Post for May 17-23 2015

[another last-minute insertion] TaN: Three news article, one titled “Entry of Grace splitting LP?” by Paolo Romero, another titled “MILF chairman: Don’t change BBL” by Edith Regalado with Jose Rodel Clapano both in the May 20, 2015, and the third titled “Stemming the tide of fake medicines” by The New York Times editorial in the May 19, 2015 issue of the Philippine STAR, is precisely and the best example of and for the argument that most politicians in the Philippines are basically infantile, greedy and un-nationalistic and people with some hidden agenda usually resorts to “threats” to prevent the truth from coming into the light, respectively.

In the first article, if politicians (in a particular political party) are really sincere and nationalistic (and mature) in their desire to “serve the country and the people”, there would not be any threat or danger of a political party being torn or factionalized.  It is precisely because of political self-interest and ambition and not nationalism that is taking priority which gives rise to party troubles that can significantly threaten the unity and solidarity of a party.  If the party stalwarts are really for the good and benefit of the party and country as a whole, there would be no such news or rumor.  All in all, it is still the push for a personal agenda that is prevailing.

In the second article, the title makes it appear that the MILF chairman is issuing a warning or even a threat that the contents of the BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law) should not be altered the slightest bit and that any modification will result in consequences that will be significantly and negatively disastrous and may destabilize the supposed fragile peace.  The “statement” in the article headline wreaks of arrogance and irresponsibility but most of all, a fear that something “hidden and lopsidedly advantageous” to the MILF side but not mutually to the Philippine government may be found and altered.  It may not be so but that it is the impression one gets from the wording of the headline alone.  If there is nothing insidious or nefarious in the BBL, such a (threatening) statement should never have been uttered, especially coming from someone occupying such a high and important position.

In the third and last article, while it is true that fake medicines pose a very serious threat to public health, the article failed to discuss and acknowledge the toxic nature and ingredients in mainstream (allopathic) or establishment government-sanctioned medicines that always have “side effects” — but are actually the effects and not the side effects as claimed — and which are the root cause of all the consequent and subsequent other complications that often follow.  This is likewise the main reason why, instead of diminishing, medications apparently give rise to even more medications — as the latter medications are prescribed to treat or address the “side effects” that develop from previous or prior medications.  Big Pharma is really in the disease business and not cure and prevention.  In fact, the trend is shifting to vaccines and preemption, which contain even more toxic and lethal medical conditions and, in the United States of America, there is no liability on the part of vaccine makers when patients suffer adverse reactions resulting from their vaccines, the least of which is disability and the worst is death.  Yeah, how about discussing those issues regarding conventional (snake oil) medicine being pushed by our Legal Drug Pushers (aka Big Pharma).

[last-minute insertion] TaN: Actually, the root of all our problems and misery is morality, and at the core of that problem is our continued denial or avoidance or insistence of not taking the time and effort to teach and show (by example) our children the righteous and moral way of living.  It is because we are ill-equipped/-prepared or incompetent or just plain “lazy” to do the job.  In other words, we are up up to the task, therefore we should not be in such a situation in the first place.

The argument of gun advocates appears to hold water until you realize and understand that it is but a pallative solution.  Their argument is that if guns will be for law enforcement and military hands only, criminals (who have no respect nor concern for the law whatsoever) will have no qualms to possess guns because they will need it for their criminal activities.  So, what is left is an un-armed citizenry who will have to depend totally on authorities with guns to protect them and we all know that these armed authorities, assuming that they are all on the up and up and are dedicated to their work and have integrity, cannot be everywhere at all times.  Thus, in the event that one is faced with an armed criminal and no armed authority is in sight, one is left to one’s wits to extricate ourselves out of the potentially life-threatening situation.  Had we been (equally) armed, armed criminals would have second thoughts because we can match whatever they can dish out.  It is a case of preemption; we are likewise armed ergo others will think twice before using weapons to do us harm or injury.

However, if we really (and honestly) think about it, if people were morally upright, mature and responsible, there would be a need for guns or even armed authorities; there would be no need for a lot of things and life would be so much easier and simpler.  In fact, if people are moral, upright, mature, and responsible, most of the problems and misery in the world will disappear; conflicts will be easily resolved; needs will be met and wants will not be “addictive”; business will be ethical and progress will be (truly) sustainable; and, there would be so much less jobs (that would not be existing or created they would be redundant) and so much resources and effort will be diverted and invested in truly beneficial and benevolent projects and programs.  Everybody will know how to behave and resolve conflicts and work out problems by cooperating with each other and be sharing (both with their wealth and their time) instead behaving like infants and savages by resorting to violence, underhandedness, trickery, manipulation, treachery, deceit, and outright stubbornness (to admit the truth and what is right).

And how can this state of utopia be achieved?  By teaching our children and the youth to be moral, upright, and true.  It is simple but a very tall order.  Most or above all, we have to set or be the example.  We have to walk the talk, to put our money where our mouth is, to be models for others to emulate — nothing less.

TaN: The 500-lb gorilla mistake in allopathic or conventional or mainstream medicine is they advocate and make people believe that they (the physicians, but not doctors) and their prescriptions is healing and their screenings is prevention.  They could not be further from the truth.

Prescribing chemical “toxins” is not healing, screening is not prevention, and vaccines are the worst of all — in that Big Pharma is not only given a get-out-of-jail-free card (“immunity from suit” and the vaccine court) but even “encouraged” to expose people to risks and danger by (the FDA) because of ineptitude or incompetence (where they merely rely on the evaluation of studies made by Big Pharma and few, if any at all, from independent and dis-interested studies), of undermanned inspectors and study evaluators (to conduct facilities evaluations and procedural audits), and the revolving door practice between industry executives and FDA officials (where officials are appointed from industry and company executives and are hired back to the industry after their “tour of duty” ensuring that the interests of Big Pharma are protected, preserved, and even enhanced).

And do not get me started on vaccinations.  What with the vaccine courts and the immunity granted by the “legal shield” (virtually granted by the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Program) and vaccines court (purportedly according to an article by Dr Joseph M Mercola, URL:, located “In a building kitty-corner from the White House across Pennsylvania Avenue) for any and all damages, adverse reactions, and deaths/mortality resulting from vaccines.

In fact, there is even a “prediction” that the trend in (allopathic/mainstream/conventional) medicine will be or is shifting towards vaccines, since there is a guarantee of “immunity from suit” for damages and wrongful deaths traced or attributed to vaccines.  This means that vaccine makers do not even have to conduct studies and trials of any sort (and come up with evidence-based results and findings) because whatever adverse reactions or harms befall their “victims” cannot hold them liable nor accountable.  And, if the problem is their reputation will be damage and nobody will patronize their vaccines, they have the government and international treaties and agreements to ensure that people will be mandated to take the vaccines and there will always be obscenely and indecently huge profits.

One can never put such a temptation (as virtual immunity from suit and responsibility), dangle it in front of Big Pharma, and expect Big Pharma not to take advantage of it.  It is irresistible for the greedy.  It is an opportunity to make obscenely and indecently huge profits without being held liable nor even to bother conducting safety and effectivity studies and trials before “releasing” the toxic chemical cocktails to the incorrigibly gullible and zombie-like public.  And to ensure unprecedented and unbridled profits, Big Pharma even goes to the extent of co-opting and cajoling the government into mandating hold-outs, dissenters, resisters, skeptics, recalcitrants et al to submit and subject themselves to the deadly brew OR ELSE!

TaN: Although (most of us) are “endowed” with more than one talent — in reality, everyone is multi-talented which is the basis of the principle or concept that all men are created equal but we just chose which ones to develop and which to ignore — we cannot but apply them one at a time.  Take the case of innovative inventors or scientists.  When they are likewise good in marketing and are using it to sell or push their ware for profit, no matter how good they are are inventors, their marketing skills dominate and will make them think and behave more like marketers rather than inventors.

What I mean is that these inventors (somehow) either lose their philanthropy — because I believe the desire to innovate or invent is borne of our need to be useful or of service to others, for the common good or benefit, to seek a better and more comfortable life not just for ourselves and loved ones but for all — or the desire for self-benefit and profit was the motivating factor all along, instead of philanthropy.

We begin with such noble and humble beginnings but end up tempted by the devil to be selfish and look out only for ourselves (in contradiction to our true nature) and to mask the greed by making it appear as if we were concerned with making the lives of every individual better and more comfortable without being lazy or to care for the welfare and well being of others but (if you think about it honestly and critically) reveals that it is all a scheme to sell something.

It could also be that, somewhere along the way, we got side-tracked from our altruistic goal and was overwhelmed and swallowed up by the conventional and predominant “culture” and was goaded into behaving like animals where looking out for number one is the only goal — much like the “saying”, Winning is not everything…IT IS THE ONLY THING!  This reveals a Machiavellian one-track mind that serves only the self and employ all means regardless of ethics in the pursuit of that selfish objective.

Indeed, it is such a waste of time, talent, and resources to work only for the self when working for the (common) good of all is so much better and rewarding, for every person benefits and we all advance, improve and (truly) progress together.  This is the true essence of the phrase “No One Left Behind”.  Progress and advancement will progress so much faster, so much less people will be at a disadvantage, and so little waste will be generated from using natural resources.

Finally, this is not an absolute but there will be exceptions — those who are lazy and will not pull their own weight but rather wait for others to do things for them and the stupid who refuse (because I do not believe anyone can be stupid unintentionally) to use their God-given common sense and critical thinking to benefit oneself and others.  These two types of people deserve to be left behind.  They are but a waste of precious effort and resources and must be left to themselves to struggle (and perish, if it comes to this point) for there is no room in this world for such people.

TaN: One not-only-significant-but major reason why innovation and inventions are hard to come by in the Third or developing world is the cheapness of labor and high cost of technology and materials.  It is both a pity and a boon.

It is a pity because Third World or developing nations have most of the most talented and resourceful people.

However, there is an up side — the boon.  It is precisely the adverse conditions prevailing in Third World and developing countries that are responsible for forcing people to be resourceful and creative.

Because of this situation of high cost of technology and materials teaches — and actually forces — people in these areas have no choice but to be resourceful and creative to solve their problems even without the benefit of cheap technology and materials, and capital, otherwise they will not survive.

Moreover, considering the circumstances, even despite the seemingly inhospitable and deplorable living conditions (by Western or industrialized world’s standards), the world’s poor are not only surviving but thriving.

Being capital-intensive gives the population the distinct advantage of obtaining cheap materials for experimentation and creativity.  It is easier to make inventions and innovations (to technology) because materials and equipment are easy to come by.  Mistakes and failures have a negligible impact on an inventor’s/innovator’s financial status.  Other experiments and innovations can be done repeatedly until success.

In contrast, being labor-intensive usually means that materials are expensive and one cannot afford to make mistakes or failures are unwanted because it drains the limited financial resources.

It is for these reasons that wealth tend to be and remain with capital-intensive countries, unless and until poor countries wise up and start to innovate low-tech.  Only by shunning high technology solutions will Third World and poor countries have any opportunity to avoid being dependent on First World and industrialized countries’ expensive patented technology.


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