Post for Sep 7-Sep 13 2014

TaN: [last-minute insertions or addenda]: (1) It would appear, assuming that former USA President George “Dubya” Bush, Jr was accurate with his “Mission Accomplished” boast, that Mr Obama has bungled the whole deal and opened up healing wounds with his latest move in authorizing a resurgence in war activities in Iraq (and Syria) and (2) So, it is now clear that rumors and speculations were right all along, now that Mr Aquino is seeking emergency powers after denying it ad nauseum and that continue to cuddle and humor a blatantly incompetent and inutile Energy Secretary after wasting and sitting on his ass for four years and waited until there is not enough time anymore to address the looming power crisis.

(1) Congratulations to the global influence-peddlers and powers-that-be for successfully enriching themselves through their Presidential Stooge by sowing conflict, confusion, secrecy throughout the world: Oil companies, military and security contractors, ams and weapons manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, biotechnology, banking and fund managers, agribusiness, infratsucture contractors, healthcare providers, etc.  Without the never-ending “war on terrorism”, oil would flow consistently, munitions, ordnance and war crafts would not be needed (and used), there would be (almost) no conflict refugees, enough lands to be planted for food, no fear of contamination or being overrun by “super bugs”, “super weeds” and “franken foods”, among others.  It is true that there will still be others just as bad or worse but at tleast these mentioned would not be existing.

(2) It is or should be expected that when the administration denies the obvious, it is only a matter of time that the denial become undeniable.  Sure, they will change the nomenclature but it will still be the “same dog, only a different collar”.

TaN: The lawmaker should never (directly and immediately, or even down the road) benefit from any legislation s/he authored, co-authored, endorsed, or otherwise is somehow involved in its crafting and/or passage.  This would have a significant credibility issue on the sincerity and trustworthiness of the incumbent lawmaker (or the President, should the law happen to be one concerning anything that benefits him).

And somewhat related to benefiting from (one’s own) legislation is amending the Fudamental Law and probably the most (in)famous and closely guarded issue when it comes to Charter amendment is term extension and/or term limitation.  Changes to the term in office never fails to be brought up whenever the topic or “spectre” of Constitutional tinkering rears its head.

Although simple delicadeza is all it takes to counter any attempt to modify the Constitution to serve one’s selfish and personal agenda, most of our elected public officials do not seem to know or understand the meaning of the term nor have any compunction to tailor the Basic Law to suit one’s purpose.  But I doubt if they do not know or understand the term; it is more that they pretend not to understand.  It is therefore vital that every individual be eternally vigilant and always be at the ready to actively show one’s sentiment on the matter and be prepared to go to any lengths to obfuscate any and all attempts to manipulate the Charter.

Hopefully, as a final word on term extension or term limit alteration, it should not sit well with the voter to have an elected public official who does not know how to keep his/her word, his/her covenant, his/her vow when s/he was sworn into office — that s/he will serve only for such and such a fixed duration in office.  Even if there is a clamor for an extension or re-election, it is self-serving and does not bode well with the public that one goes back on one’s word of honor.  The will of the people does not and will never justify an elected public official’s excuse to remain in office.

In conclusion, the latest issue in the Philippines regarding the so-called “what the bosses want” with respect to the approaching end the term of office of the President is just a sly and devious trick of those in power and positions of influence who want to continue to enjoy their “perks and benefits”.  The original plan was to stay in power by annointing a successor whom the people are expected to vote into office but repeated surveys show that it will not be so.  So, as an alternative to stay in power, the schemers dreamt up this plan to make it appear that there is a public clamor from the people for the President to stay longer in order that the (so-called) reforms and good works will remain and continue and thwart any possibility that the undesired leader in the public surveys will not come into power.

TaN: Prevention “is” cure — i.e., true prevention.  When we consider that a prevention is supposed to be a way in which a disease is “neutralized”, this implies that the prevention is of a “curative” nature (i.e., the disease has been pre-empted or prevented).

However, it does seem to be so.  Conventional protocols of prevention provide a false and fraudulent sense of assurance.  Patients and even healthcare professionals are hoodwinked into believing the protocols are effective when in fact they merely mask the symptoms.  It creates an illusion that the disease is being addressed but it is all but a big hoax.

In other words, even the so-called prevention is but a sham to increase profits.  Imagine if profits do not come only from the sale of “cures” but even from before the onset of a disease.  By inculcating into the mindset of a trusting public that it is more prudent to pre-empt the disease, one will be spared the misfortune of contracting the disease — as if getting the disease is a certainty.  It is exactly what Big Pharma was able to get a famous (but sadly unthinking) actress of the United States of America to have a double mastectomy to head off any possibility of developing breast cancer — and she was subsequently exploited to serve as some sort of a poster girl for the breast cancer campaign in the hope that more likewise unthinking women will obediently and blindly follow suit.  After all, if there are no breasts, how can breast cancer develop, right?  Never once did it ever occurred to the actress that she may not develop breast cancer even without the mastecttomy.  As if I will cut off my thumb because sometime in the future, I may accidentally hit it with a hammer when I am trying to put up a picture on my wall — as if it is a certainty that I will hit my thumb with the hammer so cutting off my thumb ensures I will never hit it.

In the end, prevention in the conventional and mainstream sense is not truly prevention because there are numerous incidents and accounts where people still develop the disease or medical malady despite being vaccination (as a way of prevention or pre-emption) — if you will just do a little research on the Internet on your own and not rely on other people to do it for you.  In fact, there are cases where only those vaccinated are the ones who developed the disease/s insteaad of the unvaccinated — try (among the latest): and and; and, from Dr Mercola’s web site: and for starters.

TaN: “Take up your cross; come and follow me.”  This statement is full of meaning but has only one interpretation.  To interpret is any other way is to twist and malign the words of Jesus Christ — and you are going to regret it.

In this statement, “cross” refers to your individual duties and responsibilities, your obligations, your assigned purpose for being in this world.  This is our burden that we have to carry.  Each of us has been endowed with unique talents and skills and have been given an assignment — a task to be accomplished using those talents and skills as tools and implements in the achievement of what has been tasked to us.

As for “follow me”, it refers to adjusting and adapting your God-given talents and skills in order to ensure the success of the task assigned us.  Jesus Christ came down to show us the manner — hence, I am the Light, the Truth, and the Way.  None comes to the Father but by Me.  His being the Light means He will make things clear to us so as to understand and comprehend what needs to be done and what is expected of us.  His being the Truth means the standards by which we are to accomplish our purpose and in which we shall be judged.  And, His being the Way means He gave us the examples on how things are expected to be done to further ensure that we will not mis-understand His teachings and how to go about doing what is expected of us.

The uniqueness of each situation arising in our lives can be addressed using the gifts given us and our intellect (reinforced and guided by His teachings, admonitions, and examples) enables us to adapt to the circumstances of the moment so that what needs to be done can still be done and in the manner that is approved by the Father.

TaN: Being wrong is not bad — persisting or insisting on being or staying wrong is.  Since no man is perfect, it is but expected that every now and then we will err or be wrong.  However, many fail to see or understand that being wrong is not bad — by virtue of it being a natural act — and instead should see or consider it as an opportunity.  Like the popular belief that the word for “crisis” in Chinese is the same word for “opportunity”, so is being wrong an opportunity to correct the mistake and learn from it in order to improve ourselves.  Being wrong is a natural way for us to become better than before, a chance to progress.

However, to insist or persist in our wrongness is when it becomes evil.  It is tantamount to being defiant and stubborn and to deliberately twist and maliciously impose one’s wrongess as being righteous.  This is evil.  This is when being wrong is evil — just as being poor is not wrong but to insist and persist in remaining poor is.


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