exposure, and directly “feed” off it).

This is the agenda behind most of the restrictive stranglehold of patents, copyrights, and IPRs, especially by Big Pharma, by Big Biotech, by Big Ag, and by Big Chem and with the full cooperation – or should I say full connivance of conspiracy – of Big Media.  By putting exclusivity to the essentials of life – food and water – Big Business makes use of governments to enact laws to privatize all our necessities so every move we make, they profit.

With the “coercive” power of mass media and telecommunications, unsuspecting and trusting consumers (who do not or are not in the habit of using critical thinking before believing these days) are easily hoodwinked into thinking the propaganda garbage of Big Business.  The Power Elite has long learned (and have been successfully deploying) the strategy of: To control the body, first control the mind.  If the people are made to believe they are free, that they are in a democracy, that they are in control of their lives, they can be made to do anything you want.

Coming around full circle, if people can be made to believe that by adding healthful ingredients into toxic man-made artificially manufactured or processed foods, they will buy…they will consume.  Just like when so-called celebrity health buffs show the audience they cook (i.e., raise the temperature beyond 120 degrees C) and that they take commercial and packaged vitamins and minerals, and say that it is healthy eating, gullible viewers will mimic and believe they are being healthy.  I pity them.

TaN: When we (have to) stop to consider the cost of helping others, then we are not truly, sincerely, and whole-heartedly desirous of helping others.  When we really want to help others, we should never even consider stopping to make a cost-benefit analysis – whether helping will be worthwhile.  Doing a cost-benefit analysis implies that if the assistance will not have a favorable outcome or a “good return of investment”, the assistance may not happen.  In which case, there was no real intention of helping but only because there is a perceived potential benefit to be gained.

True and sincere intention to assist others do not hesitate, let alone consider the pros and cons.  In many cases, one’s own safety may even be disregarded, all in the service or intention of extending assistance to others who need our help.  Others may not know whether we stopped to ponder and consider but we will know.  Furthermore, God will know and we will have to answer to Him when the time comes, when we face Him in our moment of Judgment.

TaN: The PDAF (Priority Development Assistance Fund) is not the culprit – behind all these scams and corruption.  A recurrent problem with how we (re)solve issues today is complete elimination.  This not only obliterates the good idea but even “demonizes” all those who are innocent and are sincerely working to make the idea work.  It is a case of throwing out the baby with the bath water.

The SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) is supposed to be the agency tasked to register such organizations and – because I am not familiar with its charter or the intricacies of its functions and responsibilities – it seems lacking in proper and exhaustive background checking.  If the SEC is ill-equipped – whether due to a flaw in the charter or times have changed so much that its is putting a huge strain in their resources to properly carry out its assigned tasks – or has become overwhelmed with the increasing influx of registrants, it could be high time that a special agency be created to address the problem.  Because the world is becoming more and more deceptive and obsessed with gaining material wealth and riches (even to the point of being unethical or without giving due consideration to others), it is becoming more and more challenging to verify, confirm and monitor all the “well-meaning” organizations who claim the desire to help the government and society.

I propose (only) a better – because someone else may probably come up with an even better – solution, establish an agency to accredit all NGOs (non-government organizations) and foundations and other philanthropic groups properly and be tasked to guarantee their authenticity.  They should also be tasked with monitoring and conducting spot checks on the progress of all the accredited organizations.  Their will be specific people who will be held accountable should any organization be found to be errant.

This way, NGOs and foundations that will approach Congress for funds can be checked against the accredited list and be sufficiently assured that the money will be used properly.  Moreover, should any organization be provided funding not in the accredited list, the legislator who engages their services shall be held liable and proper action – administrative, legal/criminal, and political (i.e., removal from office and exclusion from subsequently holding any public office or position of trust) – should be brought to bear.

Just like any issue of corruption, drastic or knee-jerk solutions always do more harm than good and the innocent are the ones who suffer.  The problem here is because we always prefer the “easiest” – to be differentiated from “simplest” – solution.  It is like trying to increase revenue by raising prices or taxes (easier) instead of reducing production cost or going after the tax evaders and avoiders (more difficult but proper).  Instead of a win-win solution, we go for the win-lose one. – where we win and others lose.


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