Post for Apr 19-25 2015

This week is a bit late posted but, as they say, “Better late thanlater“. (he-he-he)

[planned last-minute insertion, not a TaN] Happy Birthday Dear Ting! I will not “broadcast” your age but suffice it to say that you are now, like me years ago, well on your way into the Golden years — joining the ever-increasingly exclusive club of fewer and fewer members as we age. Thank you for coming into my life.

[last-minute insertion] TaN: In the light of the continuing and ever-increasing tension in the seas between and among China and the members of the ASEAN (Association of SouthEast Asian Nations), it is both shameful and pitiful that a giant such as China resorts to bullying its much smaller neighbors just because it can. Why does China try to do the same with the islands near and/or around Hawaii?

It is embarrassing to be a Chinese in this particular instance, except for those who (reportedly) openly expressed disagreement and opposition to China’s brash and shameless tactics, would be an embarrassment and have no face to show to my fellow Asians as well to the rest of the world. There is no justification to the actions of Beijing.

And this is not yet taking into consideration the irreparable and irreversible environmental damage and destruction done to the reefs and islets — and for what, for the sake of money, for history, for power? What are these trivial matters when we consider that this huge planet of ours does not even count as a speck in the vastness of the universe — both in size and in significance.

It has been expertly shown and explain in the video of the late Carl Sagan, “A Pale Blue Dot“, where he masterfully illustrated how insignificant we and our efforts are in the totality of things. We are a mere speck compared to our sun and yet our sun is not even a tiny speck in the billions upon billions upon billions of stars and cosmic bodies in the universe.

For what is China — and, for that matter, the rest of us — are our efforts for but in vain. All these will pass away into oblivion. After at most 2 generations, nobody will even remember what we did, not matter how important or significant it may have been. We struggle to make a name, to put our mark in this temporal world and yet it will all be in vain for they shall all be forgotten soon enough.

What is important is that we leave this world a better place than when we came in. Let us do all we can to make the lives of our fellow men (and the condition of this tiny “pale blue dot”) better. And, when I say “our fellow men”, there should be no distinction in wealth, race, nationality, religion, gender, or any of those trivial trappings we so eagerly and mindlessly embrace as if they mean anything significant.

It was once epiphanized to me, neither be an intelligent, nor a brave, nor a strong, nor a wealthy, nor a powerful man, but a kind man. Kindness endures where all the other things we hold dear fade into nothingness. This world is every individual to share and we must take care of and use it well for the benefit of all and not just a privileged and elite few.

TaN: When a lawyer, in the performance of his/her profession (and duty), speak untruths in an effort to fend off allegations to his/her client, s/he should be held liable once, at the resolution or end of the case or when his/her services have been terminated or severed for one reason or another, it has been determined and revealed that s/he has either lied deliberately or due to negligence (because s/he did not do any investigation or research into the veracity of his statements before speaking them out in public).

It is unfair that a lawyer is able to make statements and pronouncements without liabilities or consequences of libelous or slanderous, causing the other party harm or damage, “in defense of a client”. Or, they can exhibit or manifest negligence or inadequacy or ignorance regarding the circumstances in a client’s case and still be without guilt or liability.

Like what I maintain on the subject of product endorsers who exploit their popularity to enjoin and cajole fans and are paid hefty and obscene amounts but do not suffer liability nor share in the guilt when the product manufacturer, dealer, and/or distributor are later (convincingly or preponderously) proven to be detrimental. This is unacceptably wrong. If the producer, manufacturer, dealer, or distributor is held liable, the endorser must likewise be equally (if not more) accountable and liable.

TaN: In the recent news regarding the date-rape drug GHB (or gamma-hydroxybutyric acid), it is surprising that our dangerous drugs laws are so archaic and tedious slow that a lot of harm or damage has already been done by the time legislation has been passed, has been published, has the IRR (implementing rules and regulations) formalized, and becomes effective.

It would be a lot more efficient and beneficial if a law is enacted that creates a banned or illegal dangerous drugs list where a mere inclusion — through a well-defined and rigorous review procedure — in the list is sufficient to have the effect of a law without having to undergo the long and slow process of legislation. In other words, if a new prohibited drug appears in the market, instead of waiting for Congress to enact a law, the Executive — through a dangerous drug board to be headed by the Department of Health — merely includes or updates the said prohibited drugs list and the drug automatically becomes illegal and mere possession becomes a felony.

The list can be in the form of a matrix where, aside from the drug name (and its various aliases), it shall also include information as: prescribe penalty (range or limits of incarceration and/or fines), conditions or circumstances where it may be permitted for use or not illegal (if any, like as a medical treatment), and other relevant and pertinent data.

This way, the law will get a needed boost to cope with the fast and ever-increasing developments.

TaN: It is a travesty that food — i.e., public market fare — that has received so much effort and agricultural inputs, harvested and sorted, cleaned and dressed, and brought to market and/or to the home (kitchen) only to be dropped, mashed, damaged, or otherwise rendered unconsumable. It is disheartening to see all that good agricultural products lying somewhere out in the open in a public market in a trash pile to be picked up by trash collectors destined for landfills — unused.

It is both irritating and disheartening to see all that (used-to-be and unnecessarily wasted) good food decaying in a pile on the (side of the) market street or walkway. It is difficult to imagine and justify all the effort and resources going into producing a particular food only to end up in a rotting heap — bound for the landfill.

This is similar to an earlier TaN of mine regarding expressing our gratitude and saying grace before meals — thanking God for His generosity and kindness for providing us food and then only to leave much of it uneaten or untouched on the plate — just because we do not like the taste, the appearance, the aroma, or getting more than what we can consume (thereby depriving others of what they could have eaten and appreciated), or simply because we never liked that particular food but we put it on our plate anyway.

This is not only wastefully inconsiderate and irresponsible but one of the most insulting things or acts we can do. There is no justification for such (and so much) waste, considering that there are so many billions of people who have hardly anything to eat, let alone good food.


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