Post Dec 15-21 2013

TaN: There are three aspects of man that need food: the stomach (material food), the mind (informational food), the soul (moral food).  So far, only the first is overly emphasized, though it is understandable because it the body is not materially fed, the other two would be forgone conclusions.

The second has been increasing when capitalists realize that there is more profit from abstract commodities because of their “infiniteness”.  And so we have the Information Age where information is mined and traded at the expense of everyone.  This is one major reason for the increased incursion into the privacy of others and for the thrust in suppressing and “hunting down” whistleblowers and investigative journalists.

There is no profit to be made from openness, from things natural, from peace, from ethics, from equality, and from truth.  Just take gander around and see which are the most profitable activities (among others):

  • war (via sales of weapons and weapons systems, insecurity and fear and services of private military contractors who are guaranteed immunity from prosecution or criminal responsibility for war atrocities and torture, etc) – information from surveillance and espionage,
  • synthetic and artificial commodities (via artificial sweeteners, GMOs, plastics and fossil fuel products and derivatives, etc) – information (actually non-information) from patents, copyrights, trade secrets,
  • misery (via both conventional and lifestyle diseases brought about by misleading and fraudulent health and medical information generated and spread by for-profit pharmaceutical companies and for-profit medical and health professionals and experts, etc) – information (actually non-information) from studies and trials and research,
  • deception (via manipulation of study and trial data and findings for desired and favorable outcomes, misleading and mis-informative advertising and marketing or public relations campaigns, etc) – information (actually non-information and mis-information) to mis-direct and draw attention away from the truth,
  • uncertainty (via speculations, rumors and rumor-mongering (which can also be deception), etc) – information from insider trading and conspiracies and collusions in manipulating events and circumstances,
  • destruction (via war so contractor and rebuilders will have business opportunities, environmental harvesting of natural resources freely available to the local population but are drained or exhausted and leaving the local without any subsequent access as in draining of clean clear freshwater lakes relied upon by the local population to be bottled and sold at exorbitant prices, etc) – information from unscrupulous local opportunists who readily volunteer information in exchange for wealth or financial gain or through satellite technology,
  • concealment and conspiracy (via secret trade pacts like the controversial TPP and “unholy” alliances like the “Five Eyes”, etc) – information (actually non-information) of the insider and covert dealings and underhanded provisions that benefit the elite while tying up or binding the unsuspecting public to terms and liabilities,

The most needed today is moral food.  With all these “darkness” brought about by the mis-use and abuse of the Information Age – and to think that the world today has never been as “brightly lit” in history via the transparency in social networks (both online and real)…so much that there is now over-sharing – there is an immediate and vital need for a moral compass to protect the unsuspecting, the gullible, the trusting and kind-hearted from being victims.

Never before in our history has there been a more urgent need to reign in the explosion in information (as foretold in the Holy Scriptures, that one of the signs of the beginning of the end times is the unbridled proliferation of information) to slow down our mad rush into oblivion.  Without properly preparing the food of the soul, the massive feeding of the intellectual food is creating rampant and wanton destruction and unparalleled misery – never in our history was man able to produce so much (in food and in innovation) so effortlessly yet untold and countless billions of people enter into poverty and continue to suffer hunger – no, starvation – and deprivation in the midst of so much abundance.

It is insane and a tragedy of such magnitude that even the recent climate disasters of the last decade – from the hundreds of thousands who perished in the magnitude 9.3 tsunami of the Dec 26 2004 in Banda Aceh, Indonesia, to the destruction of the magnitude 9.0 (some even say 10) Fukushima earthquake and ensuring tsunami of March 11 2011, to the ongoing and combined disaster operations of the consecutive historic storms of the category 5 Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines, of the cyclone that affected 100,000 in Somalia, the windstorm that struck the UK northern Europe – still pale in comparison to the starvation and widespread hunger of pandemic proportions transpiring daily in the Global South.

To quote Pope Francis, in his recent official statement, “How can it be that it is not a news item when an elderly homeless person dies of exposure, but it is news when the stock market loses two points?“.  Has humanity sunk so low (and utilitarianistic) that we are scraping beyond the bottom of the barrel, that we readily ignore and can quantify one person’s life as held up against profits.  Have we come this point?

What is occurring throughout the world today is exactly, but merely on a global scale, what is happening locally in almost all countries…the government permitting the manufacturing and selling of cigarettes – knowing full well that there are more than enough volumes of evidence and proof that it is a major health risk and costs the public millions if not billions in medical expenses and avoidable medical conditions – and then spend precious public funds in campaigns warning the public regarding the dangers and risks of cigarette smoking when all the misery and expenses could have been avoided by simply prohibiting cigarettes.

In this case, instead of cigarettes, world governments permit – and to many instances even encourage (mostly due to intensive lobbying) – energy industries to continue using dirty fossil fuels to generate power instead of shifting to cleaner, more environment-friendly, and more sustainable energy generation technologies.  It must be remembered that natural boundaries and controls are totally different from political boundaries and man-made controls and nature does not abide by whatever man has put up.  The effects produced by one country often impacts other countries as well – even as far as clear across the planet, as can be seen in the industrial smog of China’s factories showing up in the skies of the North American Hemisphere and the radioactive waters of and from Fukushima is now beginning to impact the west coasts (Vancouver and California).

Truly, it is not greed that will destroy the world – not this planet, because only God can destroy what He created; man, in wildest dreams, cannot and will never even come close to planet destruction – but apathy (where it is said that “For evil to succeed is for all good men to do nothing“) that is the downfall of man.  Greed is only the driving force.

TaN: Employee loyalty necessitates reciprocity – otherwise it would be fanaticism.  It has been constantly and consistently “drilled” into everyone – especially students (of formal education in trade schools or courses) – that the employee has not only a duty but even owes it to be loyal to the employer.  It is reinforced with the notion that it is the employee’s sacred obligation to make as much profit for the employer (i.e., the stockholders or owners) with the implication that this duty is to be done “at all costs”.  And this is a major reason why the rich get richer while the poor gets poorer – of course there is also government collusion (in terms of tax breaks and loopholes, of fiscal considerations and “incentives” to entice and “convince” capitalists to continue business operations).

Not once has it been “indoctrinated” that the employer has an equal – if not greater – responsibility to reciprocate the loyalty.  This is a travesty of justice, especially to the employee.  Why should the employee be loyal to the employer when the employer does not reciprocate?  And we see this in the manner by which stockholders and owners – through the management – treat the employees (in terms of compensation, of respecting labor unions and collective bargaining agreements, of company policies relevant to employee wellbeing and rights, of working conditions, etc).

Probably the most important lesson I learned from a colleague (when he was my teacher in the graduate school) was that the best company is one that has no labor union.  At first, I was shocked at the pronouncement but when he explained the statement, it dawned on me that he is right.  He qualified the statement by saying that the “no labor union” is on the presumption that it is voluntary on the part of the employees and not due to efforts by the employer (like busting unions).  When a company (voluntarily) has no labor union, it only shows that the employees have complete trust and confidence in the owner/s, that their welfare is and will continue to be looked after and taken care of, so much so that unionizing will not only be a redundancy but even be an additional burden (in terms of finances because of unions dues and agent’s fee and of added work because of time spent on running the union).

It is not only essential but vital that reciprocity of loyalty must be emphasized as part of a trade school curriculum (in course that deal with management and labor policies and business ethics), as part of new hire orientation with company policies, and as part of government policy (with respect to agencies that deal with employer-employee relations and with the judiciary and quasi-judiciary bodies that will handle or arbitrate cases involving disputes and disagreements between labor and management).


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