Post for Jan 18-24 2015

TaN: Government and management mandates on its citizens and employees (labor) involving financial expenditures on the part of the latter must first be shouldered by the former.  This is because it is the mandate of the government/management and not that from the citizens/employees.

However, should something unfortunate, such as damage or loss, happen, this will be the only time that the citizens/employees will have to shoulder the replacement or restoration cost since it is the responsibility of the citizen/employee to take care

What I mean is, let us say government requires that public utility vehicle drivers must have a standard (government-issued) identification cards.  The initial ID card must be provided to the drivers for free, since it is their requirement and poses an additional (financial) burden to the latter.  But, if something untoward should happen to the ID card that necessitates a replacement or restoration, it will not have to be an expense charged to the driver.  The same goes for (private sector) employees.

This is only fair and ensures that even if the requirement were a money-making scheme, at least the initial outlay of expenses is on the part of the mandating authority.

TaN: The total disregard of Filipinos against the wishes of Pope Francis concerning photographs and images of Jesus Christ instead of him is an excellent and apt example of how influential is mammon (over God) today.  Even when Filipinos profess to idolize and probably even revere Lolo Kiko, it appears that business and money wins out every time.  After all, there is no — at least less — money in marketing and peddling our Lord than the pope.  Money trumps God.

And the sad fact is that no one — it appears that not even the pope — has noticed, or does not want to notice this detail.  Pitiful, just pitiful.

TaN: Caucasians are actually colored or black people and African and simlarly-complexioned people are the true white people.  If you really ponder on what color truly is (in terms of light and color physics), one would soon come to the same conclusion.  Let us have a review or refresher of an earlier TaN regarding light and the color of things.

First, the basic or fundamental laws or principles of light physics: (1) Visible light is composed of three basic and distinct colors (or wavelengths) — red, blue, and yellow.  [Note: It is a bit different when we talk about those of electronics and color printing, which are red, blue and green (for electronic displays), and cyan, yellow, magenta, and black (for digital printing and projector displays).]

(2) We see objects because light strikes them and bounce back to our eyes.  If light does not bounce back, we see nothing, which is why we do not really see anything when we shine a flashlight or any other light (regardless of its strnegth or intensity) into the night sky.  The light must travel forward until it strikes an object and is reflected back to our eyes, otherwise the light just continues on its journey.

(3) When light strikes an object, one of three things may happen: (a) the light may be absorbed (in which case the object will be “invisible”, like a black hole), (b) the light may be completely reflect (in which case we see its entirety), or (c) the light is refracted (in which case we see a distorted image) — or combinations.

Given these, it would mean that a blue object aborbed the red and yellow colors and reflected blue, and this would make red and yellow (which is orange) an integral part of the object since these colors have been absorbed.  Therefore, a blue object would more correctly be referred to as an orange object.  It cannot be a blue object since the blue color was “rejected” by the object, reflected back to our eyes, and ergo does not form part of the object.

By this argument, white or fair-complexioned people reflects all — red, blue, and yellow — colors back to our eyes, insinuating that no color was absorbed.  Thus, white or fair-complexioned people are, in truth, black-skinned.  And those referred to as black people are the true white or fair-complexioned people.  And all the other skin tones in-between are to colored accordingly (to the argument presented).

TaN: Not telling the truth is not really lying if it simply involves the act itself and nothing else — i.e., no prior knowledge of its inaccuracy or falsehood and malice or intention.  Just because one is not telling the truth does not necessarily nor automatically mean that one is lying.  Lying, aside from being untrue, must likewise possess the qualities of being told with the intention to mislead or deceive and the knowledge that what is being told is not true.

Just like sin, an act is not considered a sin without the knowledge that it is a sin and the intention to sin.  However, commiting a sin (or, in this case, not telling the truth) cannot and should never be used as a (convenient) excuse or alibi to not make amends once its is known that untruth has unintentionally been told, otherwise this will now be considered intentional and become lying or a sin.

Things are so complicated today that people tend to “unconsciously or innocently” confuse such matters and such matters may appear to be trivial but, in fact, are more crucial than realized.  As has been mentioned in an earlier TaN, I think it is according to Montaigne, Most of the world’s problems and misuderstandings is due to semantics.

It is when we are not clear — either in our communication or our understanding of information received — that others (including ourselves) misread or misinterpret others and come to a wrong conclusion.

Lying and not telling the truth is a good example.  The problem is many who are unscrupulous take advantage of this semantical disparity for their own personal and selfish gain/s.  This is especially so in marketing and sales.

Today, it is next to, if not, impossible to make a sale without involving some sort of deception.  Moreover, Big Business is noted for engaging in such unethical practices for the sole purpose of financial gain or profit — not hesitating even for a moment the impact on society and the environment.

TaN: One possible reason for the increase in deaths from travel during December and the holiday season is due to the drastic change in climate.  When the planet undergo changes in seasons, there are many far-reaching and wide-ranging global events that characterize or accompany them such that weather patterns and temperature fluctuations.  It is these drastic and dramatic changes in weather patterns that take their toll on travelers and the temperature changes that strike at the elderly and the “unfit”.

In the case of weather patterns, this would explain (a lot) why there seems to be more accidents — in air travel, because the changes from an Indian summer (with unusually warm temperatures) abruptly plunges the temperature to freezing is bound to cause very strong, vicious, and deadly air turblulences, which end with the downing of airplanes.  This erratic changing weather patterns also applies to ocean travel because ocean currents are very much affected by atmospheric events too, thus the sinking of even the most stable and buoyant of seafaring vessels is not impossible.

As to temperature fluctuations, immunity and body defense mechanisms are severely compromised with the dropping of environmental temperatures that may cause fatalities or at least disabilities and diseased individuals, while on the other extreme, heat-related complications, such as heat stroke and frost bite, may pose just as lethal a challenge.

In any case, since significant changes in weather patterns whenever seasons transitions from one to the next, it is not a good idea to travel via air or water, although overland travel may likewise be risky.  However, the peril for land travel is significantly less.

TaN: It is interesting to note that what makes super heroes apart from ordinary folks is not so much their unsual abilities and what they do but rather what they or what we do not see them do.  We rarely see them eat, sleep, and even defecate.  I realize that fantasy is not interested in the mundane but there should at least be some semblance of normalcy, especially the non-aliens and are based on some conventional life form.

There is a trend to have some superheroes presently show their “human” sides — their daily troubles and travails like work and their love or family lives.  A few conveniently are wealthy so they will not need to find jobs and a few others hold down jobs, but most do not exhibit any source of income to maintain the superhero life.  I know it is trivial but it would be nice to see how they cope with maintaining both lives.

TaN: Pop-up cyber ads may be convenient for some people but it is a constant and persistent irritation for others.  For people — like and especially me — it is a never-ending source of distress, irritation, and frustration for pop-ups on the web page, especially if there are lots of photographs and images.  It slows everything down and I have vowed never to patronize such ads.

It would be nice of web pages can be redesigned to have a pop-up button so as to provide the person the option to view the ads or not.  I would love to repeatedly visit a web page where it contains mostly (informative) text and minimal images.  It would not be just ideal but so ethical not to have irksome pop-ups appear only when the user requests for them (like the button I indicated earlier).

It is so infuriating to have pesty ads slow the access down, not to mention rudely appear just when you are reading.  It shows no breeding, no manners, and such web sites should be shun at all cost.  They do not deserve our attention.

For me, every time a pop-up appears, even if it is a survey or something, I immediately close it, not even bothering to read a single letter nor look at any images.  As for intrusive pop-up sites, such as Sun, I just shut down the entire web browser and begin again.  Every time the site pops up, I instinctively shut down the browser and begin again.

TaN: There is only criticism; there is no constructive nor destructive; it is all on how the recipient takes it.  S/he can take criticism constructively or destructively.

I have come to the realization that almost everyhing in this world (that is somehow influences or affects the modern man) is subject to the perspective or perception of the recipient.  What I mean is, the intention or design of the source or sender is irrelevant, not as much as those of the recipient or destination.  Even in data processing, the acceptance of data by a data field is dependent on whether those of the data and the receiving field matches and those of the sending field has no bearing.

It is important to note and remember that when we interact or socialize and communicate with others, our intentions or perceptions are not as important as those of the receiver.  No matter how much good intentions or non-malice it may be, if the recipient takes it negatively, there is really nothing the sender can do.

This is a good example of the passage in the Holy Scriptures that paraphrases as, Do not worry about what goes into the body to be unclean but what comes out.  It is but natural that care is unconsciously ensured to be “clean” so there is really no need to fret over the “cleanliness”.  Meanwhile, when the Holy Scriptures warns about what comes out of the body, it appears to be referring to sweat, urine, feces, and other body wastes that are excreted because they are toxic and harmful to the body.  But, figuratively, the Holy Scriptures is likewise warning that we must be extra careful about the other things that come out of our body, such as words and thoughts, because these can cause harm and distress to others, such as (unintentionally) hurtful words and evil thoughts (like wishing bad things to happen to people we do not like).

Criticism is one such thing that comes out of us.  Even with the best of intentions or meaning, criticisms intended to be constructive could still be taken negatively by whomever it reaches.  Be careful and clear about what we utter (to others, directly or indirectly like rumors and gossip).


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