Post for Jul 6-12 2014

TaN: It is sad that as well as infuriating that simple considerations and common sense are completely ignored in traffic regulations — such as the use of car horns, headlights, and exhaust pipes.  I am not aware of all the traffic regulations but I think common sense and simple road courtesy (and consideration for others on the road) would go a long way.

As mentioned just above, there are many little things on the road that are just frustrating and often dangerous to others (both pedestrians and motorists):

  • Vehicles like trucks and buses that travel the highways and expressways and possess loud blaring horns should have a second horn for use within city limits and population centers.  The loud horn is obviously necessary in the highways because vehicles usually travel at high speeds and the horn must be loud enough to warn people who may be far away.  However, city driving is considerably slower so the horn need not be so loud as to be ear-splitting.  It is very inconsiderate to city residents — who expects to have peace and quiet in their domicile — for trucks to blast their horns, especially during times when silence is expected, like at night, early morning, and “siesta” time.
  • Headlights are not different except that it is during nighttime or low light scenarios.  Bright or high beams are or should be used only when there is no oncoming — i.e., no one is comiing towards you.  Bright or high beams blind any oncoming traffic or people.  Unless you are traveling at high speed along a highway alone (i.e., no oncoming traffic or people), you should always be on dim or low beam.  Motorists or pedestrians blinded by bright headlights can cause them to swerve and lose control of their vehicle (in the case of an oncoming motorist) or to trip over low obstacles and objects or fall into open cavities and crevices along the path (in the case of an oncoming pedestrian).
  • Car exhaust pipes should always be situated on the driver side of the vehicle (and pointed or directed away from the sidewalk (of your side of the road).  This is especially a must for vehicles that emit dark fumes.  Even other vehicles that may apparently be “immune” to exhaust fumes can have the driver’s view severely obstructed — not to mention that the (following) vehicle’s air filter does not really scrub out the toxic particles even when the occupants do not smell anything.

TaN: With over a billion people subsisting on a meal or less daily, to waste the slightest bit of food — a single grain of rice, a kernel of corn, the tiniest morsel of food — is not just obscenely inconsiderate but an abomination that cannot be forgiven.  This is especially more so should the reason behind the wastage is flimsy, such as a simple dislike of taste, as “takaw mata” (greed of the eyes) and getting more than what can be consumed (thus the excess or unconsumed, as it can no longer be returned, is discarded as waste), and as maintaining a cultural or traditional celebration (like the tomato “La Tomatina” festival of Spain and other similar wasteful food-based festivals).  It is absolutely unforgivable for people to indiscriminately and unmindfully waste precious food — especially prime commodities and basic goods — when so many people elsewhere are starving.

This is another instance where the socialism principle of “From each according to his abilities and to each according to his needs” is apt.  It is important (and only fair) that one get only what one needs even if one can very well afford to pay for much more because, by buying more than what one needs, one is effectively depriving others of the opportunity to avail of and satisfy their own needs (regardless of whether they can really afford it or not, which is beside the point).

In another instance, assuming that one did not like the taste of the food or has to celebrate a tradition — which was established during times of plenty or to commemorate an important event in the past — it would be much better to have donated the food to the needy.  Though it would still not be good, it would be less “disturbing” or “guilty” if such wasteful acts be done when people are not going hungry.

With the world ever regressing, instead of improving — contrary to what most people would argue, otherwise there would or should be less hunger, less pollution, less misery, less disease, less extreme weather and natural disasters, less conflict, and less of whatever we regard as misfortune or bad — it would be more tragic and a terrible travesty that any food be wasted if it can be avoided.

TaN: In a previous blog, I mentioned that only those who/that can defend their rights can have rights — so no rights for the environment, animals, etc — but I have to make rejoinder.

What I meant was that only people can have rights because only people would possess the ability to (literally) exercise and defend whatever rights — and privileges — they are entitled to.  No other entity can claim the same capabilitty — animals have no free will and plants (even if alive and sentient) are even less able, while the environment/natue and corporations are inanimate and even much less able (though the latter may be juridical entities).

But I had a recent epiphany, like the above-mentioned non-humans, children would likewise not (normally) be in a position to exercise, much less defend, their rights.  This puts them in the spot as animals, plants, nature, and corporations.  However, unlike the enumerated, children eventually acquires the ability to exercise and defend their rights.  Animals, plants, nature, and corporations, no matter how much time they will be given, will never gain the ability to (autonomously) exercise and defend their rights.

I feel that I just have to make this point clear to head off future arguments on it.

TaN: Even negative is positive.  Just as one cannot deny without affirming.  One cannot negate without having something — the positive — to negate.  Not everything we consider (traditionally or conventionally) as “bad” is really bad.  “Badness” is “assigned” by us.

In my younger years, during a time when we had an oppressive leader, we joked, “No one is all bad.  There is always some good we can get out of what is bad.  In fact, he is a GOOD example of a BAD example.”

In another case, they say — I do not know personally so I cannot confirm it with certainty — that the Chinese word for “crisis” is also the same word for “opportunity”.  So, what we normally consider as a misfortune can be re-interpreted or regarded in another (and opposite) manner.

In physics, negative and positive can be regarded as matter and anti-matter.  According to physics, one of the fundamental difference between matter and anti-matter is its angular momentum (rotation or spin).  Both exist and their existence can be considered as positive, otherwise it is quite impossible — at least to the common man — to imagine something that is non-existing (anti-matter).


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