Post Oct 13-19 2013 – (Happy Birthday to a Dear Friend for the weekend)

TaN: from my email group, re: Is Your MULTIVITAMIN Killing You… Slowly? – sorry for the sudden change of plans.  The topic on: Being an opportunist… has been moved back to a later post.

Actually, there seems to be a failure somewhere – either researchers, medical professionals, media, personal, etc or combinations – because vitamins and minerals are essential to good health well-being.  Multivitamins is a totally different animal.

The main problem of failure is failure to understand and appreciate the difference between natural-occurring vitamins and minerals and synthetic ones.  Could some of our (organic) chemists help enlighten us on chiral or stereochemistry or mirror molecules?

There is a reason for plants otherwise why waste and effort with a middle man when we can go directly to the source – the soil.  Ultimately, all the elements and compounds we need to keep healthy can be found around us.  You need CALCIUM, EAT CHALK!  You need IRON, SWALLOW AN IRON NAIL!  You need anything, SWALLOW A MOUTHFUL OF DIRT and wash it down with some SEA WATER – after all, everything eventually winds up in the ocean.

Many fail to realize – and I am sorry to say that many chemists are included – that just because two things are chemically identical does not mean that they will possess or exhibit the same properties.  The simplest and oft-used illustration I give is the case of Carbon.  Coal is basically carbon and so is a diamond – but the difference is…aw come on, do I have to elaborate on this?

What makes the biggest difference is the molecular structure – or how the molecules are arranged.  (The physicists among us can also attest that the electrons exhibit different properties depending on their direction of spin – right?  You have your positrons, Fermions, Bosons, and whatever exotic nomenclature that ordinary mortals like the rest of us stare agape and agog in awe when we try to comprehend the world of quantum physics with our feeble brains.]

Anyway, back to topic, when we – intentionally or not – omit vital information when we impart knowledge to others, we could end up compromising their health and safety instead of helping them.  On the other hand (aside from having a different set of digits or phlages), we likewise owe it to ourselves to look out for ourselves and not swallow “hook, line and sinker” whatever is imparted to us.  Remember, the world today is full of fraud and deception – whether deliberate or not.

So, in conclusion, if we take in food (and all its nutrients) the way God (or nature) intended, we can never go wrong.  The trouble is that most of the commercially-available multivitamins and whatever branded health concoctions in the market that (I qualify) are surprisingly and suspiciously cheap usually come from petroleum.  I think our petrochemical engineers can attest to the fact that we can produce almost anything we want from petroleum – even vitamins and minerals, of which Centrum Silver is a very good example.

Stop muddling the issue.  Let us be up front and not put other people’s lives in jeopardy.  Likewise, let us not try to outsmart God (or nature) because we cannot win.  Be and stay healthy by taking our essential nutrients the way it is supposed to be taken – from food, not from capsules, not from pills, not from vials, not even from juicers (regardless of high-speed or the better low-speed).  We were given teeth, SO USE THEM!  Otherwise, God will take them away from you.  Remember, in nature, you USE IT OR LOSE IT!

TaN: Another reason why we cannot “jump” forward in time.  First, we are all time travelers – we travel forward in time, one moment at a time.  To travel beyond (whether backwards or jump forward) means we have to exist out(side) of time, which is an impossibility.  Only God exists outside of time.  Everything else – i.e., the temporal plane – exist in time, because matter and energy have time.

You see, contrary to what most believe and have been told/taught, everything in this universe exists in four – and not three – dimensions.  Length is not the 1st dimension, width is not the 2nd, and height not the third.  The first dimension is time.  Before anything else, something must first exist.

To cite from an explanation I encountered some time ago, first it begins with a point in space.  It is just a point so it has no length, no width, no height, yet it exists.  It has time – the first dimension.  Then it moves in a certain direction – any direction.  Now there is length (the second dimension), in the form of distance traveled or displacement.  When this length moves perpendicularly – i.e., in any direction right angles to the distance traveled – it forms an area and there is now width (the third dimension).  Finally, when this area – combination of the length and the width – travels perpendicularly (i.e., at right angles to its surface or area), it then gains height or depth (the fourth and final dimension).  Unless something exists first, length, width and height/depth has no meaning.

Hence, to travel outside of time is an impossibility because it would entail not being in existence.  Never mind all the idle and nonsensical talk about the time paradox.

Another argument against time jumping would be that everything in existence, in the universe is in constant motion.  Nothing is stationary.  An object in space is stationary only in reference to itself – it’s current location.  With respect to its particular position in space, an object is stationary – because wherever it is, it is there.  However, in relation to other objects and to the entire scheme of things, it is in motion.

Following this line, since an object is in constant motion, it would be at different locations in space at different times.  Normally, plotting the exact position of an object in space would be possible if the speed and the trajectory is known.  However, the twist here would be that it would have to be assumed that both the speed and the trajectory would be constant or consistent.  Any decrease or increase in speed or change in the angle of trajectory would make it impossible unless the amount of change is known.  And even if so, it would further be assumed that there will be no further subsequent changes in speed or in angle of trajectory.  So, you see, these variables make it next to impossible to argue that time jumps are even remotely possible.

But, just for the sake of argument, it is given that jumping (forward or backward) in time is possible, this would require precise knowledge of how far into the past or the future will the jump be made in order to pinpoint the exact position in space where the timeline will intersect with space.  Further, there is still the matter of where everything else in the universe will be in the destination location in space.  One could end up adrift in the middle of nowhere.

Finally, from what I read on the Net about time paradox and boostrap paradox, there are arguments that appear to be complicated but becomes surprisingly simple once the haze of “logic” is cleared.  Most of the arguments given presupposed that the past, the present, and the future exist simultaneously – i.e., on a static uni-directional timeline plane.  Simply put, to go back in time, it has been presumed that the past still exists otherwise there is nothing to go back to.  But if this is the case, then there is more than one version/copy of everything – as if everything is frozen in a specific time frame and one can just translocate from one frozen time frame to another.  This is utter nonsense.

The truth is that in our temporal reality, there is really only the present.  There is no more past and no future yet (as they say, the past is only a memory while the future is just a vision), otherwise it would be a violation of the First Law of Thermodynamics (Law of Conservation of Mass and Energy).  This is because the specific matter that has been used to construct your physical body would not be available to the other versions or copies of you, whether in the past or in the future.  So, let us give this a rest and concentrate our time and efforts in something more immediate and beneficial – how to make a better world of all.


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