Post for Jul 20-26 2014

TaN: The world is headed for a worldwide acceleration and intensification of global (“surgical” strike) warfare using UAVs — i.e., drones.  Following or adopting the United States of America’s foreign policy of using drones anywhere in the world — totally disregarding and disrespecting political borders — to mete out its “brand of justice” and even its own citizens are neither safe nor secure, First World countries (or any country with the technological capability, for that matter) can claim the same government policy and develop their own drones.

In fact, according to the article in NaturalNews dated July 22, 2014 entitled “Japan building world’s largest drone army after removing ‘peace’ provision from Constitution” (URL: and authored by J D Heyes, the title speaks for itself.  This is aside from earlier news reports about countries like Israel (see “Drones — Who Makes Them And Who Has Them?“; URL:; dated Jan 31, 2012) who was among the first and which is not surprising, considering how identified it is with the United States of America, Iran who has claimed that they now have successfully tested operational long-range drones, and Germany, France, Italy, Turkey, the UK, Russia and China and possibly Pakistan and India (refer to “Drones by country: who has all the UAVs?“; URL:; dated Aug 3, 2012)..

Moreover, this is not including the numerous other non-military drones already in service in the United States of America — from universities to law enforcement to amateur hobbyists and techno corporations and techno-savvy individuals.  The most recent incident was when the FAA disallowed the Amazon’s request for permission to have, what could have been, the first civilian commercial application of drones — to deliver by drone.

With no way to effectively and reliably regulate the production of drones, it will not be inconceivable in the not too distant future that drones will be deployed to carry out missions and undertakings ranging from legitimate and beneficial functions to outright vendettas — personal or otherwise (like what is being done with the While House “Kill List” or now “Disposition Matrix”.

And, with the advancement of technology by leaps and bounds, there are now drones as miniscule as mosquitoes and they can be made to perch unconspicuously on the ceiling or a hanging string for surveillance and reconnaissance.  They can even be deployed to deliver a tiny lethal injection to unsuspecting “enemies” of the state.

It is increasingly becoming a [It’s a] Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World — to borrow from the 1963 epic comedy film, only in a more sinister and deadly sense.

TaN: Google Glass is the next nail in the coffin.  Everything is going according to plan, “you can run but you cannot hide”.  Google Glass fills in the “gaps” where cctvs cannot “see”.

In this world where intelligence agencies — especially and specifically the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States of America, together with the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) of the United Kingdom and the rest of the Five Eyes — cannot “see and recognize” you, Google Glass offers and provides the means to bridge that gap is global surveillance.

For “conspiracy theorists” and 1984 followers, this development is another piece in the grand plan of Big Brother and the thought police in the eventual world domination or the New World Order (NWO), where a (global) select elite group (through regional governments, organized from the collapsing of broders to merge neighboring countries into super regions for easier management) controls and monitors all activities of everyone using a global surveillance network.

This would fit perfectly into the series of joint military exercises being conducted by major powers (and inviting some “lesser” countries) under the guise of interoperability and regional cooperation to combat global terrorism and drug cartels and whatever can be imagined and fabricated to keep the global population in constant fear and uncertainty.

With Google Glass, surveillance can be extended to reach even the most private and remote places — literally to your living room, bedroom, bathroom, closet, drawer, and wherever Google Glass can be brought to.  There will literally be no place to hide and Google Glass users become unwitting participants in global surveillance.

TaN: The “obsession” to preserve the physical body — via embalming and other methods — in preparation for the resurrection is nonsense.  It is stupid to believe that, even as the Holy Scirptures mentioned, “all will be given new bodies” to face the judgment.

It is foolish to think and believe that we will need our “original” body when we are resurrected when we do not have the same body every six years — because each and every cell and substance in our body will have died, broken down, and recycled or eliminated and replaced with new ones.  The “longest-lived” cell in our body — even the neurons — have a maximum lifespan of only six years.  It is therefore nonsensical to insist that we should preserve the physical body for resurrection when we do not have the same body we started out in this world in the first place.

Moreover, when (the body of) people who were not “preserved” and breaks down into its elements and recycled to other people’s bodies or eaten by animals or broken down my plants and incorporated into their respective systems or burnt up or dissolved in solvents in industrial or natural incidents, will the rule of prior ownership apply or that of current owner?

Furthermore, this is granting that, when we are raised from the dead to receive judgment, we will have physical bodies.  It is too presumptuous that the body we will be given when we are raised on Judgment Day will be a physical one.

Finally, your Maker would not be much of an all-powerful being if He will still use the same body you died in.  What if you had a diseas-ridden body?  It would be very unfortunate of and for you if God decides to re-issue you your “old” body.

TaN: Original sin and baptism are entirely different and independent from each other.  It is a prevailing notion among (most) Christians that Original Sin — the first or initial transgression our First Parents committed — is passed on generation after generation down the line to all of Adam’s and Eve’s descendants.  However, it (i.e., Original Sin) is not so much a “sin” as it represents a flaw or imperfection that is actually (because we have been given free will) a way by which the Creator can ascertain whether we are worthy of Paradise — or are fit for Hell.

All this has to do with the Almighty being all-seeing and all-knowing.  People misunderstand all-knowing as knowing what will happen instead of what may happen.  All-knowing is knowing all the possibilities — all the possible combinations and permutations — that can come true but not which of the countless possibilities that will happen as a result of a decision made through free will.

As further explanation, consider a teacher knowing all the possible outcomes that a particular student may end in — i.e., pass, fail, drop out, etc — depending on decisions and courses of action that the student will make during the semester or school year.  The teacher’s knowledge of the eventualities and the decisions and actions a student can make represent the “all-knowing” but the teacher will not be able to determine whether the student will finally pass or fail or drop out.  Unless and until the decisions are made, there is really no way to be certain as to how the student will end.

So it is with Original Sin.  It can be considered a positive feature because of what it can do for us.

With respect to baptism, it is intended to serve as a means to confirm our full understanding of what is asked of us and our readiness and commitment to obedience to the commandments and will of the Lord in order to be deserving of Paradise.  Baptism is therefore only for those who have the ability to discern and decide and is meaningless or void when given or administered to anyone who is without understanding or sanity.

Baptism is not an instrument by which Original Sin is obliterated but a ritual.  Our imperfection or Original Sin “stays” but it is to our advantage for it is our “salvation” so we can show whether we deserve Paradise or not.


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