Post Oct 20-26 2013

TaN: Even if GMO labeling is mandatory, what if product C contains product B which contains a GMO ingredient?  Just like the dilemma caused by modern medical technology, where we can now change genders at will (with some expenses, of course), it is getting more and more difficult to find truth in advertising.  Everyone is hiding behind minimum (legal) compliance to satisfy and deceive their conscience and escape their moral and social responsibility arguing that they have met the least required of or from them.

Well, I’ve got news for them…legal is not enough anymore.  A case in point is when Product A contains (and has listed) a GMO ingredient and is used as an ingredient to Product B.  Product B is no longer required by law to indicate in its ingredients list that it contains a GMO ingredient.  However, if the manufacturer of Product B is an ethical producer, s/he would find a way to inform the consumer that its product contains a GMO ingredient.  One should not (and can no longer) hide behind legality as a means (as minimum compliance) to avoid responsibility or delude him/herself in the comfort that s/he is not guilty of being dishonest and fraudulent.  We try to wash away our guilt (as Pontius Pilate did) by clinging to the (inadequate) law that mandates only minimum adherence to ethics and what is right.

Nowadays, if we are to claim ourselves as being ethical and righteous people, we should take it upon ourselves to go the extra distance to ensure that other people are not misled or mis-informed – whether deliberately or not – by our actions and decisions.  And, should we unintentionally find out that we had been “untruthful” in our previous deeds or decisions, it should be our moral obligation to set things right by making up or atoning for the wrong we had committed – either through a public announcement and apology, product recall, damage compensation or combinations).  Any harm we have done, even if the damage has not yet manifested, should be addressed at the soonest possible opportunity.

It is both scary and sad that many people today do not (without the slightest compunction) commit acts and make decisions with total disregard of the impact on others – all for the sake of profit.  Oftentimes, they hide under the guise of social responsibility (corporate or not), of economic prosperity and providing much-needed employment, and of philanthropic endeavor or of altruism.  They try to justify themselves – and, frequently with all sincerity – even it is being explained how their deeds and decisions are ultimately detrimental to others.  I guess, it is left to us to explain ourselves to the Almighty when we face Him on Judgment Day, for only He can decide for certain whether what we have done are justifiable or not.

TaN: Dateline – Oil firms roll back gasoline; diesel prices up (pahabol).  I should have blogged on this a long time ago but I just thought of it now.  It is not unknown to everyone that whenever gasoline prices go up, diesel (and liquid petroleum gas or LPG) goes down – and vice versa.  Like what has been said before (ad nauseam) that, just like lying, being fooled is a cooperative effort.  This means that no one can fool you unless you consent to be fooled.

Big Oil is playing our consuming public for fools and we – because we have been indoctrinated and brainwashed and hoodwinked into believing their bovine ordure spiel that fossil fuel is a need and that we cannot live without it, so we have to swallow anything and everything they force down our throats – sheepishly ascent and give our imprimatur to their machinations of fuel prices.

In truth, there are many alternatives to consuming fossil fuel and adding to the ever-worsening climate change.  Our main activities relying on fossil fuel are cooking (i.e., heating our foods), commuting (or driving), and power (for our electrical gadgets and appliances).

For power, we can really do with less power consumption.  We just need to get enough courage and determination to pull ourselves out of the power-consumption addiction.  We can watch less television and limit them to the meaning ones.  Stop wasting time on idiotic telenovelas, gossip and game shows, MTV (music needs only ears, eyes are useless), games (both downloaded or online), endless charging (for texting useless and irksome text messages that clog up the network and mobile apps), etc.  These may be individually insignificant but are collectively put a tremendous demand for more and more energy production – which puts ever-increasing strain on natural resources.

For commuting, we tend to look down on people who commute – as against people who arrive in fancy cars, especially if they are very expensive.  We are guilty of judging others by their lifestyles and not by their true worth.  In addition, we ape the western style of moving to and fro as if the world will come to a standstill if we are not somewhere.  We go out and fill the streets with our cars and public transports as if we are on a very important mission, that our presence is vital – especially those who have to take a ride even if the distance can easily be traversed with a few steps (like taking the elevator to the next floor and depriving of a PWD a much needed ride or riding to the next corner and causing an employee to be late for work because there is no more room in the public transport).  [It is not uncommon to see people with children in tow commuting to a mall or shopping center – or worse, just to see a worthless movie because their favorite star happens to be in it – during rush hour.]

For cooking, this is the easiest of all to address.  Unknown – and probably “repulsive” or unthinkable – to many, we actually do not need fossil fuel to eat.  Not only do we not need to “cook” (or subject to intense heat or fire) our food, it is far healthier to eat our food RAW – because the digestive enzymes (which are heat-sensitive) are all intact and will self-digest the food, saving our pancreas from having to work overtime.  Now, if you are repulsed by the idea of eating raw meat, perhaps it means you should be eating it because your body does not recognize it as food.  [Note: I used “cook”, in parentheses, because we can cook without using heat but instead use vinegar and fermentation to make some foods – like legumes and lentils and cereals – more digestible.]

Imagine how much we and the environment will be if we abandon (or at least significantly reduce) our craving for burning fossil fuel.  There is a reason why fossil fuel is kept away from our reach – deep in the ground.  It has another purpose.  Remember, even if something is good or beneficial to us, if we abuse or mis-use it, it will become detrimental – take the case of tobacco, which is very good medicine and wonderful natural pesticide but we chose to smoke it.


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