Post for Feb 2-8 2014

TaN: Global poverty is primarily caused by low wages and victimization by consumerism and commercialism brought about my low-quality jobs – note: to be differentiated from work, which is what man ought to strive for.  These, in turn, come from having jobs – not work, which is necessary for human flourishing – that dehumanizes man (i.e., man is no longer an essential component in the production process so much so that almost any other Tom, Dick and Harry can take over with minimal of skills).

When jobs are so mechanically-oriented that it does not take any amount of mental ability to perform a task, human labor becomes meaningless and practically non-essential.  In fact, if it were not because human labor is still cheaper – in Third World countries and labor-intensive economies – workers would have long been replaced by machines and robotics.  When it used to be that people were regarded as assets in a business, now it is considered a liability – one that will be eliminated if it were financially feasible.

Jobs, today, are so menial and meaningless that Big (Global) Business plays one labor market against the other, always shifting production to whichever labor market will provide the cheapest labor with the highest return in investment.  Labor markets are pitted against each other to vie for whoever will accept the lowest wages they can tolerate or be willing to accept.

And, all these are made possible because jobs today no longer possess any true (intrinsic) value.  The new generations of human labor are no longer being educated and taught skills and crafts that are meaningful and provide satisfaction (human flourishing).  Instead, new generations are being “trained” to do worthless jobs – jobs that contribute nothing of true value to humanity and its lofty ideals (such as crafting furniture by hand, as making cloth and clothes manually, as building houses from scratch).

There are very little products today that the “makers” can proudly claim it is their handiwork.  Factory workers cannot claim that they were instrumental in producing the designer hand bags and purses or the automobile or the electronic consumer gadgets or any of the mass produced goods.  The worker’s consolation of being proud of his/her handiwork has been taken away and worker’s can no longer wait to go home after a day’s work – they no longer get satisfaction from putting in a day’s labor.

And this is the true cause of global poverty.

TaN: Utilitarianism is an oft-applied principle in human affairs when it comes to dispensing justice and doing what is moral or good but, sadly, it is not being applied sincerely and truthfully.  If utilitarianism is to be implemented in business honestly, the customers should be first and foremost, followed by the rank-and-file (employees), then middle management and upper management, and the last would be the stockholders and owners – because it is (supposed to be) the greatest good for the greatest number.

The greatest number are the customers, so why are (formal education tertiary) student and employees constantly being drilled by schools and management that their first and foremost duty is to look out for the interest/s of the owners and stockholders (which is to make as much money for them) when they are the minority.  In fact, they are the least number.  It should be the customers who should be the true beneficiaries of the all efforts of all business activities.  “True beneficiaries” means that customer satisfaction should the utmost concern and there should, for all intents and purposes, not be any complaints nor negative feedbacks.

Whichever way it will be viewed, the prevailing situation is that there is little concern for customer satisfaction.  This is further supported by the periodic and regular reports by media regarding how the economy – i.e., the GDP, the GNP, the stock market, the ratings given by S&P and various other global credit and financial ratings firms, etc.  Believing and relying on their ratings will leave the Philippines (and other similar countries/economies) in a gullible and vulnerable position – if they “decide” to downgrade your economy, investors can pull out their capital even if there is valid reason.  Only fools depend on those ratings.

All the ratings and media exposure about the state of the economy are all for the benefit of the rich.  If a geometric figure was to be drawn regarding the global population with respect their wealth, the shape would be a triangle and this is dangerous and volatile.  The shape should be a diamond, where the widest portion would be the middle – representing the middle class.  Instead, the largest portion is the bottom and it is increasingly getting wider as time passes.  Soon, if not reverse or at least halted, there will be an uprising and the Occupy Wall Street incident is the first significant omen of the forthcoming onus – where the bottom 99% will no longer tolerate being dismissed, exploited, oppressed, abused, and disadvantaged.

There are signs that the global power elite has taken notice of this very real probability and has been – both quietly and publicly – taking measures to ensure and consolidate their stranglehold.  This can be seen in the various attempts to put in place laws, international treaties and agreements, and other such binding measures to “ensure and coerce” the 99% to comply and abide by them.

Moreover, the further guarantee that the 99% can be effectively brought “under control”, various “innocent” campaigns and measures have been ongoing to create a complacent and docile majority – fluoride (which has been proven repeatedly to make the brain susceptible to “suggestions” and “requests”), vaccines (loaded with neurotoxins that caused brain disorders such as autism), food additives (that attack the nervous system and tissues, such as aspartame, as monosodium glutamate or MSG (and its various nomenclature), as petroleum-based food colorings, as preservatives and flavor enhancers, etc), and pharmaceuticals (that have never been tested anymore, both individually and in combination with others, but have so many serious and life-threatening so-called “side effects” such as organ damage (i.e., liver, kidney, etc), among others.

Where now is the “greatest good for the greatest number”?


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