Post Sep 29-Oct 5 2013

TaN: “…Suddenly, degrees aren’t worth anything. …because you need an MA where the previous job required a BAAnd now you need a PhD for the otherIt’s a process of academic inflation. …” – Sir Ken Robinson, School Kills Creativity (2006), from

In the academe, like all other fields or sectors of society that has been “invaded, infiltrated, hijacked, and taken over” (i.e., privatized) by the global power elite (using commercialism and consumerism), the process of inflation is enforced to give an illusion of progress and improvement in terms of increased or greater educational attainment.  The danger here is that this inflationary strategy will recur periodically and will reach a time when it is no longer applicable because everyone is or will be at the highest possible level and there will be nowhere else to go – unless they keep “creating or inventing” ever higher levels and degrees.

It used to be that a BA was sufficient to teach in the undergraduate program, an MA in the Masters program and a PhD in the Doctorate program.  But because more and more people are graduating from college (and have BA degrees) – in fact, according to Sir Ken Robinson, “… In the next thirty years, according to UNESCO, more people worldwide will be graduating through education since the beginning of history…” – so having a BA is no longer considered something out of the ordinary.  Thus, in order to add value to your education – to put you a cut above the rest – you must now have an MA.

But what happens when everyone has an MA, will it become mandatory to have a PhD to teach in the undergraduate program?  What if PhDs become a dime a dozen, what then?  This is madness.  People are being played for fools, making everyone jump through the hoop just to be employed in a thankless dreary unsatisfying job (but not truly working).  And for what, to earn a few measly sum of pittance (while the rich get practically the whole pie while we fight over the crumbs) to keep our skin and bones together?

It is time to wake up (and smell the roses – or the stench of the rotting corpses, as the case may be).  If we continue to be fooled, to be fools, it is our choice.  We have no one else to blame.  It has been said that like lying, being fooled is a cooperative effort.  No one can lie to you without your consent – your willingness to be lied to.  The same goes for fooling.  People fool us because we permit them to fool us, we agree to be fooled.

Well, I am not consenting to be fooled by all these inane and stupid requirements.  I will go where I am appreciated – not because of my credentials but because of who I am.  I am glad our Lord Jesus is no longer with us, otherwise He would have been so embarrassed and so bullied – imagine and remember that He had no degree, did not have any fancy well-paid job, nothing to His name except the shirt on His back, and a rag-tag bunch of mostly poor uneducated people as disciples who had no ambition except to be good providers to their family.

TaN: Death is a daily reminder at where I live – at least, as of the moment of this writing – because I live just a block from a graveyard or cemetery.  And, as they say, death is the great[est] equalizer.  It does not matter who you were, what you did, or how much you had…You Are STILL DEAD!

It is very irritating, infuriating, and inconsiderate – again, at least in my neck of the woods – for the relatives and friends who accompany the funeral procession to have sirens and car horns (and what stupid noise makers) blaring all the way to the cemetery (or memorial park, whichever you prefer to call it, but it is still a graveyard), as they announce the passing of their loved one.  It is as though they are ecstatic that the deceased has died.  Well, good for you.  As someone once said, I was told that we should speak only good of the dead.  Well, he is dead…GOOD!

To make matters worse, they have police motorcycle escorts and some even have fire trucks.  The nerve of such people, using public funds and resources just so they can parade their dead like some sort of a carnival.  Hey, the circus is in town again!

Moreover, why should the funeral have priority in traffic?  Why should the dead take precedence over the living?  It is not as if things will change if they get to the grave site sooner.  Accept it!  The guy is dead!  Deal with it and get over it!  Nothing you do can change his being dead.

Whenever one such funeral pass by (and makes all that racket), I silently say to myself, I am happy for you…Your Loved One Is DEAD!

But, sometimes – like at this moment of writing – one of the rare silent funeral processions just passed by.  I wouldn’t have notice had I not, accidentally, went to the window and saw it.  I silently thanked the relatives and friends and congratulated the departed that he has such kind and considerate people as relatives and friends.  It is good that there are still such people today.

No less than the Lord Jesus passed away in all humility and He even said to Zacharias, Let the dead bury the dead.  There is no more than can be done for or to them.  It is in God’s hands now.  The living is more important than the dead for they can still change and they could change from good to bad or (better) from bad to good.

TaN: from my email reply to my email group on the smoldering issue of the Pork Barrel in the Philippines:

Everything boils down to us.  No matter how corrupt a system is, if the people will not implement it, there will be no corruption.  No matter how good the system is, if the people are hell-bent on corruption, the system can do nothing.  Just like what Mahatma (Mohandas) K Gandhi is (rightfully or not) being credited to have said (in not so many words): Be the change you want to see in the world.  Furthermore, a similar message is credited to have come from Edmund Burke, All it takes for evil to triumph is for all good men to do nothing.  In other words, apathy is what is going to destroy the world.  As Christians, it is our duty to be care, to be concerned, to get involved.  It is the answer to the unanswered question of Cain when asked by God, Where is your brother Abel? Am I my brother’s keeper?  The answer is, Yes, Cain, you are your brother’s keeper.

This is the fifth and last age/cycle of the Mayan calendar…the Ethereal.  This is the cycle of great transformation, of renewal, of transparency, of the light.  One small candle is enough to break the darkness.  No amount of darkness can black out the tiniest light.  The good men of the world have remained silent and apathetic long enough.  It is time to act, to show our indignation, to demand that everything must be set right.  To quote from the Philippine Collegian (not sure the true origin but it is not what is important), Kung hindi ako, sinoKung hindi ngayon, kalian? –,_Jr.

Let us not be side-tracked with issues like the chicken and the egg, what matters now is now that we know, what next?  We have to tread carefully, though, because our knee-jerk reaction could make things worse – a case of the cure being worse than the disease.  Elimination of the pork barrel is too drastic.  There are many less fortunate people who legitimately and deservingly depend on the pork barrel.  Let us not deprive them of much needed financial assistance just because we want to go after the scoundrels and stop the financial hemorrhage.

Expect a rash of diversionary and squid tactics to muddle the issue and escape the punishment.  The price of freedom (and peace) is eternal vigilance.  Remember, Satan the craftiest of all and his minions are innumerable – as in the Holy Scriptures, when Jesus asked (in Mark 5:6-13, specifically verse 9), … “What is your name?  He replied, “My name is Legion, for we are many.”

We say we have to get good people into government.  So, what is keeping you from it?  It is easy when we expect others to act.  Again, to reiterate so I can repeat it once more for the second time twice, Be the change… Kung hindi ako… This is the challenge I put forth for us all.  Are we all words or are we willing to put some muscle into those words to back them up.  Talk is cheap.  Let us see who among us armchair commentators will step up to bat, to put up or shut up.


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