Post for Dec 21-27 2014

[still another last-minute insertion] TaN: Television commercial advertisements that keep being repeated more than once within a program is not only irritating but lame, pitiful, and so badly in need of self-esteem.

If the product is any good at all, one advertisement per program is more than sufficient.  So far, the sorriest of the television commercial I have seen is the one of Pond’s coffee-infused facial wash for men — and I feel for the male endorser.  The male endorser must be so desparate that he would agree to such trashy and inferior work.

It is really, really so void of any iota of value and power of persuasion that Pond’s had to resort to irritating repetition in the hopes of making a sale.

And while we are on the subject of annoying and insulting television commercial advertisements, I have made it a point to ignore any and all such advertisements that are so pitifully aggressive and the program and television stations/channels that carry them.  You should too, to send a clear message to the greedy companies and their embicilic advertisements.

[another last-minute insertion] TaN: Based on what can be gleaned from news articles, the delay in the issue of the controversial “kubols” in the National Bilibid Prison by the Justice Department is a blatant lame excuse due to lack of facilities and other what-not protocols is an insult to the intelligence of the reading public.

The “kubols”, as I understand it, are all situated within the premises (and therefore well within its jurisdiction) of the NBP (National Bilibid Prison), so I cannot comprehend the lame excuse of not being able to “raid” all of the facilities and why the continued delay.

This is a clear case of prejudicial delatory tactics probably to provide certain preferred “clients” enough time to “clean up” before conducting the “raid”.

I wish the public will get more respect from the Justice Department than the current bovine ordure being passed as protocol and procedures.

[last-minute insertion] TaN: Christmas is no longer about Jesus Christ than about Santa Claus — even if it is a mere invention of Catholics, commercialism and consumerism apparently has overwhelmingly taken over whatever remaining vestiges of sacredness and solemnity of the original occassion.  Moreover, if one does some research into the origins of Christmas, it would appear that December 25 (in the Julian Calendar) is the winter solstice and the date is dedicated to the “sun god Saturnalia” by pagan Romans.  This would, therefore, make Christmas a mere copycat, a wannabe feast day, a second-rate occassion trying desparately to squeeze into the calendar who cannot even “afford” a date of its own.

At any rate, it would be nice, as the campaign that started a few years back and sounding somewhat cliche, if we can put Christ back into Christmas.  Let us refuse to kowtow to the cajoling or temptation of commercialism and consumerism.  Let us return to putting passion, compassion, and heart back into Christmas.  Let us give our time into making Christmas a true occassion for goodwill and bringing people together by making things (i.e., gifts and meals and events) from scratch.

I am not knocking Santa Claus but his image as an enterprising agent of profit and greed can stand some paring down and improvement.  In fact, in my opinion, why should people behave nicely only during Christmas when it should be all the time.  And why should it always be about buying?  And why can we not have quality time for others, not just for our loved ones but with every person, especially those who need our time and attention and compassion the most?

TaN: “Do as I say not as I do” does not work — as an educational tool.  Because the flesh is weak, we (the elders) often tell the young to listen and heed our admonitions and ignore our actions (weaknesses).  This is not a good educational or teaching tool because children will instinctively mimic our actions (and decisions) and ignore our teachings because they will see a contradiction.

Between words and actions, children (as well as all animals that take care of their young) will always take after the mannerisms rather than words.  This is precisely the reason why Jesus Christ had to perform miracles and teach by example rather than by just words.  Words should be reinforced by actions.  As in the Holy Scriptures, faith without charity and good works are empty, while good works alone, without faith, is wasted (in the eyes of God).

Children easily see through the hypocrisy of teaching with words but not supported by actions, and it is in human nature to abhor hypocrisy.  Besides, people tend to remember better when there is an action that accompanies a specific (abstract) knowledge.  [I discovered it for myself in my college days, when I used to take down notes instead of just imbibing the lecture.  It was easier for me to remember the lesson when I wrote it down instead of just listening, no matter how attentively.  And I can recall everything written even when I lose the notes I wrote down.]  We should walk the talk, for talk is cheap — please forgive the clichés.

Sadly, that is the prevailing manner by which many educators carry out their duties.  There is passion and compassion.  Many educators see or take their noble profession as a job, just to earn compensation, to make a living, to look out only for one’s own interests.  And students, in turn, join the work force and carry this attitude, become parents and pass it on to their children, and some become educators and perpetuate this vicious cycle.

TaN: A public utility must consult and get the approval of the public before making any major decisions, especially when the decision involves the (welfare of the) public.  This is but right.

If it claims to be a public utility, the “public” description mandates that it should serve the public’s interest and its own — profit — is mere second or subordinate, otherwise it should cease or drop the “public” descriptor.  And, following this argument, the utility stops being a utility as well.

Moreover, all public utilities, being identically public utilities, should be treated in the same manner, regardless of their differences and unique characteristics (power, communication, transportation, water).  Why should transportation be treated differently from the other public utilities?  Why should transport have such a difficult time with the government?  Why is it that when Big Business is behind or owns a public utility, government is practically “powerless to object” — at least from the public’s and my perception.

I posit and maintain that a public utility should be accountable to the public and government should not take sides or, should it take sides, be in favor of the greater majority or common good — and not those with the greater wealth.

TaN: As written in the Holy Scriptures, our bodies are not ours to do as we please but to serve as temples of God — so it is wrong to argue that, especially with regard to abortion and contraception, women have the right to their bodies.  It is written that man has three fundamental elements or components: spirit, soul, and body — but this will be tackled in another TaN in a later post.

Our right to our bodies — i.e., to do as we please — is not without limits (as with all rights).  [Remember: Rights with limits or restrictions is anarchy and chaos.]  Our body was given to us to house or to serve as a container for our soul, which is us.  Our body does not really belong to us but to the Lord, as some sort of a loan.  Ergo, it is part of our obligation to keep, maintain, and take good care of it.  Our doing “as we please” is limited to ensuring it reflects our respect and value for God’s gift.  We will be held responsible for its maintenance.

When we “desecrate” the body — by making or putting marks on it, by piercing it, by putting all sorts of toxic chemicals in it (under the guise of vaccination and inoculation or taking man-made chemicals for whatever purpose or reason), or by any other act of scarring its sanctity — we are, in effect, showing God (and the world) we do not value our body.  And do not try to sell me with the bovine ordure (or crap, for those who still do not know what this phrase means) of making it an art or art form.  The body itself, in its original state, is the highest work of art for it is God’s art.  One cannot and can never improve on God’s work.

In summary, if we are to concern ourselves with whatever we feel the need to be concerned, let us be concerned with what is truly worth our concern.  Let us fulfill our purpose for our existence and (hopefully) leave this world a better place than when we came in.  And, instead of being so concerned with our rights, let us be concerned with other people’s rights.  After all, with every right there is an accompanying or complementary responsibility, and it is our responsibility to ensure other people’s rights are respected and upheld.  Let us be more concerned with our responsibility to others than the exercise of our rights.  As Jesus Christ had once said, I am the Light, the Truth, and the Way.  He is our example, our hero, our standard…our Savior.  Come, follow Him.

TaN: Only Catholics have the right to Christmas.  This is because Christmas — as it is presently being observed — is a fabrication of the Catholic Church.  There is no mention of December 25 being the date of birth of Jesus Christ.  In fact, the weather conditions described in the Holy Scriptures run contradictory against the date of birth being December 25.

Moreover, research reveals that December 25 was originally celebrated by the Roman emperor Aurelian (according to Wikipedia) to honor the sun god and the winter solstice (at that time in the Julian Calendar, not the Gregorian Calendar that we use today, since it varies from year to year).  It is speculated that since (ancient) December 25 was designated as the day to observe Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (birthday of the unconquered sun), early Christians under emperor Constantine assimilated the feast day to associate it with the “sun of righteousness”.

Anyway,it is likewise mentioned in the Holy Scriptures that the date of birth of not important, but rather the date of death, which is why Jesus Christ’s exact date of birth is obscurely related.  Although I understand that devotees just want to show their joy that their Savior has come, it is the Lord’s wish that His date of birth remain unknown.  Who are we to go against His wish.

In any case, to concelebrate Christmas with Catholics seems so lame and pitiful, as if one is so desperate as to “gate crash” into another’s party.  One may wish a Catholic a “Merry Christmas” but a non-Catholic should not be greeted with it even if the greeter is a Catholic.

Finally, there is nothing with celebrating the season but just not as Christmas.


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