Post Oct 27-Nov 2 2013

TaN: One surefire way to guarantee winning is to play or bet on both sides – today.  This is what the global power elite (the uber rich) is doing – among other things, to ensure their continued stranglehold over everything.

A case in point is the issue of GMO labeling in Prop 37 in California where reports have it that both sides of the issue was funded by Big Biotech and they manipulated the debate so that it will end with voluntary GMO labeling instead of a total ban (which is undesirable because it would mean the end of “business as usual”).  And we played right into their hands.

Another is funding both dominant opposing candidates in an election.  It won’t matter which one wins.  Whichever candidate wins, you win.  The only spoiler will be a dark horse.

This is the very epitome of the phrase, Winning is not everythingIt Is The ONLY THING!  [Note Bene: This blogger does not subscribe to this phrase.  This is but a comment on what was written in this TaN.]

TaN: Seriously…do we really care about the personal lives and activities of celebrities and other well-known personalities.  I mean, is it really any concern of ours what they do – the likes of cinematic or recording personalities, royalty, mass media figures, public and rich private people and the rest of those irrelevant to our lives who does not even know we exist?

Come on, get a life.  How is their lives any more important than ours?  In fact, many of them (especially the young teens and quite a few, I dare and am abashed to say, more on in years) even exhibit immoral and unconscionable behavior – like doing drugs and engaging in promiscuous (and unChristian) activities.  One of the worst are the (very) mature who “swoon” over their teen idols – teen idols who have nothing between their ears but only have good managers, PR people and publicists.  (I can understand looking up to them and praising them if we know that they have been exemplary in their behavior and have worthwhile advocacies, but swooning is a totally different story.)

I must say, if these so-called well-known and/or well-publicized people are true people, they would value their privacy and would very much like to be left alone.  However, those that seek out the “idolatry” or adulation of others must really have a bad case of low self-esteem or KSP (“kulang sa pansin“).  They must be so desperate for attention and have such a desert of self-worth that they would need the tiniest iota of attention from even the most insignificant or sorriest source to feed their starved self-esteem.

And there lies the problem – and the solution.  Many people, nowadays, have minds so feeble and trivial that they are the epitome of the adage, Great minds talk about ideas, average minds talk about events, small minds talk about others.  To make matters worse, there are more and more (exponentially) of these people who have nothing better to do than to talk about other people – gossipers and rumor-mongers, or basically show business and entertainment people.  (Oh, lest I forget, also the marketing and advertisement people.)

It is a terrible waste, no, it is a sacrilege to use such a wonderful and marvelous God-given gift on whimsical and idiotic activities as spreading rubbish – disguised as news – about other people.  (Of course, it is an entirely different story if what is being done is reporting instead of spreading.  The difference is the worthiness of the information, whether it will benefit the public, whether it will improve the lives of the (recipient) people, whether it will redound to the betterment of everyone.

Finally, the waste is not only time (which is the most important, for it is said that when a second has passed, no amount of wealth can bring it back) but even precious resources that are becoming scarce every moment – i.e., the paper from the trees that had to die for it, the fossil fuel that was burned and contributed to climate change, the various other materials such as inks and solvents and cleaners and whatever that are essential and contributory to bring the trashy and seedy information to the dumbed down public.  Yeah, how sadly pitiful would that be.

TaN: Seriously (again)…do we really know what it is all about when we foolishly and unthinkingly adopt inane and nonsensical (alien) traditions?  What is the meaning of Halloween (or All Hallows Eve) to, say, Asians?  How about the Ba Gua (Chinese octagon mirror), the waving cat, and the Buddha figurines of the Chinese?  And then there are the mardi gras and there parallels in the Philippines (i.e., the Maskara festival and the Ati-atihan) and some places in South and Latin America.  And speaking of the Philippines, where the title of “little brown monkeys” are very apt to a great number of the population (because most are malnourished so does not grow to their full genetically-inherited height, are brown- or lightened-skinned so they will feel superior to the darker counterparts, are “monkeys” due to the observed and popularly-accepted notion of “monkey see, monkey do”), inhabitants even ignorantly celebrate white Christmas when there has not been a speck of snow for hundreds of years anywhere on the islands and mimic (or more aptly “aped”) the fake snow.  [BTW, you do not (normally) see Australians doing the same time even if their climate is more closely resemble that of the Philippines than the United States of American and Europe – during Christmas season.]

It is not as if the practices and observances are due to migrants who settled and brought it along with them.  It is not as if the practices and observances have some kind of a universal relevance – that is applicable anywhere because they transcend culture and ethnicity.  It is simply a matter of greed – so that people will be encouraged to spend for no other reason than to mindlessly celebrate a ritual that is meaningless and irrelevant.

To make matters worse, the significance of the practices and observances are unknown to the adopters – for they have not an inkling of what they are all about, except that they like to celebrate – all at the expense of the sacredness of the practices and observances.  Yeah, truly, A fool and his money are soon parted.


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