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TaN: A late and sad news: A good friend has just passed on.  It was a long battle that would have turned out otherwise but I guess it was never meant to be.  I am sorry that we were not able to spend more time as you were going through your ordeal.  All now that is left are the memories we spent in your place every time you celebrated your birthday – with the people you cared about most, the masses: drivers, janitors, daily laborers, sidewalk and ambulant vendors, and all the toiling masses.  I will miss those times the most.  Paalam na Ka Tony and Godspeed. – Nov 22, 2013

TaN: Everything is edible (as Jesus Christ had ordained), the only problem is that it is not edible (and “practical”) to all.  Although it is true that Jesus has blessed everything and voided the restrictions mentioned in the book of Deuteronomy, it is not, however, true that He meant that we can now eat anything and everything to our heart’s content.  If this were true, then try eating a boulder or drinking sea water.

When it was proclaimed that everything is now “edible”, it means that we have entered the phase in God’s plan when things have changed to such a state or extent where (almost) everything is “safe” to eat.  (Of course, it is difficult to eat rocks and dirt but then it is precisely why I used “safe”.)  This means that even if anything and everything can be eaten, it does not mean that we have to eat everything.

Moreover, there is the matter of how something is eaten.  This is the fundamental reason behind the confusion and contradiction between and among so-called food health experts – why they say that vegetarian diet is healthy and yet we have people eating vegetables but have hypertension and say that eating meat is unhealthy and yet there are people who are pure meat eaters but enjoy good health.

Aside from what to eat, there is the matter of how food is prepared and eaten.  You may be eating the supposed healthiest food but if it is burnt to a crisp or eaten in excess, it is still unhealthy.  In fact, a simplified way of sustaining health via eating – but not the only nor the most important – is to make sure that your food possess the following characteristics: raw, whole, natural, local, and in season (the more of the qualities your food have, the better, but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts).  This is not to say that if your food has all five traits that it is a guarantee of healthy food.

In addition, philosophize and redefine at your own risk.  What is meant here is that people today resort to redefinition to bend and twist and distort the truth and what is good to their ends and to suit their purpose – such as redefining “cancer survivor” as one who is still alive five years after the first treatment even if s/he dies one day after five years or claiming that one has reduced poverty because one has changed the definition of what is considered poor.

In conclusion, despite being assured that everything can be eaten, to be in and remain in health, eat what is intended for you to eat – and, for God’s sake, leave something for others!  We are not the only ones who need to eat.

TaN: Why does everything (today) have to be about money; why can’t people just do good for and to each other?  This is an advocacy that I am and have been pursuing forever.  It is infuriating and exasperating to hear people talk about nothing but money – directly and indirectly – as if it were the most important thing there is.

It would appear that money (or material wealth) is increasingly becoming the center and the Holy Scriptures have already warned “…for the love of money is the root of all evil” – 1 Timothy 6:10 (KJV).  Today, if something cannot make money or no monetary value, no one will pay it any attention – it will be considered a waste of time, effort, and resources.  Even the so-called NGOs and socially oriented organizations or projects are – at least indirectly – guilty of being money-conscious.

I am not saying that money is not important.  It is important because it is necessary.  It is necessary because it has a function.  It is a function of commerce – to serve as a reasonable and generally-accepted measure of worth and to serve as “inert or dormant” labor.  Instead of the other way around, labor – which was argued by Abraham Lincoln as more important than capital because it is labor that begat capital and not vice versa (because long before there was even an inkling or notion of capital, there was already labor) – has been reduced to not even an asset but a liability of business, where there will be no hesitation nor compunction to eliminate it if it becomes possible (because it reduces profits).

Our obsession with money and material wealth has created an illusion that there is no progress or development, that the world will collapse and everything come to a standstill if it were not for the pursuit of monetary gains.

One of the best examples is the issue of “too big to fail” businesses like banks and mega corporations that continue even until now.  Mega banks are given generous bailouts with lenient terms whereas the ordinary homesteaders – supposed victims of the mortgage and financial meltdown but are actually victims of the banks – are left out in the cold.

Another case in point is the increasing number of incidences in schools and in businesses (in the USA) where children will not be accepted or enrolled unless and until they have or can show that they are properly vaccinated according to the schedule put forth and employers are requiring that all employees be (likewise) vaccinated else face termination.  (However, evidence have repeatedly and consistently revealed that vaccination is not only a failure but even pose great harm.  Among other numerous articles available for download and purvey, please refer to: Vaccines Exposed: A Hidden Crime Against Our Children – ““, Dec 18, 2007; Scientists finally admit H1N1 vaccine causes increased risk of Guillain-Barre syndrome – ““, Nov 3, 2013; Secret government documents reveal vaccines to be a total hoax – ““, Jan 8, 2013; 10 outrageous (but true) facts about vaccines the CDC and the vaccine industry don’t want you to know – ““, Sep 11, 2013; and, NaturalNews releases new video interview featuring Jon Rappoport exposing the dirty secrets of the vaccine industry – ““, Mar 21, 2012.  And, from another web site: Deadly Immunity – ““, Jun 16, 2005, and by no less than Robert F Kennedy, Jr; 17 Examples of Admitted Vaccine Failure – ““; and, VACCINATIONS? Know the risks and failures – “–Know-the-risks-and-failures-.aspx“, National Vaccine Information Center.)

There is also the case of our obsession with control of information and knowledge – like patents, copyrights, and intellectual property rights – that even infected the sacred halls of the academe.  Now we have academicians and academic institutions involved with greedy profit-centered and -driven ventures (such as setting up intellectual property rights offices and being employed or having financial interests and links with private businesses that engage their expertise and credentials to conduct surveys and studies about products).

Academic institutions should stick to their duties and responsibilities: (1) to discover and gather knowledge and technology and (2) to impart what has been discovered or gathered FREELY to the public.  Engaging in commercial activities – such as intellectual property rights – not only debase the nobility of the academe but even erode its integrity.  When a school is run like or as a business enterprise, the quality of education is surely going to suffer.  It is only a matter of when.  The thrust will be shifted to knowledge and technology that will gain profit and not necessarily benefit mankind.  Those that will benefit people but prove not to be profitable will be sacrificed.

As for having financial interests with businesses, unless and until full disclosure of the links are made public and fully transparent, any study, survey, trials, or whatever undertaking with commercial or market value becomes tainted with the shadow of data manipulation, of biased testing or data gathering methodology, of skewed interpretation, or of questionable procedures in order to arrive at a pre-determined and desired outcome.  To publish the true and honestly derived results would endanger their financial interests.

In fact, even as it is, the conventional practice of publishing only successful studies and trials already gives a distorted picture of the truth.  It has been reported that 9 out of 10 studies and trials are failures.  But since only successful ones are published, the public – be it the media, the consumers, or even the professionals (as in physicians who read medical journals to keep abreast) – is given the impression that the published studies and trials are credible.  However, if we consider that they represent only a tenth of what is true, we are led to believe that they are all successes.

The latest is the PRIVATIZATION OF EVERYTHING.  Among the first was carried out during the George W Bush regime, where the military and war were privatized.  Much of the military’s operations were outsourced to private (defense) contractors – like their rations (so the traditional mess hall and dining quarters are no longer needed) and infiltration and security aspects of war (where private paramilitary units or mercenaries are employed and deployed to carry out covert operations, like extraction or assassinations, and serve as front line operatives to guard strategically significant and valuable assets and areas, like oil fields and captured enemy strongholds).

Under the Obama regime, privatization has escalated and spread to many non-military sectors, like public education, state prison systems, and the latest of which is outsourcing cities by an outfit called CH2M Hill (please refer to:  Nothing is sacred anymore…not when it comes to money (i.e., the pursuit of money or wealth).


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