Post for Apr 26-May 2 2015

not a TaN: Wouldn’t it be interesting to find out that the so-called “Fight of the Century” has been planned since the beginning?  To build up over the years with “preliminary or preparatory” fights for the big event and then hype everything up through the gullible media so that both fighters — that is right, fighters and not athletes or even sportsmen — can conveniently get their largest winnings just before they retire?

What a ride (almost) everyone in the world has been taken for, especially the poor.  It is a good thing I am one of the few who have not been taken in and will spend the day doing something else — actually anything else will be — more meaningful and worthwhile than watching two savages punch at each other.  Have a nice day watching anyway.

TaN: There are more and more laws passed and enacted in secret today, especially in the United States of America and in the area of trade treaties (like the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership) and privacy (like the PCNA or Protecting Cyber Networks Act) and rights (like FISA or Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) — though this last one is not exactly secret but its implementation is nonetheless a threat to privacy and freedom.

I first heard it in Alex Jones’ radio show from David Knight in the April 22 (2015) episode where the latter mentioned how it is a distinct probability that an offshoot of the Obama TPP is that cars will be patented — in the sense that, since much of cars today are increasingly software-controlled and (proprietary) software are devious with respect to IP or intellectual property — users only purchase the right to use and nothing else.  Proprietary software users DO NOT OWN THE SOFTWARE they purchased, especially not the item or software itself (much like the current situation with proprietary OS (operating systems) for Windows and Apple/Mac where they can and do go after so-called “pirates” but not Linux breeds, as in Ubuntu).

Moreover, this could potentially make it illegal for you to change your tire when you get a flat — because the patent to the proprietary software may well extend to the whole vehicle.  Although I doubt very much it will come to this, I still would not put it past them to at least make an attempt.  These days, I have become so jaded that it would no longer surprise me a bit if it ever does come true.

This is just to illustrate or dramatize the possibilities that may emerge from the reality of having proprietary software (in your car) considering how particular such software IPRs (or intellectual property rights) are being guarded.  Consider the fact that in countries such as the Philippines and many a lesser developed Asian and African nation, government crackdown on software piracy is not limited to just the pirated software but to the entire computer and even to other hardware equipment that happened to be nearby.  So, why can this not be done with other machines, like tractor and other farm equipment, that likewise are or have portions of them controlled by proprietary software.

In truth, in the same podcast radio program, it was mentioned that farm equipment, such as tractors and harvesting combines, may develop maintenance and repair issues due to the proprietary software they (may) contain.  Where farmers traditionally deal with equipment problems and malfunctions, today they may have to bring them to authorized service centers for repairs and maintenance — thus, ensuring more income.

It is very interesting — and alarming — that in this day and age of the World Wide Web, advocacies, transparencies, and greater awareness of our rights that there appears to be more and more darkness, that there is a greater effort by the global power elite to keep everybody else un- or mis-informed.

A couple of cases in point are: there are clean vaccines that the general public is unaware of, there are important events and vital information and findings on public health that are being suppressed, and there are numerous dubious trade agreements and treaties being crafted (with “guidance and advises” from Big Business) being entered into by governments that are detrimental to the citizenry of the nations involved but are not being revealed or explained and involve undermining the duly enacted laws by superimposing regulations and policies made by Big Business (i.e., people who were never elected therefore have no responsibility or accountability and criminal liability).

Case 1: There are vaccines available that do not contain harmful and toxic substances — like thimerosal, MSG, aspartame, petroleum-derived preservatives, etc — yet are not being used but would appear to be “reserved” only for the global power elite.  And in a podcast radio program in hosted by Alex Jones during the April 27, 2015 show, it was mentioned that many vaccines (probably those destined to “overpopulated” countries) contain a hormone can causes partial and arbitrary miscarriage (read: abortion) when young girls enter puberty.  “Partial” because it does not always cause miscarriages probably so that it cannot be suspected as the cause.  [Do not just take my word for it, check it out yourself.  Listen to the show: and scroll down to and click on 20150427_MON-ALEX.MP3.]
Case 2: There are important and relevant events and developments transpiring everywhere and being reported by the alternative (i.e., Internet) media but not my mainstream media — mostly because the latter is owned and controlled by the global power elite and, as we all know, One does not bite the hand that feeds us.  I understand that not all news can be aired — because there are many of them and only so much air time or print space to accommodate them so that the media pick and chooses which ones to report.  Media will only give importance to news that are of interest or importance to their target demography.  However, it cannot be denied that, every now and then, there will come news that are undoubtedly important and relevant to the viewers/readers regardless of demographics, that they transcend differences in race, gender, religion, age group, or sector of society.  For instance, the article from Reuters by John McCrank, titled “US stock markets are rigged, says author Michael Lewis” (see or refer to: and dated March 31, 2014.  I would think that something as significant as news regarding the stock market and reported in Reuters — not exactly one of your ordinary run-of-the-mill news service — would deserve at least a minute or two of air time or print space.  However, as I can recall and if my memory serves, there was hardly any fanfare over it.  Even if it were because it might cause a panic or loss of confidence in the local stock market/s, it is not enough reason not to report it.  And to think that a respectable and prestigious news agency as Reuters reported it and it hardly caused a shiver worldwide.  So why the silence, why the cherry-picking, why?
Case 3: There are “secret” trade agreements, like the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership, being crafted and “cooked” to favor Big Business and leave the 99% of the world in abject poverty and misery.  It is being “rumored” that when the TPP comes into effect (and implementation), one of the things that will happen is the global power elite will (literally) own everything and we, the consuming public, will only be purchasing the right to use.  The example given was that when the user/”owner” wants to change anything in his/her vehicle, it may alter the configuration so much that it no longer becomes compliant with specifications and standards.  Therefore, one cannot just tinker around.  In effect, we are not the real owners of what we thought we purchased.  We merely own the right to use.  As mentioned in the program, it is in essence a war on private ownership.  [Again, do not just believe me, check it out for yourself.  Listen to the show in the same web site as mentioned just above but scroll down to and click on 20150422_WED-ALEX.MP3.]

In conclusion, I do not expect this TaN to have the slightest impact either but I feel good letting it out of my system and have posted it in a public domain for posterity.  And don’t say I never warned you.

TaN: Being a healer is not enough; one must be a doctor.  It is important for people to be helpful to others.  Most of the things one does is intended to ease the burdens of life.

When one is knowledgeable, it becomes one’s duty to tell and teach others.  This is for the good of all.  When applied to healing, it is the — and should be, if it is not in their Hippocratic or whatever oath — solemn and sacred duty of the healer to teach the patient, anytime before, during or after healing, what the cause and nature of the ailment or sickness and how to avoid it so it will not be repeated.  For this, the healer is — and can rightfully and worthily — called a doctor, otherwise s/he is but a physician (because the root of the term “doctor” comes from the Latin word “docere” which means to teach).

In this day and age, most people are too and (appears to be only) concerned with self-gratification, self-interest, and self-fulfillment and this explains why most things today deal with the self and the trivial — cosmetics, games, awards, degrees, fine dining, convenience (instead of need), Fortune 500, top wealthiest, (pro and not amateur or athletics) sports, selfies and groupies, entertainment and gossip(-mongering), high technology, and many more (worthless non-flourishing behavior and activities).

In the case of healing, in the field of medicine and medical arts, even alternative healers are (somewhat) guilty of being physicians rather than doctors.  The problem arise from failing to inform or teach people how to avoid the same medical issue after healing.  The motive is most probably due to the desire for repeat business.  In this instance, the offering of safer and more reliable healing remedies is more of a self-interest rather than the interest of others, to want to help others get better.

Btw, it is same the same reason why people with PhD degrees are referred to as doctors also, although they are likewise commonly addressed as professors but this is most used for those in the teaching profession with doctorate degrees.


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