Nov 9-15 2014

[yet another last-minute insertion] TaN: In the Philippines, the Binay probe is coming up with so many interesting developments — the latest of which is the news item entitled “Performance better than debate — UNA” (The Philippine STAR; Nov 13, 2014, by Helen Flores).  If I recall correctly, was not it Mr Binay who challenged Mr Trillanes to a debate?

It is interesting to note that (in the timeline of events): (1) Mr Binay issues a debate challenge to Mr Trillanes; (2) Mr Trillanes accepted the challenge; (3) the media took it upon themselves to make all the preparations — venue and list of topics covered to be approved by both parties; (3) both parties accepted the topics presented; (4) Mr Binay backs out of the challenge; and now, (5) the party to which Mr Binay belongs to and heads reportedly said “Performance is better than having a debate”.

If performing their respective duties is better, then why issue the challenge in the first place?  And why after backing out of a challenge issued by the challenger?  This does not speak well of the challenger.  So many excuses!

For whatever my opinion is worth, I agree that the debate will be a waste of time and effort, because there are many other more important and urgent matters to attend to.  This was my reaction at the onset of issuance of the challenge.  Let the courts handle it and let the people decide.  Enough politicking.  Get to work!  Earn the tax money I am/the people are paying you.

[still another last-minute insertion] TaN: After coming across a video by Mike Adams (please refer to: regarding an insidious scheme in Africa (and who knows where else) to (forcefully but stealthily) implement the global depopulation program, it would appear that there is no stopping the global power elite from pursuing their nefarious agenda.  I will not put it past them to sneakily slip and integrate their evil into otherwise humnitarian efforts to mitigate global human misery.

I would suspect that this would most likely be carried out under the auspices of the UN-WHO in Third World and impoverished countries, especially those who significantly large populations and countries that are deemed to be “uncooperative” with the interests of the global power elite.  It does not surprise me that the vehicle by which the depopulation program is done through vaccination because of its features: (1) compact or portability — vaccines are easy to move around because they are very small, (2) reputation — vaccines are perceived to be beneficial to health, and (3) sophisticated — vaccines are chemicals whose composition cannot be determined unless one has the proper equipment and knowledge.

The coup de grace is to have a global body, such as the United Nations and specifically the agency responsible or tasked to look after the health of all people (World Health Organization or WHO), to “convince” governments to impose vaccination on their populations — and earn a tidy profit along the way.  It must be remembered that when the WHO declared a global pandemic of the “notorious” H1N1, it was discovered and revealed that a large majority of the panel of experts who decided on the issuance and declared the pandemic to have financial interests in the vaccine manufacturers who will supply the vaccine.  ‘Nuff said.

In the United States of America, it is even better because vaccine manufacturers are (1) not required to have their vaccines undergo safety and effectivity trials and (2) there is a law that absolves vaccine manufacturers from all liabilities should there be adverse reactions and even death resulting from the vaccine/s — how can it get any better than this.

[another last-minute insertion] TaN: The first anniversary of the tragic Super Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda onslaught in the Central Visayas (Tacloban) of the Philippines is embarrassing, infuriating, and sad.  Embarrassing because not much improvement can be seen despite the massive influx of aid and assistance from foreign countries and civic organizations.  Infuriating because, at a time when there is so much devastation and misery and so much needs to be done, government bureaucracy, self-interest politics, and corruption are still rampant.  And, sad because so much undeserved and unnecessary suffering is still prevalent and lessons still does not seem to have been learned.

Reportage appears to be one-sided, with some (print) media only showing the efforts being done while other (broadcast) media only featuring grievances and complaints of the common people.  For once, I would like to see both sides presented in the same written article or telecast — i.e., present what and how it was and the aftermath, what has been done, and what still needs to be done.  I would be nice to put all the self-interest politics aside; let it rest; this is not the time for advancing self-interests and taking advantage of “opportunities”.  Let us not advance one side at the expense of another.  Forget about personal gain.  Remember, we will have to account for all our decisions and actions in the end.

I understand that government is slow because they have to account for how the people’s money is being spent — especially with the Janet Lim-Napoles pork barrel fund scam and the Jejomar Binay probe and the upcoming Franklin Drilon Iloilo Convention Center issue in the wings.  Government can ill-afford another scandal.

It is unfair to compare government response with those of charitable organizations because funding from the latter are voluntary while those of the former are obligatory — taxes are taken from the people and not voluntarily and freely donated to government.

Nevertheless, I would expect government to have given greater priority to the Haiyan/Yolanda issue, like appointing the overall head (in this case Panfilo Lacson) sooner and giving the order for maximum cooperation from needed government agencies, like the DSWD, DPWH, Housing Authority, and military.

Finally, I cannot really put the blame on the government — even though it is the government’s job — as information on what is actually going on is scant.  And, like what Mr Aquino appears to be alluding to and what Abraham Lincoln was purportedly to have said, One does not have the right to criticize if one has no intentions of helping.  To add to it, If you cannot offer a solution to the problem, shut up.

TaN: It looks like the truth has caught up with mainstream media — who have (until election day) been faithfully and religiously propagandizing for Mr Obama.  The “rose garden” world Mr Obama surrounds himself with has been shattered with the reality of the election results but it appears that he is determined to continue with his denial by justifying and explaining away the blatant but embarrassing “slap in the face” upsets in the hotly contested mid-term polls — that (almost) nobody believes in his rhetorics anymore.  He has been “rebuked” for the glib and smooth talker that he is — full of empty promises and hollow pronouncements.

It looks like it is just a matter of waiting for the house of cards to come crashing down but, in the meantime, it is frustrating to watch many people still patronizing the deception.  And, I am sure that there will be new fabrications to explain away the defeat.  Denial, pretense, and rhetorics will continue, even if to just convince themselves people still believe in them.  But I can wait and, while waiting, I will be preparing.

TaN: It used to be that fashion follows function; now iit is the other way around.  It is so evident and ubiquitous that one cannot help but notice it — unless one either does not what to look for, has already gotten so used to it that one is numb, or do not care (anymore).  This reverse or contradictory principle is predominant in consumer products flooding the market/s today — from useless narcissistic and self-interest cosmetic and (superfiicial) beauty products, junk and disease-causing (so-called) foods, and even to essential things such as cars and homesteads (where much of the so-called “blings and whistles” are non-essential and have nothing to do with the purpose, design or intention).

When function follows fashion, there will always be compromises, improperly functionalities, and discrepancies.  Moreover, putting fashion ahead of function usually have the profit motive behind it and not the welfare and benefit of others.  The latter is merely secondary — at best.  And, aside from putting people at a lower priority, another casualty is the environment.

A good example of fashion following function is the replacement of modern Western (residential) architecture for the traditional in the Philippines.  In the “old” architecture, houses were elevated (i.e., built on stilts) above the ground, with some sort of an open basement.  This design provides many advantages over the current direct-on-the-ground design.

Since the flooring is elevated, it is not prone to flooding — unless the flood is high.  It is also less prone to termites because there is nowhere they can gain access, except via the posts — unlike houses today with all the walls and the flooring touching the ground.  Other pests, like rodents, can easily be deterred by installing “rat guards” — downward cones or skirts around the posts to present a barrier.  And even if the posts are timber, termites can be held at bay by putting all posts atop flat rocks.  The termites must come out from the ground and contruct mud tunnels to gain access to the posts, but this will give them away and it is but a matter of destroying the access tunnels every time they try to get to the posts.  In addition, planting turmeric around the posts deter termites.

The roofing is multi-layered long grass or fronds which provide both a shield against sun and rain but lets warm air from within seep out.  The gaps between the leaves/fronds act as insulation, much like bird down feathers and the shorter mammalian fur.  The downside of having insects in between the leaves/fronds is a small price to pay, compared to the metal roofing that provides little insulation against temperature changes.

And, if cared for properly and maintained well, even grass or nipa huts can last decades and can withstand most extreme weather.  The hut itself blends well with the surroundings.

Today, most of what we have is designed with fashion in mind first then finding a purpose for it.

TaN: Advocates of depopulation — and even population control and its many guises (like dubious planned parenthood and deceptive responsible parenthood) — should be the first (to volunteer) to undergo depopulation.  Give up your children — no matter what age — or do not have children.  In addition, start with themselves.  They should be the first to “disappear”.

It is hypocritical to push for depopulation, under the argument that there is too many people already, when (1) a United Nations report — I heard some years ago — said this planet has enough resources for a human population size of 16 BILLION easy and (2) the depopulation advocates would be “singing a different tune” if they were the ones being “depopulated”.

Another thing is the adage, Be careful what you wish for…you might just get it.  Like what is happening in some countries when the government instituted zero population growth, it came to the point where the natural population ratio according to age groups is upset and came dangerously close to collapsing because there is not enough younger generations to support the older ones.

Likewise as mentioned and a rejoinder to past related TaNs, depopulation — no matter or regardless of what the intention is, how “noble” or convincing the argument is or whatever reason imagined (like to lessen the incidence of poverty) — is plain murder and in the first degree (because it is premeditated).  It does not even qualify as euthanasia.  It is genocidal murder.  This depopulation scheme puts Hitler and eugenics to shame.

As they say, there are always (at least) two solutions to the same problem — yours and the correct solution.  If the whole purpose of depopulation is to mitigate, if not totally eradicate, poverty, it is the wrong way.

As it is, instead of poverty as the end-target, depopulation is becoming the final objective.  What I mean is that depopulation is just a means to an end — which is to address poverty.  However, somehow the original objective to mitigate, if not altogether eradicate, poverty via responsible parenthood or planned family was diverted to depopulation.

Planned or responsble parenthood is entirely different from depopulation.  The former is preventive or before the fact while the latter is curative or after the fact.  It means that, although both are wrong or evil, the former interferes with the natural process of procreation (preventing life from forming), whereas the latter implies outright culling — like animals — of people who are already alive.

TaN: Modern conventional allopathic medicine would have (most) people illogically and idiotically believe — absolutely with nary a basis or supported by pseudoscience — that all bacteria and viruses are harmful and should be eradicated.  It would not sound ridiculous until you realize that there are gazillions of bacteria and viruses all around all the time and you are not getting sick, much less dying.

In truth, the proportion or ratio of actual harmful — the more appropriate and apt term would be: non-beneficial — bacteria and viruses number (approximately) one percent.  Moreover, recent scientific declarations say that each one of us have an average of two to three kilograms of bacteria in our body and is has been said that there are more (types of) bacteria and viruses in our body than we have cells.  How is that for paranoia?

The larger population of beneficial bacteria is one of the principal factors that keeps the non-beneficial bacteria population in check.  They say that the advantage of non-beneficial bacteria is their faster rate of reproduction.  And this latter fact is one important reason why it is deleterious and foolish to use bactericides that indiscriminately eliminate both beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria — when you kill all the bacteria, they will always repopulate and, since the non-beneficial ones multiply faster, the ratio of non-beneficial to beneficial will be much larger.  And the other reason is bactericidal chemicals frequently cause mutations which may result in “superbugs” — which are now becoming more and more common today.  These two facts — the population ratio and speed of reproduction — make up the natural and proper equilibrium of things.

We must admit that there is a lot we do not know about bacteria despite what contemporary science says.  Every now and then we get reports of new information and insights that seem to contradict current beliefs and knowledge.  And then there are the conflicting “Germ Theory” (of Louis Pasteur) and “Pleomorphic Theory” (of archrival Antione Bechamp) where Big Pharma is still dominating the (global) cover-up despite the (death-bed) confession and revelation from the unsealing of Pasteur’s notes after 50 years of being locked — please refer to:

Moreover, what contemporary science knows and shares is becoming more and more suspicious if and when we get it indirectly from Big Business and even scientists and researchers who do not give full disclosure of/on their source of funding as well as conflicts of interest when they have vested interests like stock options and investments.  As has repeatedly been mentioned in earlier TaNs, business does and should not mix with science and academe.  When it does, conflicts of interest arise and taints the honesty, sincerity and integrity of the findings.

In this light, the continued push by Big Business in persuading academic institutions and schools into establishing and asserting intellectual property rights (IPRs) on research findings and technological innovations by dangling protits and money before them are compromising the integrity and reliability of whatever has been produced.  With vested interests, when unfavorable findings and results occur, there is now doubt as to whether the findings and products are truly beneficial or have been manipulated and “massaged” so as to produce favorable findings and results so that profits and vested interests will not be compromised.

Finally, as likewise have been repeated ad nauseum in previous TaNs, it does not make sense — in any manner or logical argument — that an industry (like Big Pharma) and profit-motivated health care professionals (like allopathic medicine) who derive their revenues and profit from the continued existence and even proliferation of disease and ailments would truly work for the eradication and complete elimination (and not just mitigation) of the latter.  Come on, who are we trying to kid?  What do you take me for?  How dare you add insult to injury — when you violate the most sacred principle of the Hippocratic Oath (you took), which is to: First, do no harm.

TaN: Pre-emption is only justified and moral when it is to address an impending but certain uncontrollable event — like a pre-emptive evacuation from an impending volcanic eruption or a storm and a pre-emptive arrest of a suicide bomber but not pre-emptive vaccination against childhood diseases.  Like many concepts, people with malicious intents frequently and hidden agenda use pre-emption to justify an immoral, unethical, or otherwise illegal behavior or decision that masks an evil and nefarious intention.  Unfortunately, pre-emption, like many other concepts that have profit potentials, have been “hijacked” by Big Business for its self-serving purpose.

A case in point is the use of vaccines to pre-empt childhood diseases — which is not only detrimental to children but outright very profitable.  There is a reason why there are childhood diseases.  These diseases come at a specific window of time in a person’s life for a vey specific and important purpose.  They are “timed by nature” to coincide with the “expiration” of the acquired immunity derived from breast milk (that the mother provides) to “train and prepare” the child’s own immune system against forces that may be harmful and lethal.

But the introduction of vaccine — which has already been admitted supposedly by no less than the late Louis Pasteur (father of vaccination, among other titles) and proven to be not only a scam but a deadly one and supported when his notes were “unlocked” at his 50th death anniversary a couple of years ago during his death-bed confession (please refer to: — has caused tremendous much pain and misery on the population but obscene profits to Big Pharma, especially to vaccine manufacturers.  Moreover, aside from the suffering, vaccines are designed to bypass all the natural defenses of the body (skin, mucous, digestive system, etc), go directly to the bloodstream and into the body effectively rendering them inutile.  To make matters worse and as if it was not bad enough, the vaccines are not single shots but combinations or multiple shots and delivered or scheduled at a time in a child’s life when his/her body is still not ready.  This is somewhat equivalent to knocking a child down just when s/he is learning how to stand.

This vaccine pre-emption does not make sense and harmful is so many ways.  For one, it does not permit the body’s natural (immune) defenses to do their job — the skin to block initial entry, the mucous to trap and disable airborne entries, the immune system to use existing antibodies to try and neutralize successful entrants, etc.  Remembering that nature discontinues anything that is seen as “useless”, the antibodies will soon be “phased out” since they no longer have any function — like when you live in a dark cave long enough, you will lose your eyesight.

Another way is introduces pathogens when the body’s immune system is not yet ready.  I suspect that the vaccine manufacturers and their shills and spin meisters (i.e., paid advocates) realize that when the vaccination is done at an early enough stage in a child’s life when the immunity from mother’s milk is still active and effective, they can claim that their vaccination is successful (i.e., the child does not develop adverse reactions) because the breast milk immunity is still functional.

Still another is (and to matters worse), the vaccines are loaded with all sorts of toxins and bad stuff that hinders or even deactivates the child’s immune response — like thimerosal (which is a mercury-based preservative and there are no minimum safe levels of exposure), formaldehyde (which is an embalming substance), and MSG (which is a deadly neuro-excitotoxin and is also known by many other aliases, used by processed food manufacturers to hide it from the consumers who have, over the years, grown to be wary and evasive whenever “MSG” appears in the list of ingredients); refer to:

Another is the eternal global war on terrorism which the USA maintains to ensure a steady flow of huge profits for the military-industrial complex (along with many of its associates, cronies, and allied beneficiaries).  The argument of pre-empting the further spread of terrorism by “misguided and malevolent” individuals and forces flies in the recent revelation by Alex Jones, in his regular internet radio program (please refer to the Ocotber 6, 2014 airing in, claiming that there is evidence showing that the USA is behind the funding of Al Qæda, which “evolved” into ISIS and is now being referred to as ISIL (supposedly) to confuse the public.

This whole concept of “bringing the fight to the enemy” — before the fight is brought to you — is merely a ruse to make (the majority of) the world think and believe that the USA is the leader and at the forefront of the fight to bring justice and democracy to the world.  In truth, if we take off our blinders, we quickly realize that it is all a ploy to perpetuate chaos and strife (and misery) because they bring huge profits.  As mentioned in earlier blogs, there is no profit to be gained in peace, transparency, honesty, harmony, goodness, amity, etc — at least not as much as greed wants.  And profit cannot be had quickly enough if we wait patiently for chaos and conflict to erupt so we must “coax” it along with a little bit of pre-emption.

The greater majority of people can be so easily duped and this is primarily because of greed and the sin of not using the God-given gift of common sense.

TaN: Truly, fear, conflict, and crowd behavior manipulation are working wonders for the global power elite.  ISIS is making the military-industrial complex uber rich through the fear of terroristic acts; fear of (allegedly incurable) disease — like Ebola and lifestyle diseases — are making Big Pharma and Big Vaccine and Big Biotech filthy wealthy; and, fear of being regarded as outdated, not with the times, old-fashioned, not tech-savvy, or some other cockameme label is keeping Big Tech awashed in money..

Today, fear is what is keeping Big Business rolling in profits.  No (big) money is made without some kind of fear — fear of aging, of being left out, of not knowing the latest (worthless, inane, shallow, infantile) event or thing in the market or gossip, of being not dark or white enough, of not smelling (artificially) nice, of being ignored or unpopular, and many more.  These fears are what Big Business are instilling in people so they can be manipulated into buying inconsequential products full of toxic substances and made in the most environmentally unsustainable process and from the blood, sweat, and tears of the toiling and marginalized masses in some poverty-stricken country.

And it is now going high-tech where social media is being exploited to determine and fine-tune just exactly how people can be manipulated towards a particular desired behavior — remember the recent revelation concerning Facebook and social experimentation (please refer to:, dated July 8, 2014, and, dated the next day).

This was preceded by an earlier attempt where department stores utilize their mannequins as trackers of shoppers buying habits and decision-making behavior — equipping surveillance cameras in the eyes.  Though one is in a supposed public place, this does not negate or extinguish one’s rights to privacy and against scrutiny.  Even being inside the premises of department stores — not a public but a private place — does not excuse or endow management with the right to watch our every move as we shop.  This is using our habits and behavior “against” us — under the guise or excuse of trying to provide customers “better service” but in truth for the purpose of boosting or ensuring sales and profits.  If they want to “serve us better” listen and take what we put in their suggestion boxes seriously.

Evolution of marketing campaigns and advertisements went from simply addressing and satisfying the needs of consumers to influencing and manipulating consumer behavior and capitalizing on the latters’ weaknesses and turn these against them.  For (Big) Business today, do whatever it takes to make a sale — ethics be damned.  And, constant bombardment with fear, conflict, and crowd behavior manipulation guarantees obscene profits (but only) to those belonging to the exclusive elite club that have cornered the profits.


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