Post for Apr 6-12 2014

TaN: The evolving new normal for extreme weather is not so much the increasing number of massively destructive weather but the increasing intensity of severity of “traditional” weather.  Before this was made known to me, like the average person, I tended to think that climate change is causing more and more devastating extreme weather.  In truth, the destructive weather have always been happening since a long time ago.  It is just that we did not notice them because they were so weak and mild that we did not notice them.  However, the global warming (GW) effect of climate change caused these “invisible” weather to intensify and become very noticeable — to the point of being catastrophic of Biblical proportion.  So, the new normal is not so much an increase in extreme weather but an intensification of existing ones.

FYI for those who may still be ignorant of the true reason behind all these “freakish” and seemingly-inexplicable extreme weather, weather is fueled and directly affected by GW which, in turn, is but an aspect of climate change.  How does global temperature affect weather intensity?  With respect to atmospheric or meteorological weather, storms (such as hurricanes, for those originating from the Atlantic Ocean, as typhoons, for those originating from the Pacific Ocean, and cyclones, for those originating from the Indian Ocean) are usually “born” over (large) bodies of water.

Wind currents with diverging temperatures and coming from different and often opposite directions (usually due to the rotation of the planet) converge and interact, creating a spiraling vortex.  The evaporation arising from the water surface feeds and churns the vortex ever faster.  The warmer the temperature, the faster the rate of evaporation.  The faster the evaporation rate, the faster the spiraling of the vortex.  This is why a storm increases intensity and strength as it travels over the water surface but loses energy once it makes landfall or crosses a land mass.  The absence of evaporation weakens the spiraling vortex.

Landfall has a two-prong mitigating impact on a storm.  The loss of evaporation deprives the storm of its fuel source while the “encounter” with a land mass further absorbs some forward energy — much like when a runaway or speeding vehicle hits a bump on the road, some of the kinetic energy in its forward linear motion will be lost to or absorbed by the bump.

As a “rule”, storms “born” north of the equator turns in a counterclockwise direction and always move northwestward — northward because of the tendency of any fluid to gravitate towards the polar center of rotation and westward because of the rotation itself.

Now, after that side trip on how storms come to be, it must be realized and understood that the phrase “new normal” is but an attempt to condition the people’s mind into accepting a paradigm shift to an abnormal situation — evading the problem instead of meeting it head-on and solving it.

So, the cause of the extreme weather is rising ocean surface temperature and this, in turn, is caused by GW.  But, the problem with GW is that everyone — i.e., those who do not apply critical analysis and thinking — has been misled into believing it is caused by nature instead of man’s (inconsiderate, irresponsible, and greed-driven) activities.

A good number of the general population appear to believe that there is climate change but attributes it to the weather extremes being experienced or due to the news reports they get but they think the extremes are in addition to the ones “normally expected or anticipated”.  Their usual argument is because some of the extremes happen during times when they should not or are not expected, they erroneously assume that since the “out of season” extreme weather was never experienced before that it must never have existed.  In truth, as stated earlier, the once insignificant (daily) weather increased with intensity fueled by the increase in global water surface temperature — read: global warming — and has now become noticeable.

TaN: [last-minute inclusion intended for last week’s post] The news that the UN declaring that the Crimean event is illegal and will not be recognized is not only irrelevant but displays wrongful intervention into a people’s right to autonomy.  There are increasing evidence that business and industry (i.e., Big Business and Mega Corporations) are using government and legal schemes to encroach into people’s lives — mostly via the removal of rights.

Returning to the news item, it would appear that the global power elite is maneuvering to ensure that the (overall global) situation is always under (their) “control”.  I am convinced that all these global events and crises are all part of a worldwide orchestra to keep everything teetering at a very delicate equilibrium — the all-too-familiar FUD (fear, doubt, uncertainty) tactics — via armed conflict (currently Syria, Iraq, etc) and borderless strikes or targeted assassinations (drone strikes), and threats (fabricated or otherwise) of war (Southeast Asian Sea group of islands claim dispute) or economic sanctions (Ukraine-Russian issue) are among the more prominent and controversial ones.  FUD tactics keeps everything just slightly off-kilter to keep any would-be attempt to derail or foil “their” plans or to restore world equilibrium at bay.

Has anyone noticed how the “covert” global power elite — using the USA (unbelievable and inconceivable as it may seem that the most powerful country, as of current, is but a mere pawn in the whole scheme of things) — keeps on dipping its “dirty, blood-stained, wealth-hungry and grubby” fingers into everything and maintains a tight grip and a close watch on all world events that may threaten and disrupt its agenda (that has been going on for quite a long time, since before the Industrial Revolution).

In conclusion, all these intrusions and interferences even in the remotest and most insignificant nooks of this planet are all part of a grand design.  It is difficult to stop them from meddling in the internal affairs of a people — especially when they advanced and powerful weapons enabling them to do just about anything they want with impunity and total disregard to the rights and declare illegal they want because, for them, might is right — but the operative word is “difficult” and not “impossible”.  Like what happened in South America, where Brazil (as far as I know) initiated a breakaway from the clutches and control of the global power elite (via the WB-IMF tandem) and, later, “encouraged and supported” neighbors to follow suit.

The mandate now is to preserve what has been gained as well as “spread the gospel” and be wary of backsliding — but it appears that there are signs or omens.  Like what I have always maintained, it is high time that the 99% wake up and smell the stench of the 1%.  Let us disregard whatever “carrot” they will dangle before us.  Let us leave them to their devises and we concern ourselves with our (true) needs and cooperate and collaborate with each other.

Stand up for our rights — both as individuals and as a (united) people.  We do not need them to recognize our God-given rights, much less ask our rights from them.  Our inalienable and God-given rights are ours by virtue of being us and no one gave them to us.  Ergo, we do not need their recognition.  Let the Crimeans decide their own fate.  It is not our concern but the concern of Russia whether the latter will accept the Crimeans — and no one else’s.

TaN: It is not true the adage: You cannot teach an old dog new tricks.  It is just a cop out.  Against it is the saying, What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve and If there is a will, there is a way.  It is all a matter of how much you are determined to learn, to change, to be better.

Just like in my post last week, what we need are explanations and not excuses.  Not being able to learn new things just because we are of advanced age is an excuse.  It is not an explanation.  There are numerous evidence and instances of very elderly people who are learning new skills and new information, and doing new things they had never done before.  Because they really want to learn new things, they learn.  It is all a matter of sincere desire (or whether you really want to learn) or are you just saying it without truly meaning it.

TaN: How can a business marketing products that are detrimental to its consumers or clients claim to have CSR (corporate social responsibility)?  A case in point would be cigarette manufacturers conducting or having a CSR program.  It would be somewhat oxymoronic — since the product (in this case it is cigarettes) would negate whatever benefits or goodness the CSR program brings.  Another case (but still on cigarettes) is when the government permits the manufacture and sale of cigarettes and then allocates a huge budget for a campaign against the ill effects of cigarettes — though there is no CSR involved here.

It must be made clear and remembered that any unethical business practice negates or renders meaningless whatever good (intentions and results) that will arise from CSR.  To be very strict about it, CSR should and cannot be used as some kind of (guilt- or responsibility-)mitigating mechanism or device by which a business can continue to market its toxic, hazardous, and/or otherwise deleterious product or service.  This is precisely what is happening with many businesses like fast food chains that regularly conduct community outreach programs as part of their CSR but continue to sell processed and unhealthy foods to the public.  What good is the CSR if the business is a greater source of harm to society than whatever it is doing to fulfill its obligation to society?

So, it is high time that we commence to be true to others and to ourselves — if we really want to practice CSR, let us first make sure that the products and services we provide benefits, or the very least do no harm, to society and the environment.  Government should guarantee that business and industry conform to this new norm.


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