Post for Aug 17-23 2014

TaN: It is true, as written in the Holy Scriptures, that there is greater pleasure to be able to serve others as opposed to being served — is it any wonder or surprising?  The feeling of being able to help others is exhilirating and totally different from any sensation — the satisfaction, the elation, the (true) good feeling.

To “serve” is not to be taken literally as to be a slave — although to be a slave to good is entirely different from being a slave to evil — but to be able to make other people’s lives better.  One has to do it (i.e., to do things for other people) to really comprehend and appreciate what true pleasure and joy is.  And it is entirely different from the pseudo feeling when one does not truly help others but have an ulterior motive.  The giving totally of oneself to make those who are in need of our service/s is a sensation beyond description.  Current language is ill-equipped or woefully inadequate to even begin to describe true joy from alrtuistic and/or philanthropic service.

And we know we have finally stumbled unto true happiness if and when we discover that we want to continue doing it.  It is not a one-time deal.  We want to keep on doing it because the joy is all-encompassing and eternal.

One does not get tired, rather one is even energized to continue and to rev up the service/s.  It is as if it has evolved into an “addiction” or an “obsession”.  It is unparalleled.

TaN: The ever-increasing number of people getting sick — of both traditional and lifestyle diseases — is clear, undeniable, and irrefutable evidence or proof not only of the failure of our (conventional allopathic-based) healthcare system (composed of the pharmaceuticals companies, hospitals and medical facilities, healthcare professionals like doctors, and other support and related services) but gives testament to the highly influential success of business advertising and marketing campaigns and abetted by mainstream mass media (like broadcast and print) and telecommunications (like the Internet).

It is both frustratingly confusing and insanely illogical that majority of people readily accept what is being shoved at their faces as health and nutritional information — today known as infomercial — by mainstream mass media and conventional healthcare professionals (mostly physicians and other members of the upper echelon of the medical field) who act and serve as the propagandists of Big Pharma with nary a question or hesitation.

It is really amazing that so many are (so) blind to evidences that are as bright (and as blatant) as day if we only give greater concern to what is happening in our surroundings instead of entrusting our very well-being to those who have everything to gain from our misplaced trust that they will work for our benefit and interest (all the while) under the employ of for-profit pharmaceutical companies whose business relies on people being sick in order to be financially viable and turning profits.

Logic dictates that if our present healthcare system is working, even with the population increasing, there should be less and less people getting sick and less and less diseases appearing.  Instead, there is an apparent explosion of (never-before-encountered) diseases as well as a host of manmade ones, plus legions of people – even health fanatics – who are not only not getting well but are deteriorating.

The catch phrase of today’s diseases is “there is no cure, only maintenance treatments and protocols”.  It is mind-boggling that so many believe in such rubbish.  Do you mean to tell me that with all the brilliant minds that we have and with all that explosion of knowledge being share in cyber space, no one is able to find a cure?  Or, is it because it is more profitable — due to repeat business — to have people rely on maintenance medication for the rest of their lives than to find a cure?

It is truly incredible people can be so trusting — read:: gullible — to the point of being a danger to themselves.  Truly, if you believe in such inane and idiotic pronouncements by and from people who stand to gain from your misery, trust (because you are too lazy to think for yourself), and stupidity, you deserve to be miserable and suffer and be taken advantaged of.

TaN: Truth are of two types: irrefutable (or absolute) and refutable (or relative).  Refutable or relative truth is different from facts.

Absolute truth is undeniable truth; truth that cannot be disproven — e.g., we were born and we will die.  No one can contest or say otherwise that they were not born or they will not die.  These truths are absolute because they are universal and will always be true.

Relative truth is truth originating from man’s limitations — e.g., the deepest part of the ocean floor is the Marianas Trench and there are five fingers in each normal human hand.  These truths are true for most people because we do not know any better or anything to the contrary.  However, it is possible that there may be other portions of the ocean floor that may be deeper than the Marianas Trench but we still have not discovered it.  Therefore, this truth is not an untruth because we do not know any better, but once we find a deeper part we must correct outselves else we are now (intentionally) untruthful.

The same is true for the five fingers example.  Most people are not aware that a normal human hand has only four fingers (and a thumb).  It is not common knowledge that for a digit to be called or categorized as a finger, it must have two joints (or bend at two points).  A thumb is when there is but one joint.  [Btw, what a normal human hand has five of are digits.]

These are relative truths because of our limitations.  We do not know any better so we (tend) to assert something is true even though it is not.  It is truth — to the best of our knowledge, but our knowledge is not absolute and total.

As for “facts”, these are temporary truths.  They are actually pseudo truths — i.e., they are not truths in essence but they are true.  A fact may be considered a momentary or situational truth.  It is true for as long as the conditions and circumstances remain the same or constant.  Once something changes, it may no longer be true — e.g., I am not hungry and I have two hands.  The moment my bodies’ nutrient requirements drop below a certain level or quantity, it signals me by triggering a hunger status.  At that moment, I am not not hungry anymore and the truthfulness of the statement ends or changes.  As to my having two hands, it is quite possible that, sometime in the future, I may lose one or both hands like, say, lost in battle or had to be amputated due to a severe infection or gangrene.

It is important to have a clear comprehension of these differences because people tend to confuse and interchange their usage, and this can potentially lead to many complications and misunderstandings.  It is vital that we use terms that we have a clear understanding of.  Of course, the exception would be idiomatic expressions — because they are used in instances where it may not adhere to their definitions — but this is a completely different story.

TaN: As we live out our lives in this world and pursue our dreams, ambitions, pleasures, and indulgences, let us remember that the world already has a lot of problems…let us not add to it.  Let us be part of the solution and not the problem, for if you are not part of the solution, you are definitely part of the problem.

There is no middle or neutral ground.  One cannot be a fence-sitter in this world.  You are either for or against.  This is the way the world is.  Nobody gets by without taking sides.  If one is not expressly for something, one is assumed to be tacitly or implicitly against — and vice versa.

So, choose your side and choose well.

TaN: Natural medicine may be complementary medicine but never alternative medicine.  The description itself “natural” testifies that it is prior to any other type of medical practice developed by man.  Moreover, conventional or mainstream medicine — the contemporary or prevailing type of medicine — goes by other names, such as “heroic” medicine and allopathy or allopathic medicine.

Conventional medicine is known as “heroic” medicine because, in its infancy, its role was to apply emergency medicine.  This means that its procedures are designed to address immediate and emergency measures like surgical procedures to stitch large wounds or removal of arrows, spears, bullets which is impractical with natural medicine.

As to allopathic medicine, the term “allopathy” comes from two Latin words where the first, “allos” means “other or alternative”.  There alone is evidence that conventional medicine is the alternative medicine — it replaced its predecessor.  Allopathic medicine originally was intended to complement natural medicine in areas where the latter is not applicable, but somewhere, somehow, the former just completely took over and edged out its “competition”.

In fact, allopathic medicine even hijacked the role of pharmacy and took over the responsibility of writing prescriptions.  [Originally, physicians — from the root “physics” — were trained in biomechanics and biophysics.  They are experts in how the body works, how the different organs and systems work together and interact, and what symptoms are exhibited or manifested by specific malfunctions and abnormalities arising from physiological and biochemical origins.]  Physicians — notice I refrained from using the term “doctor” because means “to teach”, from the Latin word “docere” — used to make the diagnosis and write it down, then the patient brings it to the pharmacist who is versed in how to resolve the diagnosis.  Today, a pharmacist has been reduced to a glorified medical clerk who fetches whatever pharmaceutical concoction has been scribbled on the piece of paper physicians call a prescription.  How humiliating for someone who spent 4 years studying and getting a license after passig a board examination.


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