Post Sep 22-28 2013

TaN: Many diseases share common symptoms.  This a principal and fundamental reason why it is difficult to make an accurate diagnosis and, if an accurate diagnosis cannot be made, the proper and appropriate treatment cannot be given.  And, this leads to other problems, such as the emergence of another disease or the current disease not being finding any relief or being remedied or even becoming worse.

It is also important to note and understand that symptoms manifested by the body is always a reaction to the disease and is intended to address the issue and/or to inform us that there is something wrong.  Ergo, we must be careful as to how we approach the symptoms because we could make matters worse with a wrong remedy – no to mention that we must remember that it is the disease that we must address and not the symptom.

For instance, fever is a common symptom of what ails the body.  A myriad of diseases have fever as one of the symptoms.  A careful analysis of events leading to the disease must be conducted – sometimes leading back not only days or weeks but even months and years – because many current lifestyle diseases have very long “incubation” periods.

A good (and responsible) physician will take time and effort to trace as far back as necessary to find the root cause of the disease.  In fact, in many cases, the non-addressing of the root cause gives rise to many other “children” diseases – such as overweight or obesity giving rise to hypertension, to osteoarthritis, to diabetes (mellitus), and to cancer.

And even then, when the wrong that we do (which is the cause of lifestyle disease) is identified and stopped, any attempt to correct the disease will be for naught.  There may be initial improvements but the body will eventually “get used to” the remedy and will revert back to the disease or may even produce another (related) malady.

It must be remembered that doing the right thing without discontinuing the wrong thing is futility and a good doctor (i.e., a physician who also teaches and tells his patient/s the truth about how they can heal themselves) will teach patients how to heal themselves and how not to get sick again – even at the risk of loss of income.

Finally, a true healer will spend time and effort – going back into the history of the patient – to determine the root cause of the disease, discerning through the different common symptoms as to which is the true cause so as to effect a complete and true cure.

[Note: Aside from diseases sharing or exhibiting common symptoms, many diseases share the same cause.  Moreover, there are likewise (lifestyle) diseases that have multiple causes, in which case there is no such a thing as a standard or normal – like hypertension: higher blood pressure is common among people who are diseased, stressed, tall, overweight, elderly, dehydrated, sedentary, stimulated, or “wrong” eaters.  In addition, blood pressure normally rises from 9 to 11 in the morning.  This is because the body is preparing for increased physical activity.]

TaN: The Biblical prophecy of the Mark of the Beast is upon us.  But instead of coming as a deluge, it is creeping up on us individually.  Like everything else in this existence or reality, the duality of everything prevails.  In conformity, the Mark of the Beast is both personal and universal.  Everyone will have his/her own time when the Mark comes, but there is also a universal time when it comes for all.

It is written in Revelations 13:16-17: “(16) And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: (17) And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Regardless of your status, your wealth, your age, your gender, if you want to survive in the so-called “civilized, modern, high-technology-driven world”, you must “accept” the mark of the beast.  If you do not, you will not only be refused or ostracized but will even be “hunted” down.  Recalcitrants will not be tolerated and will be regarded as potential threats to the domination of the global power elite.  They must be neutralized and eliminated at all cost.  The stranglehold of the global power elite must be complete and absolute.  The slightest trace of a challenge or threat must be identified, isolated, demonized, and eliminated immediately and without mercy.

Just like in the concept of the End of the World, there is also the absolute (for all) and the individual.  The individual End of the World comes when we die.  When we die, because death is like sleep where we are oblivious to the passage of time, we are “resurrected” instantly and it is Judgment Day.

Our personal encounter with the Mark of the Beast comes in its own time and we should be able recognize it.  When ours arrive, we should be ready to make a decision, make a stand or fall in line and toe the line – to be on God’s side and take whatever consequences Satan will throw at us or embrace the chains that will be shackled to our necks and limbs and accept the bondage.  I know how I will decide.


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