Post for Mar 23-29 2014

TaN: [Another last minute inclusion] The Grand Canyon-wide disparity between the original electricity rate hike for last December (2014) that Meralco wanted to collect from the consumers and what is now being touted as the correct amount that should be hiked is not a joke — and we just cannot let this slide.  If the disparity is a mere 1 to 10%, it could be attributed to an honest mistake or miscalculation.  However, if the difference is several hundred times over, there can be only one conclusion – IT WAS DELIBERATE!  And, if it was intentional, SOMEONE MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!  Things cannot just be left with an “Oops, sorry.  How silly of me” attitude or resolution.  This was an attempt to bilk the consuming public and line their pockets.

TaN: Bullying: what is it, why does it happen, and how to truly deal with it — an update.  In a recent case in the United States of America where a young teen has been home schooling for 2 years because her schoolmates have been teasing (and “bullying”) her about her “big” nose.  She “resolved” the issue by having a nose job (corrective cosmetic surgery — because, according to the surgeon, she had a deviated septum that is making one side of her face uneven with the other).

First, bullying is the act of intimidation or the use of undue influence or aggression with the objective of either coercing another into performing or behaving in a manner against his/her will and/or in favor of the bully.  Bullying starts early — i.e., in children — and they get their first taste usually from elders.  Kids pick up this kind of behavior fast and “tests” them on playmates.  Through the years, because bullying gives (some) a kind of “good” feeling — a feeling of superiority — the more “clever” children learn to refine it because outright bullying is “frowned upon” and there are unpleasant consequences.

Throughout society, bullying permeate in varying degrees — from “innocent gentle persuasions” among friends and co-workers to peer pressure to outright extortion and coercion.

Giving in to bullying only offers a palliative solution and often returns.  In instances where the bully is still around, it escalates because accepting the bullying only reinforces the behavior of the bully.  In the case mentioned at the onset of this TaN, the teen succumbed to the bullying and, though the bullying may have stopped for the moment, it will recur in the future — both for the victim (because there will be others) and for the perpetrator (because there is a “positive” reinforcement and that s/he can get away with it).

For my part, I have had my share of bullying — from my elementary school days and graduating to the workplace.  However, I have learned to overcome bullying.  I have learned that, just like many other unethical acts, accepting or tolerating it does not solve the issue and, in most cases, makes it worse — both for the victim or for other victims.

In my case, I developed two coping mechanisms.  I either stand up to the bully — at the very first instance or eventually and expressing my intolerance in no uncertain terms — or don’t let it bother me (after all, who are they in my life?) but I make sure they know I am not giving in to their bullying and that their bullying is not worth my time and attention.  However, if bullying is a predominant “culture” — as in among classmates or in a workplace — I learn to be “independent” and look out for myself.

One probable cause for the bullying behavior is the (perceived) need for social beings to establish some sort of a social hierarchy and find one’s “ranking” within the order – something like the pecking order among social birds, like a brood of chickens.  Nevertheless, this cannot be used as an excuse to condone bullying.  One must find one’s place in scheme of things without resorting to bullying and other such unethical tactics.

Deep down, bullies should be “pitied” — without necessarily looking down on them but rather frown at it — because they are actually “social cowards” to resort to reverse psychology to cover up their insecurities, much like a womanizer who is actually a homosexual but is using his womanizing behavior to offset his inadequacy and insecurity of his own masculinity.  A true man need not “prove himself” to anyone for he is sure of his own masculinity.

In the same manner, a bully tries to “bully” others because s/he feels that others may bully him/her if s/he does not do it first — much like the perverted version of the Golden Rule: Do unto others before they do unto you.

There may be other reasons behind the bullying behavior but whatever they are, bullying does not and will never be justified.  Bullying is only for the weak.  In the words of Leo Buscaglia: Only the weak are cruelGentleness can only be expected from the strong.

TaN: A healthy body is a body that works perfectly — and so is a body with a lifestyle disease.  It suddenly dawned on me that the so-called lifestyle disease is not really a disease at all but an attempt by the body to cope with the events that are happening to it that threatens its very continued existence.

It is known that when toxins enter a body, it recognizes them as such and responds by either expelling it (via sweat, bowel movements, urination, or vomiting) or neutralizing it (via storage in fat cells).  If elimination (the former) is not possible or not fast enough, it resorts to the latter.  And, when all the fat cells are filled with toxins, the body creates more fat cells.  This is an explanation why certain people, despite their dieting or reduced intake of food, still gain weight and become more obese.  It is because what little food they eat are still contain toxins and the body is not capable of eliminating the toxins — the result is they become fatter.

In this manner, obesity is not a (lifestyle) disease but a coping mechanism of the body against toxins that it cannot eliminate — so it neutralizes the toxicity via storage in fat cells.  The correct remedy is to assist the body in eliminating all the toxins and obesity will be reversed.  Introducing more chemical toxins — read: pharmaceuticals — is no solution.  It only adds more toxic unrecognizable non-beneficial chemical load to the already-overburdened excretory and immune systems of the body.

This is also true for cancer — which is often regarded by mainstream allopathic medicine as a deadly disease and referred to as the Big C.  Cancer is a very misunderstood physiological condition of the body — which I will reserve for a later discussion.  For now, just remember that: (1) only 20% of people whose death are attributed to cancer actually die of cancer, 80% die of the effects of the cancer treatment (which is why, at death, they are identical to the victims of the Holocaust — bald and nothing but skin and bones, they die of starvation; (2) under a comparative microscope, the difference in visual appearance between a cancer cell and a normal healthy cell is vast but a cancer cell looks identical to a placenta cell — because our very existence in the world is dependent on cancer cells (placenta cells behave the same as cancer cells); and, (3) cancer is not a disease but a coping mechanism (Plan B) of the body for survival — so treating the body when it is not diseased is a major cause of people dying of cancer.

In the words of Charlotte Gerson (daughter of the Max Gerson, MD, developer of the Gerson Cancer Therapy), one cannot cure only an isolated portion of the (diseased) body.  When the body heals, every part of it heals — otherwise it cannot be called healing.  Healing one part while leaving another unwell is no healing at all.

With lifestyle diseases, all lifestyle diseases are related and are merely manifestations of different aspects or dimensions of the same (lifestyle) disease.  The different initial stages eventually converge — ever noticed that when hypertension, obesity, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and all the other major manifestations appear, the other eventually likewise appear and end in its final stage…cancer.

But cancer is not a disease.  It is the final push of the body to stay alive because the “host” refuses to “mend his/her ways” and change to a healthy lifestyle.  Cancer cells extract energy in an acidic anaerobic environment — which is when the body is in the “diseased” state.  The energy is derived from fermenting sugar, which explains why cancer cells are so attracted to sugar — though sugar is likewise the principal source of energy for healthy cells except that the method of extraction is aerobic (i.e., in the presence of oxygen, respiration instead of fermentation).

Furthermore, it is one of the principal reasons why cancer treatments almost always leaves the (unfortunate) patient (read: victim) dead.  One cannot cure someone who is not diseased.  The bad news is that Plan B (i.e., cancer) is not intended to serve as a permanent substitute or alternative to the proper and healthy lifestyle, which is Plan A.  This means that eventually cancer will prove fatal.  Cancer should be treated as a temporary or emergency mechanism to give the body enough time to shift back to a healthy lifestyle.

There is no substitute for a healthy lifestyle — the right way of living, which is to be active — physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, etc — and to eat food the way God or nature intended.  In a nutshell, healthy food must have the following characteristics: RAW (i.e., unheated, especially beyond 120 degrees C or 248 degrees F), WHOLE (whenever practical or possible), NATURAL (without any significant human intervention), LOCAL (whatever food endemic to the ecosystem where you reside), and IN SEASON (because there is a reason why certain foods grow or bear fruit only during certain times of the year, unless there is human intervention like when business commercializes it and “force” it to grow or bear fruit all year long for purposes of profit).

TaN: Today, when it comes to having a “perfect” world, it all boils down to 2 simple things: (1) religiously and sincerely implement the existing laws — there is enough good laws and regulations in place and (2) be vigilant and participative to stop the changing of the good laws and regulations to suit the motives and hidden agenda of the malicious few.  As has been said before (and repeatedly), there are enough laws enacted…just implement them properly.  [“Properly” because there are many instances when violators are selectively arrested, investigated, or fined — especially when it is politically motivated.  Moreover, it also applies to laws, where law enforcers and/or prosecutors — sometimes, in conspiracy — cherry-pick particular statutes (more lenient for friendly defendant/s and graver for hostiles).]

An ideal world is both simple-easy and complicated-difficult to achieve.  It is simple and easy because it only entails everyone not be apathetic to the evil that is around, but it is complicated and difficult because it will involve people changing and becoming concerned and vigilant.  Changing people’s ways is complicated and difficult because people have habits and have set ways so they are unlikely to want to change.  Moreover, a Chinese proverb goes, Mountains can be leveled and the course of rivers can be changed, the hardest of all is to change the ways of a man — aside from the predominant behavior of most people of not making unnecessary enemies or upsetting the status quo.

However, wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone would do as Holy Scriptures admonishes.  In such a (“utopian”) world, many current jobs and professions would be eliminated — such as lawyers (shysters), security guards and law enforcers, etc.  What will remain are the traditional and essential work — like farmers and fisherfolks and animal raisers, manual labor and artisans/craftsmen, healers, community leaders, teachers, arbiters, etc.

And if you should argue that there will be no technological advancement, you could not be farther from the truth.  Since people will be using their talents and skills for the betterment of others, there will still be innovation and progress, except that it will be open to and free for everyone to benefit from and the absence of intellectual property will propel advancement at speeds that would be unimaginable.  It would be a far, far better world without intellectual property (patents, copyrights, etc) to obstruct us from taking what others have done and improve on them and to freely share it with everyone.

There would still be wealth but the disparity would not be as wide as the present wealth gap between the richest and the poorest because there will be little opportunity to amass — what with inventions and innovations are usually made freely shareable or available so there is no chance of monopolization or exclusion of others from making improvements and/or adaptations for local or personal needs.  All that is important is proper credit or recognition to the originator or source.

Selfishness and greed have no place and shall be ostracized because people will be doing things and innovating for the sake of all to benefit.  Anyone who does not “share” will be left out.  This does not mean that everything will be shared — because this would not be possible as there are things that cannot be shared mainly due to hygiene (like your toothbrush) and other legitimate reasons (like your diary).  There will still be personal and private (on a limited scale) property but most will be public domain or in the commons.

This is a finite world with finite resources so people should only take what they (truly) need — again, I emphasize NEED and not WANT because selfish and greedy people will tend to “philosophize” and “redefine” a want as a need so as to claim a share of the commons that is no rightfully theirs to claim.  And, in a world where people are mature and responsible, rules and laws are redundancies because people will know what to do and how to behave.  We know our rights and their limitations and our responsibilities or duties and we comply not because of fear of retribution or becoming a outcast but because it is the right and responsible thing to do — in effect, (the highest) Level 6 in Lawrence Kohlberg’s scale of moral development, where people act as they should and not as they (have been manipulated to) want to.

Finally, the rules and laws will be only to define gray and overlapping areas between and among people and cultures.  And, if the rationale is provided along with the law, the latter becomes flexible and will serve man — instead of man serving it (as specified in 2 Corinthians 3:6 [KJV] “Who also hath made us able ministers of the new testament; not of the letter, but of the spirit: for the letter killeth, but the spirit giveth life“).  Knowing the rationale behind the law enables us to dispense justice properly — and not depend on the literal interpretation, which is often incorrectly interpreted.


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