Post for Feb 15-21 2015

[another last-minute insertion] TaN: It is understandable that the families and kins of the slain 44 SAF policemen decries the slow justice but one must likewise understand that this is how democracy works, especially when dealing with states with large populations.  Moreover, it almost always seems like justice is slow when you are directly affected but swift justice has its drawbacks too.  For one thing, something vital may be missed and injustice instead of justice may result.  What is ideal is that let justice take as long as it should — not too slow (as to prolong the agony) and not too fast (as to miss important points).

[last-minute insertion] TaN: The net proceeds from a movie project about the (Fallen) PNP (Philippine National Police) SAF (Special Action Force) 44 is being planned by ousted Laguna governor ER Ejercito — if his motives or intentions are good — should be given to the families of those who were killed as well as those who were wounded, otherwise it will just be another politician’s attempt to capitalize and exploit the issue.

No matter what the claims may be, no matter how noble it may be made to sound — as a tribute or memorial or whatever high-faluting intentions — it is plain bovine ordure.  Shame on you.

For it to be truly and sincerely a way to acknowledge and immortalize the selfless sacrifice and tragedy of it all, the net proceeds should go to the families of the slain and wounded.  And to ensure (because I have yet to begin having trust and confidence in politicians, local and foreign) that the proceeds, in whole or partial, are not diverted to other people’s pockets, there must be public and transparent financial accounting — i.e., open the books to the public, down to the last sentimo.

TaN: Mea culpa — I have been incorrectly using “entitled” when I should have been using “titled” whenever I am referring to the title of an article. I realize now that “entitle” means “claim or deserving”. Again, I apologize for my literary transgression.

TaN: Please stop referring to the USA (United States of America) as simply America. “America” refers to the entire North and South (and Central) America continents and it is incorrect to make it appear that the USA represents all of the Americas.

TaN: It is common practice for faculty members to “assign” tasks to their students that should be done by and benefit them (i.e., the former) more than the students. This should be considered a paid internship otherwise the faculty members will be guilty of unethical practices.

Many in the academe justify this as an opportunity for students to gain experience and increase their knowledge but it is a mere ploy for faculty members (frequently for their thesis or dissertation or some other personal obligation, like checking test and term papers) and sometimes school officials (frequently to do clerical and office jobs and functions) to get additional work for minimal expense (like free meal) or even at no cost at all.

Let us face it. If the work, be it work-related or not, benefits the faculty member/school official more than the student, it should be compensated and accordingly to labor laws because the students are, for all intents and purposes, acting or serving as employees — because they are performing work that should otherwise be done by regular and paid employees.

It is common especially for people who are supposed to be the ones to uphold such acts and behavior to be the ones who violate them. Cases in point are: the recent cases in the Catholic Church where priests are embroiled in pedophilia and child abuse incidents, policemen violating the traffic laws they are sworn to enforce, and faculty members who set bad examples for students bring with them after graduation.

Among the different roles of people in society, teaching should be the epitome of justice and righteousness. In fact, in the Holy Scriptures (1 Corinthians 12:28), the first two in the series (apostles and prophets) are beyond man’s control for they are (pre-)determined or (pre-)ordained by God, but the third (which is the first of the series that we can determine for ourselves) is a teacher — above all the other roles that a man can be in society, even above physicians, government officials, and polyglots.

Being a teacher is a tremendous responsibility for one is tasked to mold, shape, and influence young malleable and impressionable minds of the youth which can alter their personalities and behaviors in the future. Second to being a parent, teachers have an awesome burden on their shoulders and wrongful acts will be unforgivable.

TaN: Both the ISIS and the South China Sea issues are very good examples of the: First they came for… In line with the speech of Philippine Foreign Secretary Albert F Del Rosario at the Jan 28, 2015 ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Retreat in Kota Kinabalu where he argued that unless ASEAN make a “collective and unified voice” against the transgressions in the South China Sea soon, it will be too late.

This is likewise true with ISIS where Jordan appears to finally have decided to stop being a dispassionate “fence-sitter” and join the foray after the former executed the latter’s captured pilot. However, it must be remembered that ISIS (or sometimes, ISIL) supposedly evolved from Al Qaeda which, in turn, was a creation of the USA as the answer or solution to the Taliban problem of Afghanistan.

To solve the (ISIS) problem (once and for all), it is necessary that the root or cause of the problem be addressed. To do this, it becomes elementary to get the USA to stop “supporting” or “inciting” ISIS with its foreign (war) policy. The self-appointed “global policeman”, if I did not know better, is the principal and primary force behind the proliferation and perpetuation of (global) terrorism, with its unceasing “War on Terrorism” continuously fueling global hatred and conflict (for profit).

If nations remain “unconcerned” because they are not directly affected, the day will come when it is their time and no one will stand up with them. A lot of the significant problems individual nations are facing are global in scope and nothing will work unless and until every nation sincerely cooperates — climate change, pollution, poverty, famine, conflict, and security. But the biggest problem of all is apathy, which is exacerbated by greed.


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