Oct 26-Nov 1 2014

TaN: Advocacies such as the War against Breast Cancer are bottomless pits and donating money to them are epitomes of adages like “Throwing away good money after bad“.  Since the “battle against cancer” because more than 4 decades ago (under the late USA President Richard Milhous Nixon), we have gotten closer to winning the fight versus cancer.  If any change has occurred, it was backward.  There are more and more people with cancer than ever before — both in physical numbers and in proportion of global population.

Not only has cancer spread farther and wider, the types have increased and is still increasing.  Funding cancer research, not just breast cancer, is a losing proposition.  There are better, cheaper, and more effective alternatives but we are just to dumb and gullible to see through the fog.  We keep entrusting our faith in Big Pharma — whose very existence depends on the continued presence of cancer.  As mentioned repeatedly in earlier TaNs, how can one believe in an industry or in people who very source of income and profit is the continued presence of disease and illnesses.  If everybody gets well, they lose.  There is no more repeat business.

Well, as they say, None are as blind as those who refuse to see.

TaN: Is it right (or ethical) for government — tasked to level the playing field so everyone will have equal opportunity and the regulatior of patents — to own patents?  All the while, I had the notion that government is not the business of earning money.  It is the private sector that is supposed to be in the for-profit business.  So what is the USA government — specifically the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) where — according to an article in NaturalNews (titled “Why does the CDC own a patent on Ebola ‘invention?’“, dated August 3, 2014, and authored by Mike Adams; URL: http://naturalnews.com/z046290_Ebola_patent_vaccines_profit_motive.html) — it owns a patent to the Ebola virus (including several variants or nutations).  And, according to the same NaturalNews article, the patent number is “…CA2741523A1 and it was awarded in 2010You can view it here.  (Thanks to Natural News readers who found this and brought it to our attention.).”  The “view it here” link is: http://www.google.com/patents/CA2741523A1?cl=en, unless or until it will be taken offline.

Actually, my opinion is there should be no patents at all.  Patents are a greedy man’s invention, to argue that creativity and innovation should be incentivized with financial gain.  Incentivized creativity and innovation often result in poor creations and defects are prevented from being addressed by others by virtue of the patent.

People should strive to innovate and solve problems with passion and out of the desire to uplift and improve everyone’s lives.  And since we are imperfect so our solutions to problems will always have some kind of flaw and/or will not fit everyone’s needs, everyone and anyone should be given the opportunity and freedom to adapt and make modifications to suit their specific needs.

Patents are especially heinous in the field of health and medicine.  As they say, One must not profit from the miseries of others — and those who do are called COWARDS.  It is absolutely immoral to deprive people of help just because they do not have the financial capacity for it.  Money — or lack of it — should never be the reason behind depriving an individual of much needed assistance or need.

Moreover, there is the principle that nature cannot be patented.  Well, there is not much available that is man-made.  Practically everything is natural — even those we consider man-made.

I am reminded of the story: It is not in the too distant future and man has reached the peak of his talent and genius.  He is now able to do what God did ages ago.  He has even gained immortality and is likewise able to create man from dirt.  One day, the world’s top scientists gathered and decided that man no longer needs God.  A volunteer was selected to approach God and tell Him the (bad) news.  So the selected scientist went to God and said, “God, we thank you for all you have given and done for us.  We have reached the point where we can do what You can do, so we have decided that we do not need You anymore.  We would like to part ways.  No hard feelings?”
God replied, “No hard feelings, but before we finally go our separate ways, let us have one last contest.  We will create man from dirt.”
Since man has been able to create man, the scientists readily accepted the challenge.
God began to gather some dirt and fashioned it into a human form, blew the breath of life into its nostrils and…PRESTO…the dirt became a living man.
Come the scientist’s turn, he began to gather some dirt too, but God stopped him, saying: Just a moment, that dirt is Mine.  Get your own dirt.
The arrogance of man is indeed boundless.

TaN: There is really nothing wrong with homosexuals (as opposed to homosexuality) because — to quote Pope Francis I — “Who am I to judge?” for, in the end, we all have to explain to God all our personal decisions and actions.  It is written that, if we judge others, we run the risk of being judge by the same standards we use on others.

Moreover, it is also said that if we are to judge others, we can only judge their acts — and only as to whether the acts are good or evil and using carefully chosen standards and criteria.  This makes perfect sense since (1) we have no inkling as to what standards and how they will be applied to us on Judgment Day for we are incapable of knowing what goes on in the wisdom of the Almighty (so it is prudent that we make not the slightest attempt) and (2) we have no idea as to how a person will become in the future — for it is written that (in 1 Timothy 6:12, KJV): “Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.”  What is meant here is that the “good fight” is resisting and triumphing over Satan and it can only be achieved upon death — because when we are dead, there is neither evil nor good that we can do anymore and that is the only time we can be judged (in our totality).

It is one thing to be gay and quite another to use it to interact — i.e., deceive, deliberately or otherwise — with others who may not know (and take) your “lifestyle”.

In the case of the USA marine private involved in the death of a Filipino transgender and if I were the soldier looking for a little relaxation, I am okay with transgenders for as long as s/he is honest and up-front with me.  Like most everyone else, I do not like being deceived, being made a fool of, being lied to.  [Note: Lying is not only outright falsehood but withholding portions of the truth is still lying.  There is deception because withholding (especially vital) information implies there is a malicious intent to manipulate others and/or the situation — to one’s advantage.]

Finally, in line with the saying that one cannot legislate morality, it may be constitutional but it is not ethical to enact laws that favor a certain sector of society or exclusive group of individuals.  Such enactments, unaware to most and though brought about by good intentions, are the cause or merely widen the inequality gap, instead of bringing people together.  To cite some concrete examples are laws designed for women (and children) and LGBT and Latinos and people of different faiths.  Laws favoring women are unfair to men; favoring LGBTs are unfair to the straight community; favoring Latinos are unfair to non-Latinos, etc.  Laws are supposed to level the playing field and not create greater and wider gaps among people — and “people” as in every person everywhere…on this planet.

TaN: It is but right and proper for Marc Suselbeck to be charged and tried before being deported and declared as persona non-grata.

Though he arrived in the Philippines with all the proper documentation and is within his rights to travel to another country (and for legitimate purposes — to comiserate with the family and friends of his supposed “transgender” friend), he went beyond his rights when he over-extended his welcome by pariticpating in activities that are clearly illegal (i.e., climbing over the barrier enclosing a restricted area and inside a military installation) and went even further by being discourteous to a uniformed official (by shoving him around).

Even if his excuse is that he is in a highly emotional state and that he is merely trying to obtain some “justice” for the Laude family, the fact remains that he is over-stepping his bounds as a “guest” of the Philippines.  Moreover, being a supposed more “responsible” person — from a country that is known to be such and from a people or culture who are known to be “cold” — he should have exercised more self-restraint.  Finally, he appears to realize his indiscretion and made an attempt to flee the Philippines and the charges filed against him — which belies his acknowledgement of guilt.

The “fence climbing” incident may be waived or forgiven, but the discourtesy shown a person of authority is not.  It is not as if he is immature to have a “legitimate” alibi for his undesirable behavior.  What Suselbeck should do is “man enough” to face the consequences of his actions.

In conclusion, the Philippines — regardless of the fact that there are numerous embarrassing issues concerning it as a nation and its population as a people — nevertheless, deserves to be treated with dignity and no foreigner has the right to trample all over the rights of its citizens.  However “low” other countries regard Filipinos, it does not give them the right to ride roughshod over the former.  Filipinos must show that they still retain their self-respect.

TaN: With all the feverish fervor over the Ebola issue that hospital and healthcare workers are being prepared to handle such cases when the time arrives, one equally important sector is being neglected — the after death service providers.  Everyone is so focused on the health care professionals and workers that we are forgetting what happens when an Ebola patient/victim dies.  How will the body and related materials be handled.  How about the morticians, embalmers, funeral service providers, waste disposal workers (especially those who route include hospitals that handle Ebola cases).

And what about first responders and emergency personnel — like those who arrive on the scene not knowing that there is an Ebola victim/s on the scene.  And how or what about crime scene investigators (CSIs), who may not know that one or more of the victims may be infected with Ebola.  Unlike many others, issues regarding infectious diseases involving microscopic organisms are one of the most confusing and complicated because we are dealing with things that is invisible to the unaided eyes, potentially hazardous, and the majority of the public are ignorant about.

In issues such as these, protocols and preparations must be as thorough as possible because any “hole” or deficiency is potentially deadly.

However, the sad thing is that it is still mostly, if not entirely, motivated and fueled by profit — and ultimately, GREED.  There are many natural and much, much cheaper and (almost) benign ways of addressing the issue effectively yet the public is kept in the dark and are often (deliberately) misled or mis-information.  The Ebola issue is one such case where:
(i) There is now growing confusion as to whether the waiting or incubation period is 21 days, 42 days, or even more;
(ii) There is increasing misconception that the Ebola is rendered harmless or deactivated once the patient is dead — (conveniently) forgetting that warnings of surfaces and objects that have come in contact (physically or otherwise, like vomiting, sneezing, coughing, spitting, etc) with;
(iii) There is information showing that UV (ultraviolet) light can disable or neutralize the Ebola;
(iv) There is information showing that the USA Army has known about Ebola since the 1990s — as evidenced by an incident in the USAMRIID (USA Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases) according to NaturalNews (please refer to: http://naturalnews.com/z047317_Ebola_Reston_airborne_transmission_USAMRIID.html);
(v) There is information showing that the Ebola is patented by the USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — a peculiar situation since this is the first time I have heard of the government owning a patent, because, as far as I can understand, a patent is designed or intended as an incentive for the private sector to be creative and innovative and produce inventions and discoveries that they can profit from and have a reasonable duration for exclusive rights for financial gain, so what is the government doing with a patent?  Is government trying to compete with the private sector?

Finally, it will come as little or no surprise that Big Pharma/Vaccine will “drag its feet” in coming up with a “vaccine” so that there will have been many victims and casualties first.  This is in line with the globalist and NWO (New World Order) agenda of global depopulation.  After an adequate duration has lapsed, a vaccine will miraculously be available and people will have been sufficiently hyped to accept it — without any reliable trials and testings conducted.  The vaccine will be no different from any other vaccines in the past — where they are not only inutile or worthless but will even cause further harm — but governments will (still) stockpile the vaccine, using up much of taxpayers’ money that could have been put to much better use.  The globalists will have “hit two birds with one stone” — reducing global population (even if only a small portion) and gain huge profits.


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