Post Sep 1-7 2013

First and foremost, like the average citizen of the Philippines (who is always want to be ahead of everybody else – i.e., ayaw magpalamang – let me be (hopefully) the first to greet all and sundry MERRY CHRISTMAS!  It is only 114 days more until Christmas Day.

TaN: There is no “new normal”; we are only trying to find an excuse to accept widespread events that are transpiring that are not in conformity with what we know deep down in ourselves to be what-ought-to-be.  The power elite have been moving heaven and earth to make people accept changing and shifting global events as the “new normal” – climate change, drone wars, forced vaccinations, unbridled and unrestricted surveillance, and privatization.

It must be realized and understood that just because something is common (ubiquitously everywhere) does not make it “normal”.  It is a common occurrence today that people confuse (and associate interchangeably) these two terms.  If we proceed by this argument, it would imply that should it ever come to a point when every person has some kind of deformity or mutation caused any exposure to radiation or to DNA-altering chemicals that having a deformity becomes normal?  I should say NOT!

Furthermore, there seems to be a nefarious effort by the global power elite to condition the masses into accepting global changes…changes that are usually calamitous and harmful to all but have been brought on by their activities (to dominate and “monopolize” everything, from GMOs in food supply, patents and IPRs in technology, vaccinations and government-approved and sanctioned medical and health protocols and therapies in healthcare, to standardized tests and academic inflation in education, and unbridled surveillance and spying on private lives everywhere and enacting laws that make whistleblowing and giving food to the homeless crimes).

It is not “new normal”; It is conditioning; it is control; IT IS ALL ABOUT COMPLETE DOMINATION.  [Hello SIX HUNDRED THREE SCORE AND SIX!)

TaN: As blog previously (and repeatedly), the original and true way of doing business has been hijacked and maligned and distorted to satisfy our dark side because, today, business is no longer possible in an environment or an atmosphere of: freedom, simplicity, peace, harmony, openness, fear, and community.  Actually, what I am referring to is the Western paradigm, where the operating dogma is destructive – instead of collaborative – competition, where a business is “duty-bound” to eliminate/eradicate all competition (sometime by any means) even illegal or unethical, for as long as they (think they) can get away with it.

In the Western paradigm of doing business, there is no room for competition.  Competition is seen or regarded as an evil and must be obliterated by any means necessary.  One is not considered “successful” until and unless one has gotten rid of the competition.  Monopoly is prohibited by law but it is only good on paper.  In practice, one does what has to be done in order to have complete domination over the competition, to reduce them to insignificance.  We even resort to redefining terminology and concepts so that we can claim conformity to acceptable and ethical beliefs and social norms.

  • Profit is made when there is no freedom: When people are coerced, as in forced vaccinations by Big Pharma
  • Profit is made when it is complicated: When people are confused or obfuscated, as in red tape bureaucracy by Big Government
  • Profit is made when there is adversity: When people are in conflict, as in litigation (costly law suits), in war and in social unrest (ordnances, equipment and machines)
  • Profit is made when there is no transparency: When people are prevented from knowing what is due them, as in corruption, in patents and IPRs (intellectual property rights) and trade secrets, in covert undertakings like corporate espionage
  • Profit is made when there is fear (founded or unfounded): When people are threatened and afraid, as in cctvs, in IDs and biometric systems, in weapons and their ammunition, in security services, (again) in medicine, like declarations of outbreaks, pandemics and incurable diseases
  • Profit is made when there is connivance and conspiracy instead of community and cooperation: When people are take part in scamming the public of much-needed funds for the common good or social benefit, like the LIBOR (global banking system) scandal and the over-priced contracts and transactions

Believe it or not, business used to be good.  It used to be that we provide goods and services for others because we wish to help each other have a comfortable and enriching – or, as Buddhist economics would say, flourishing – life.  We do for each other because we understand that we need each other – hence the expression No man is an island.  We each have our own talents and we use it to benefit the whole community.  In return, the community provides us our needs where our talents fail us.  This is how business started.  Somehow, somewhere along the way, it was hijacked and commandeered by the greedy, selfish perverts who seek only to benefit themselves.  It is bad enough that they want to enrich themselves to the detriment of others, but they would exclude all others from benefiting also.

It is difficult – but not impossible – to go back to the way it was…when people shared or contributed according to their abilities (not wants) and partook according their needs (not wants).  People today have great difficulty differentiating between needs and wants or they just “pretend” to have difficulty.  Either way, it is no good.

Now that we are at the beginning of the new (Mayan) ethereal cycle – because we are through with the elements (of fire, of water, of earth, and of wood) – we are witnessing a global sweep in the polarization of the forces of light and of darkness, between those who wish to cover up everything (in secret dealings, in covert and remote warfare, in global control and domination, and in state surveillance and global monitoring and spying via electronic media and telecommunications) and those who want to bring everything out into the light (the waves of transparency, accountability, and openness).

This is the final struggle.  We have entered into the last stage and the battle is getting more intense and fierce as the time passes.  The whistleblowing movement against those who wish to control our food and water supply, our health, our media, our very lives.  This is the winner-take-all battle.  And, as the saying goes, We shall overcome.


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