Post Aug 11-17 2013

TaN: The Purging – to borrow (but paraphrase) from the film – is happening around us, as prophecied repeatedly in the Holy Scriptures (Matthew 24:6-8) but it is only the beginning.  It is as if the Earth is detoxifying itself.  To quote from the King James Version: (6) And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. (7) For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places. (8) All these are the beginning of sorrows.  It appears that the natural (built-in) equilibrium of Earth is now kicking in – to rid itself of a “pestilence”, a “disease”, which is spreading its poison and festering.

It is evident everywhere: that we see wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, et al) and unrest (Egypt, Greece, Spain, Bangladesh, Tibet, fracking, Palestine, et al) and threats (rumors) of wars (Syria, Iran, et al) and threats of unrest and of violence (Fukushima, Trayvon, Guantanamo Bay, southeast Asia sea dispute, et al); for nation shall rise against nation (where the United States of America is the principal initiator-instigator) and there shall be famines (over 850 million people or 1 in 8 of the current global population, according to as of July 22, 2013), and pestilences (MRSA or methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, glyphosate-caused super weeds, “incurable” lifestyle diseases, et al), and earthquakes (of magnitudes greater than 7.0: Banda Aceh Dec 26 2004, Haiti Jan 12 2010, Chile Feb 27 2010, Christchurch Feb 22 2011, Fukushima Mar 11 2011, refer to: and  The rising of nations or of kingdoms against another may also apply to the increase in violations of privacy using surveillance devices (CCTVs, NSA & CIA drones spying and wire-tapping, etc) and using data mining techniques (Google, Facebook, etc) against citizens and embassies.

The frightening part here is that all this is just the beginning.  The worst is yet to come – the Great Tribulation – and even then, the end is still a bit far off.

TaN: Irony of being organic or health-conscious is that many of the products we purchase or use have some contact with BPA (plastics) and other petroleum-based containers and packaging which “contaminate” the healthfulness of organics.  Plastics are so ubiquitous that the best we can do is to minimize our exposure.  We see so many advocates of organic and healthy living and they recommend and teach us what ought to be the correct and healthy lifestyle and commodities, yet we notice that the packaging is in the all-too-familiar and “indispensable” petroleum-based plastic material.

Then we hear about how BPA (from polycarbonate and epoxy resin plastics) can seep into our food and our beverages from the container or the inner lining even at room temperatures.  And, we read about widespread BPA in our bodies – though in supposedly biologically insignificant amounts and that there are studies showing the body converts them into inert metabolites.

Regardless, we often overlook the “innocent” container or packaging that holds whatever organic, healthy, nutritious food that we consume.  I frequently notice that organic advocates – especially those who are in urban areas or who rely on other food sources other than farmers’ markets – fail to take into consideration that the commodities they are recommending are packaged in harmful packaging.

If we are to be TRULY organic, we have to consider also the packaging and this brings us to the realization that the fifth characteristic (that I frequently spread to or “teach” others about healthy eating is that healthy food must be: RAW, WHOLE, ORGANIC/NATURAL, IN SEASON, and LOCAL) ensures that little or no artificial or man-made packaging is used.  If the food we consume is not from the locality, there will be a need to use artificial packing, to withstand the handling and the rigors of transporting long distances.  And, if this is so, it cannot be healthy.  Why?

Every local ecosystem maintains a stasis or equilibrium.  Everything in it has a role in keeping everything balanced.  Something from another ecosystem will alter the balance and may be disruptive.  As always, I maintain that there is a reason certain foods are not available or endemic.  It is because it is not intended to be consumed by the residents.  Just because something is good for some people somewhere does not mean that it is good for all people.  Their bodies – the genetic characteristics of which they inherited from ancestors who have “integrated” into the local ecosystem – will not be attuned to the benefits of any beneficial food from another ecosystem.

This is not to say that we should not partake of foods from far away places once in a while.  We ought to taste what other places have offer so we will not feel “deprived” or “ignorant”.  It is just that we should not make non-local foods a staple in our diet, else it will alter our health – and it may be altered detrimentally.

But, going back to topic, we must remember to avoid using packaging and containers that are man-made – i.e., do not exist naturally or that we cannot readily find around us under natural conditions.  (And, even with making use of what nature offers, we still have to cautious of pesticides, fungicides, and other toxic chemicals that promote death rather than life.)


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