Post for Sep 28-Oct 4 2014

TaN: As the conflict between Obama (and his allies, but not necessarily that of the USA) intensifies, it has now spread to nationals/citizens of other allies in the “coalition”.  The latest as of September 24 (2014) is a threat to behead a French hostage.

This is precisely what I mentioned earlier that a violent response will only lead to more violence — “An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth” only leaves people blind and toothless.  Furthermore, it would appear that ISIS is neither intimidated nor dissuaded from continuing their pursuit of taking hostages and beheading them.  In fact, it would be very embarrassing for Obama (and his allies, in and out of the coalition) if, despite throwing everything (including the kitchen sink) at ISIS and they not only continue to take whatever is thrown at them but even flourish and come back with “counter punches” to make Obama look inadequate.

One has to be very dense not to realize ISIS has no intention of relenting nor being derailed from its objectives — and human lives are of little consequence, especially considering that they are ready to be suicide bombers and that those not of their (specific sect or faction) of Islam are considered infidels or unworthy and therefore are dispensable.  It is laughable and stupid to think that threatening and even actually inflicting violence and even death on someone who is ready to die will achieve anything.  It is foolish to threaten someone who is prepared to die — he has nothing to lose.

The better strategy would be to threaten what is precious to the target — what will hurt the most, what s/he values most.  It is a waste of time — not to mention lives and effort and resources — to threaten something deemed not worth anything.  But when one is “drunk with power” — or as the saying goes, Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely — sensibilities go out the window, unless of course there is another agenda that no one else knows about, in which case then bombing ISIS is the most logical solution.

TaN: It is very interesting and oxymoronic to note that many restricted installations (in the United States of America) have a sign that, aside from announcing or identifying itself — like North American Defense Command — the sign also contains the word “Welcome”.  Isn’t it self-contradicting to have a facility that is supposed to be restricted (to authorized personnel only, i.e., exclusive) but would be “welcoming”, unless the welcome is meant or intended only for those who are authorized or have business to gain access to the facility.

TaN: Still on n the topic of the 3Rs, my mother — she will be 90 next year but still very much able — along with my godmother (who passed on some years back) have an interesting and ingenious way of applying the 3Rs out of the box.  Since the game involves money and there will be winners and losers, it is not surprising that perhaps (once in a while) there may be envy or bad feelings, especially towards the one who frequently win.

For my mom’s group, they would play mahjong all day, enjoying themselves while keeping their mental faculties at peak performance, and, as they adjourn for the next session, in order that they will always be in good terms, they would decide to pool all the money in the pot and go to a particular restaurant and have a good time.  This way, everybody enjoys and the winners and losers are only so in name.  No one feels bad that they parted losing money.  This is their way of “re-using” the money they used in playing into money they use to dine out — at the same time, reinforcing their group bond.

TaN: Deficiency in (electrical) power generated will be a perennial and perpetual problem or issue — unless and until we learn to live within our limits (i.e., sustainably, in the true sense of the word).  Many mistake the meaning of sustainable as just being practicing (mostly the Recycle and Re-use of) the 3Rs, forgetting the most important “R” is Reduce.

Recycling and re-using do not really address but merely mitigate the effects of consumerism.  Whatever trash or garbage generated by manufacturers will not be lessened because environmental and sustainable-development groups only encourage either finding new or repeat use/s of discards instead of finding ways decreasing consumption.  For instance, in the case of a short errand just around the corner, instead of shifting from fossil fuel vehicles to electric cars, it is better to shift to bicycles because the electric car will still have to be charged (from time to time) and where do you think the power from the charging station will be generated from (if not from burning fossil fuel).

In this light, despite development of energy-efficient appliances and devices, without a conscious effort to reduce consumption, power consumption still increase because of the notion that since power consumption is less, the duration of usage tends to be lengthened which results in greater consumption.  This lends to greater power demand which redounds eventually to a power crisis or shortae if no new power generating facilities are built and added to the grid.  And if this notion persists, power deficiencies will surelly be a perennial and perpetual spectre wiaiting in the wings.

A determined commitment and dedication to reducing consumption is one of the best efforts that will make a significant impact on mitigating the possibility of cyclical power shortages.

TaN: The decision, last week, by Mr Obama to commence air strikes against ISIS — shades of if not the renamed Al Qæda —is precisely what the so-called “Islamic terrorists” want.  He dutifully or gullibly played right into the hands of ISIS.

Do not think for a minute that the beheadings was not a calculated risk.  Do not think that they did not know that Obama will not eventually order air strikes — and drag the rest of the (world) coalition into the quagmire.  ISIS played Obama like a stooge.  They knew that by goading Obama with beheadings, he will be have “no choice” — actually there are other better alternatives but they do not cost as much and/or will not go into the “right” pockets — but to call air strikes.

By pursuing the “fight fire with fire” option, the vicious cycle of never-ending violence and misery is perpetuated.  It escapes me that so few people can connect the dots of the “new world order” (global) map.  But then again, considering that the brains of most people have been chemically lobotomized into (a surreal) stupor — what with the fluoride in the tap water and in toothpaste, with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) that attacks neurons (among others), with neurotoxic chemicals (like thimerasol and aluminun) in vaccines being pushed globally and presented as a humanitarian effort to eradicate and pre-empt diseases, with cytotoxic chemicals from pesticides, herbicides, GMOs and “Franken foods”, with psychotic and mind-altering pharmaceuticals to address imaginary and made-up syndromes and disorders that have no scientific evidence-based proofs and studies whatsoever, and many more — it is not surprising that people mindlessly swallow all the bovine ordure shoved down their throats.

In the meantime, while everyone else is busy being “entertained” or their attention is being diverted, globalists and the powers-that-be furtively and stealthily manipulate policies and orchestrate events — many via binding but unjust and grossly lop-sided — to and in favor of mega transnational corporations and conglomerates and often to the detriment and disadvantage of governments and the population.

Some of the other ongoing efforts in the consolidation of total global domination are: massive personal data mining and collection through government, banks, business transaction documentations and even surreptitiously (like the NSA and GCHQ), proliferation of cctvs and surveillance drones and refinement of spy satellites, “war on terrorism” and other related “war on (something)”, GPS and (covert) Trojans in software applications (for cellular/mobile phones, computers and even household appliances and smart meters) incorporated/integrated into the electronic device’s operating system (OS) that monitor and transmit vital private/personal information and geopositional coordinates to data collection and consolidation servers, data clouds, “militarizing” (local) law enforcement agencies and officials (in anticipation or already being implemented) for crowd control against demonstrations and protest actions against the government and Bi Business, and many more.  All these are part of the global effort of tightening the stranglehold of the globalists and power-elites who seek to control the world — a more nefarious version of George Orwell’s “1984“.

This decision to engage ISIS is just the latest in the series of carefully schemed road map phases towards complete and absolute global domination.  It is part of the military dimension of global control — making sure that all nations and groups of people goose-step to the same beat of world domination.  Any opposition must be dealth with in whatever means necessary or effective — by force, by coercion, by deception, by intimidation, by “herd mentality”, by fearmongering, by legislation and government policy, by one-sided treaties, by mind-altering and -controlling pharma-toxins, by any and all manner imaginable to get things done, no holds barred.

And, as of last weekends update news, Obama appears to have “ratcheted up the pressure on the Islamic State” (read: increased military strikes; “Obama, US lawmakers turn up heat on IS“, WORLD section, The Philippine STAR, September 19, 2014 issue, page A-25), effectively ensuring that intensity of the violence and issue will not only proportionally increase but even spread and disperse the conflict far and wide to “infect” other strategic global “hot spots”.

In turn, the vicious cycle will only increase in severity if this stupid policy of “fighting fire with fire”, “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” policy continues.  As they say, the trouble with “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth” is that it solves and results in nothing except making everyone blind and toothless.

TaN: Relatives are not chosen, you are born with them…but friends are chosen — so choose wisely.  This is very simple but deep.  It means that since we have options as to who will be our friends, who will we take into our confidence, who will we accept into our world, it is vital that we take great care — and if need be, a long enough time period — before we decide who our friends will be.

An error in judgment could mean hurting someone and making an unwanted enemy.  To make matters worse, you may have shared some secrets…secrets that may be damaging when used.  [This is a very good reason and argument against doing things that you may someday regret.  The rule is: If what you are about to do should be kept secret because it is embarrassing or wrong, better not do it all.]

However, the nice thing about friends is that we can change them — just make sure to do it nicely, without hurt feelings and bruised egos.  Unlike relatives which are permanent…unless you consider disowning them, which is messy and “dangerous”.

Finally, in either case, it is best that we treat everyone the same way, regardless of whether friends or relatives.  This way we avoid having two sets of standards — i.e., double standards in treating people.


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