Post for Feb 22-28 2015

[another last-minute insertion] TaN: Two insertions: (1) If what I understand of the article headline and its contents are correct — and I hope I am wrong — it is probably the epitome of absurdity and stupidity I have ever read. The article title reads “‘No work, no pay for teachers today'” — WHAT?! First, the Aquino government declared that there will be no classes in all schools in all levels (in the country) on February 25 (2015) in commemoration of the 29th EDSA (Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue) People Power revolt of 1986.

Then Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) announced that since February 25 (2015) is declared a non-working holiday, no principle of “no work, no pay” applies and includes teachers — because they are employees…employees of the school.

Now is this not insanity? Teachers are connected to students and classes. Unless said teachers have other non-academic duties or obligations, how does the principle of “no work, no pay” apply when there are no students to teach? Does the DoLE expect the teachers to report to school and lecture or give a test to an empty classroom? I say, whoever thought of and approved of this ridiculous monstrosity should be booted out and barred from (future) government employment or dealings whatever at once.

(2) What Sen Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr argued in the Senate hearing on the Mamasapano incident regarding the supposed gesture of good faith and confidence-building act by the MILF (Moro Islamic Liberation Front) of returning the weapons (and equipment) taken from the slain SAF (Special Action Force) of the PNP (Philippine National Police) on that fateful January 25, 2015, that it was “adding insult to injury…to death” is right on the mark.

In truth, what the MILF did cannot be considered a gesture of good faith, much less confidence-building, because they (technically) did not return the SAF weapons. What they returned were weapons with parts missing or substituted by inferior or non-working components. It was really — pure and simple — an insult and revealed that the MILF has no respect whatsoever for the government, that they so much as tried to pass off “counterfeit” SAF weapons and probably hoped that the government will be stupid enough to accept without checking for tampering.

How can one trust and deal with people who try to hoodwink you by passing off “fakes” and expects you to accept them without checking, who take you for unthinking imbeciles? But, since one should not “sink or go down” to the other party’s level, one must be mature and “superior” enough to give the whole peace process another chance — just make sure that, from now onwards, everything will be above-board and deal with each other with true mutual respect and dignity.

[last-minute insertion] TaN: The comment of Mr Pacquiao with respect to their confirmed upcoming boxing match with Mr Floyd Mayweather is not only lame but so shameless, hypocritical, and full of bovine ordure. As per the former’s press statement (and I cannot recall the exact words so I shall paraphrase), “I am doing this for the country”.

Aw come on! That is a lot of bovine ordure and we all know it. You are doing it for the MONEY! If you are really doing it for the country, donate all your take in the event to charity and your poor countrymen! Do not keep a single sentimo. Show me how patriotic and nationalistic you are with your actions and not just your worthless words.

TaN: A major reason behind the erratic results of treatment protocols for lifestyle diseases is that there are many different causes and combinations of causes. Some cases in point are: hypertension, diabetes mellitus, and (gastric) ulcer.

For hypertension, it is the biological condition where the pressure exerted by the blood against the blood vessel walls is substantial enough as to significantly increase the risk of rupturing. The increase in pressure can have several different causes (or combinations), like: dehydration, blood vessel constriction, tachycardia, arrhythmia, blood vessel blockages (hypercholesterolemia) and plaques, and blood mineral and nutrient imbalance.
* Dehydration means the blood is viscous so it will require the heart to pump more forcefully which means pressure goes up — remedy: increase water intake.
* Blood vessel constriction means the passage narrows which ups the pressure because the blood volume will have to squeeze through a smaller opening — remedy: increase (in graduated and gradual stages) aerobic physical activity (because, in the absence of the true cause of the constriction, increase physical activity causes the release of hormone endorphin/s to dilate the blood vessels and counteract the constriction which then lowers the blood pressure).
* Tachycardia means the heart beats at an elevated or faster rate during its supposed resting state — remedy: slow repeated deep breaths (but must be accompanied by analysis/diagnosis of what is causing the rapid resting heartbeat, like caffeine and other heart stimulants) and check for blood magnesium levels.
* Arrhythmia means irregular heartbeat, which means that the heart alternates between fast and slow beats — remedy: increased bio-assimilable magnesium from chlorophyll (as magnesium is a known muscle relaxant and is frequently used in ERs on suspected cardiac events to stabilize the heart, but must be accompanied and followed-up with analysis/diagnosis of what is causing the irregular rhythm).
* Blood vessel blockages means there is damage, often micro cracks or fissures, to the inner lining (that needs to be shored or patched up and the standard repair material is cholesterol) frequently caused by loss of elasticity — remedy: if the primary cause is loss of blood vessel elasticity and the result is cholesterol build-up along the inner lining and narrowing of the blood vessel passage, the reason is commonly inadequate vitamin C intake (because collagen is what keeps the blood vessels elastic and one of the main building material for collagen is vitamin C, the organic, bio-assimilable type and not the synthetic one found in most store-bought multi-vitamin formulation which is principally derived from petroleum). Increasing bio-assimilable vitamin C to sufficient levels results in the restoration of blood vessel elasticity and the gradual but constant break-up and reduction in the accumulated cholesterol along the inner lining.
* And, imbalance in blood mineral and nutrients means dietary lifestyle is incorrect or inadequate — remedy: change or modify the diet to provide the essential nutrients needed as well as not containing anti-nutrients. It is of the utmost importance that the first step is to find out and determine precisely which nutrients are deficient or insufficient — and I mean the true nutrients and not those being falsely (intentionally or otherwise) by so-called experts and scheming marketers and Big Business and Big Pharma. It is likewise important to find out and determine if there are anti-nutrients in the diet, otherwise all efforts to restore balance to one’s health will be futile and inutile — because all efforts will simply be negated by anti-nutrients. Next, weed out all food sources that contain either anti-nutrients or (as in the case of synthetic or man-made multivitamins and mineral supplements). Then, as the proper diet (lifestyle) is observed, it must be reminded that natural health does not come in an instant (most of the time) and this is good because gradual recovery is best.

For diabetes mellitus, it is the biological condition where the body is incapable of utilizing the sugar in the blood (i.e., absorbed into the cells to fuel metabolism and sustain cell activity) within a certain duration. Contrary to what is being touted by most so-called experts — medical or otherwise — and by well-known personalities and public figures, diabetes (for short) is not determine by the amount of blood sugar but how long the sugar stays in the bloodstream. Lingering or “over-staying” sugar in the blood can be one of two possibilities: (1) the body has lost — temporarily or otherwise — its ability to produce insulin, which is the hormone tasked with drawing sugar into the cells for use or (2) the insulin produced is deformed or defective and cannot do its job, ergo sugar remains in the bloodstream (and the prolonged presence of sugar in the blood is toxic to the body).

The absence of insulin or the inability of the body — specifically the pancreas and the liver — to produce (usable or viable) insulin may be caused by nutrient (i.e., mineral) deficiency in the diet (because minerals are an essential and integral part of manufacturing insulin) or by unusable nutrients (like synthetic or bio-incompatible minerals, mostly those derived from petroleum as in those sold commercially).

However, if the condition is due to deformed or defective insulin, it is possible that the organ/s — the pancreas and assisted by the liver — responsible for producing insulin are themselves incapable or incapacitated, such as injury, damage, diseased, or congenital. For this reason, the insulin produced may have an inherent flaw that renders them effectively useless or non-viable to perform.

In the first case, it is a simple matter of correcting the diet (and probably the lifestyle) to provide the needed nutrients and avoid the harmful anti-nutrients. As for organ incapacity, it will all depend on the extent of the incapacity (i.e., degree of injury or damage or disease, because the degree will determine whether there is a chance of recovery). In the case of congenital, there is still not much that can be done, but again that is depending on the type and extent of the congenital defect and taking into consideration that status of medical technology and science at this moment of writing. [Btw, the liver is the only organ that can regenerate even when as much as three-quarters of it has been damaged and/or removed, provided that the remain one-fourth is healthy enough.]

For (gastric) ulcer, it is the condition of/in the stomach and intestinal tract where perforation or damage to the inner surface is slow or incapable of healing — an ulcer is a wound that will not heal and commonly associated with but not confined to the stomach or gastric organ. This ulcer is usually found in the inner lining of the stomach and is primarily caused by (1) the inability of the stomach to produce a mucus membrane during digestion to protect itself from the acids and digestive juices it releases to chemically breakdown the food or (2) the integrity of the mucus membrane is continuously compromised by a disruptive substance in the food (like carbonation from carbonated drinks such as soda or soft drinks and certain beverages such as commercial coffee) and the stomach has difficulty maintaining and reinforcing the mucus membrane protective layer.

TaN: Precisely as I have argued in a recent TaN, it is not proper for the MRT (Metro Rail Transit) to hike fares for the purpose of repairs and maintenance. It should never have been permitted. The MRT must take from its own pocket or obtain a loan to finance its repairs and maintenance before it is granted a fare hike.

In my argument, if the fare hike is done prior to the repair and maintenance, which is exactly what has happened, what guarantee is there that the service will improve? There is no physical evidence to show that repair and maintenance has been done to justify the fare increase. In fact, it would appear that the situation went from bad to worse.

Knowing the past records of many such large operations, including the power utilities — whenever they ask for a price increase and it is not granted “at once”, there are always power outages (probably their “way” of dramatizing the urgency and necessity of the increase) — seldom, if ever, do they exhibit sincerity when it comes to money. Seldom does the public receive the “guarantees and commitments” promised.

Rollback the increase and return what has been collected (or at least put the money in escrow), demand the fulfillment of commitments and promises first, then grant the increase.

TaN: How does junk and processed food contribute significantly to obesity and ultimately to cancer? Unknown to many, even to so-called experts and mainstream physicians, one of the functions of fat cells is to store and neutralize toxins and other “unrecognized” substances that enters the body.

The normal body process or protocol when unknown or toxic substances are encountered is to neutralize them and move them to the excretory systems — sweat glands, intestines, urinary bladder, lungs, and other organs that have a direct access to the external environment. The body will instinctively move these substances with urgency.

However, when the toxins and unrecognized substances cannot be excreted immediately and must stay in the body for a duration longer than the body wants them, the alternative is to store them in fat cells for later disposal. The problem is when there is no opportunity to excrete the stored substances later — like when there is a constant and persistent influx of toxins and unwanted substances, such as when we keep eating junk and processed foods.

Junk and processed foods are usually loaded with ingredients and substances that even most people do not recognize — like preservatives, artificial flavorings and coloring, and other additives. Even natural substances that the body recognizes but (instinctively) “knows” that their presence — in the current food being digested — is unnatural or unexpected, may be regarded by the body as toxic or unacceptable and treat it accordingly.

Moreover, even supposedly “natural” substances but are not “organic” will likewise be treated as toxins — like vitamin and mineral supplements derived from petroleum and those used to fortify or enrich food because certain native nutrients were (inadvertently) removed during processing or artificially introduced (like vitamin A-fortified rice and vitamin D-enriched milk).

Given this, obesity tends to develop when we continuously and regularly eat junk and processed food. The consistent and relentless flood of toxic and unrecognizable (as usable or bio-assimilable) nutrients causes the body to become desperate and unable to dispose and excrete the unhealthy and unusable substances (in the junk and processed food) that is has to resort to storing them in fat cells. However, there is a limited number of fat cells that the body maintains — both for health and for survival, as a means of emergency stored energy and as insulation against sudden changes and drops in ambient temperature — and when these become all filled up, the body has to manufacture more fat cells, just to keep up with the influx.

When fat cells get filled with neutralized toxins and undesirable substances, the only way to release them for excretion is via fasting and people rarely fast. In fact, many people do not even know about fasting anymore, even during the Lenten season — except probably for religions where it is still being mandated and observed, like during Ramadan of the Muslims. It must be noted that fasting is not just a matter of not eating for a day. True fasting requires at least three full days before the fat cells will (be “encouraged” to) release their stored load.

As an addendum, any food, even those grown organically, become toxic or unrecognizable or non bio-assimilable when heated beyond 120 degrees Celsius (or 248 degrees Fahrenheit), regardless of how organic or healthy (it used to be, before being heated). AA couple of good examples are: a carcinogenic substance, acrylamide, is formed when carbohydrates are heated beyond 120°C/248°F and another carcinogenic compound, hetero cyclic amine, is formed from meat heated above 120°C/248°F.

TaN: Just because one has a right, it does not (necessarily) follow that one must exercise it. This is in reference to the recent news report — regarding the Php1 B cost of restoration of the Ayuntamiento Building in Intramuros of the Department of Finance (DoF) of the Philippines.

It was reported that the interviewee justified the prohibitive restoration cost by declaring the department was within its right because of a provision in government policy that an agency of the government can request for a certain portion of its budgetary savings (for its own use) and that a pleasant workplace is conducive to better work performance.

Given this, even if the DoF has a legitimate claim to a portion of its budgetary savings (at the end of the fiscal year) it did not have to spend the money on itself, considering that there are so much needed by other sectors of the country (like schools, teachers’ pay, hospitals). I am not saying the DoF is not entitled to renovating their workplace but to spend so lavishly while the rest of the country or just the government is struggling to make ends meet is a bit on the insensitive or inconsiderate side.

In the case of the argument that spending on renovation because a nice looking workplace encourages better performance, it is likewise quite an overkill. Moreover, if that is the argument, we might as well do the same for all government offices and not just those of the DoF.

Finally, it was also mentioned that the public has no access to facilities where taxpayers’ money were used to finance the obscenely expensive renovations. It does seem unfair that the public is not permitted access to facilities renovated at indecently prohibitive cost that our money financed (reportedly Php1 B worth). For this simple issue alone, the public should be up in arms and demand a probe for plunder charges.


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