Post for May 31-Jun 6 2015

[last-minute insertion] TaN: The issue of Sen Grace Poe’s residency as a pre-condition or qualification to her eligibility for higher office has (so far) two dimensions: 1st, if Sen Poe is not eligible, as the opposition UNA (United Nationalist Alliance) asserts, why did they (or the elder Binay) offer the vice presidential position to her in the first place and then bring up the issue only after Sen Poe (in no uncertain terms) turned down the offer, and 2nd (to balance the argument), if the good senator would be true to her assertion that an elected public official must be loyal, dedicated, accountable, possess integrity, and answerable to his/her constituents, she must finish her term of office as an elected senator and not ride off in mid-term to seek higher office.  It would be unfair, a betrayal of duty, and a breach of contract since she was voted into office to serve as senator for six years.  Her voters deserve no less.

In this light, I reiterate that it is not right that a senator can run or aspire for higher office in the middle of the term and, if s/he loses or is unable to be elected, can return to the Senate as if nothing happened.  S/he did not lose anything.

Like cabinet members, any elected (or appointed, for that matter) public official must or should be deemed as resigned or terminated from office upon filing his/her candidacy — for any elected public office.  It is unfair that others “gamble” for public office while senators stand to lose nothing.

Moreover, it should be considered abandonment of office and duty.  It is bad enough that resignation from a trusted public office is or should be regarded as abandonment or betrayal — unless and until permission, after a comprehensive consultation was or has been conducted and a clear consensus was reached, from the constituency —because there is a tacit contract made and concluded between the public official and the voters who elected them.

With the current set-up, a senator has or can “harass or run interference” and muddle or whittle down or split the votes to the advantage of a favored running candidate or ally or to the disadvantage of an opposing or rival running candidate.

Whatever it is, the “practice” must stopped.  It is disruptive.  It is not beneficial to the country.  It is a money-making mechanism.  It is politically immature.  It reeks of injustice.  It is pitiful.

TaN: Many web sites today are “dedicated” to philanthropy and altruism — especially those about your health and nutrition.  It has become apparent that there are web sites that purport to look out for your interests and well being but are really “wolves in sheep’s clothing” where they patiently — sometimes for years — before gradually and inconspicuously (or sneakily) inject and introduce their hidden agenda into the unsuspecting and trusting loyal (and convinced or “sold”) consuming audience.  Be it intentionally or not, one must always be critical and discerning when accepting information (and assistance) from “trusted web sites.

Do not put it past Big Business — specifically Big Foods, Big Pharma, Big Ag, and with the able assistance and connivance of Big Media — to establish and fund “sleeper” web sites designed and intended to be “activated” at scheduled and pre-determined times to sway people towards a particular end.  These sites can pretend or masquerade themselves to be scientific and objective or even pro alternative or natural healing but then, at a pre-scheduled moment or a given command (from their “master”) or the right opportunity, depending on the circumstance, either gradually or abruptly “switch sides” — a complete 180-degree turn-around — and attack and malign their former “allies, colleagues, and practitioners”.

This is not yet including parrot or echo sites that do not really contribute anything but merely repeat what has been “published” — more of propagandized.

Nowadays, one must be very careful to take information offered by supposedly “friendly and favorable” sites and scrutinize them with a very discerning and critical mind to see through veiled attempts to influence and sway us into accepting the bovine ordure they dish out, especially when the quoted sources are from “respected and prestigious” institutions like mainstream media (owned by the power elite), academic and educational institutions (especially those heavily funded or supported by Big Business), and industry-funded studies and trials (often with their data and methodologies skewed and manipulated to come out with the desired results) that have now been proven to be bogus or manufactured.

Finally, even if information offered is reliable, one must still remember and understand that what is beneficial or nutritive in certain geographies or climates or seasons and cultures does not necessarily mean that it will be beneficial and nutritive to people in other parts of the world, especially if the climate, culture, and/or circumstances and conditions are drastically and significantly different or divergent.

TaN: What sets man apart from animals is not the physical appearance — that we are erect and biped, that we have hands and not paws, that we use tools, or even that we live in urban and rural centers and go to school and create technology and develop arts and culture — but in how we behave and treat others, be they other people, animals, plants, and the environment in general.  This is what sets us apart as man and not some flimsy, superficial, shallow, “sophisticated” thing.

Ever since December 21, 2012, it has truly been the dawning of a new age, a new cycle of existence…of evolution…of life.  According to the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012 is the onset of the fifth and last cycle of life — the Enlightenment Cycle.  At or for this cycle, it will be marked with increased transparency, realization (or enlightenment), stress on morals and righteousness versus evil, and

Definitions have been transformed and we are embarking on a new voyage into our true destiny, our pre-ordained future.  It is now a time when there is a migration to the polar opposites and anyone caught or left at the middle will be the first casualty/ies — as in the dire warning in the Holy Scriptures (in Revelations 3:15-17): I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hotI wish you were either one or the otherSo, because you are lukewarm — neither hot nor cold — I am about to spit you out of my mouthYou say, ‘I am rich; I have acquired wealth and do not need a thing.’  But you do not realize that you are wretched, pitiful, poor, blind, and naked.

It is high time we separate (true) men from beasts and this is not through physical appearance but by behavior and works.  True men behave as men should — considerate of others, kind, virtuous, respectful, humble, helpful, industrious, diligent, honorable, smart and brilliant (not crafty and sly), peace-loving, self-sacrificing, courteous, sharing and giving, cooperative, hospitable, and all the good virtues and values.  True men are likewise transparent, accountable, just, and most of all, a Christian in every sense of the word and in deed.  These are defining times and we will have to show our true colors.

Men who behave like animals ARE ANIMALS!  They cannot be called or considered as men.  They are savages and barbarians.

As a finale, the most important of all is a man must be prepared to stand by his principles and convictions and take, unwaveringly, the persecutions, abuses, attacks, and sufferings mentioned in the last Beatitude: Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven [Matthew 5:3-12].

Be a Man, a True and Real Man…be a Christian.

TaN: It would appear that what governments and Big Business — i.e., the global power elite — is doing is enacting legislation and policies (and agreements) that make something immoral or unethical or evil legal, thereby enabling them do what is wrong by arguing that it is legal and therefore good or right.  Like what I mentioned in earlier TaNs, which I hope I paraphrased correctly from Michel Montaigne, that most of the trouble and problems and conflicts today are due to semantics — how people “get away with murder” by redefinition of terminology to elude, escape and evade guilt, blame and liability.

If we examine closely, we will find laws that are seemingly innocent and well-meaning but have hidden (re-)definitions that permit the government and Big Business — because it is not uncommon nor a secret that there is some sort of a “connivance” between the two, via “consultations and inputs” — to use the law to carry out hidden agenda towards a pre-orchestrated goal.  Semantics likewise permit government and Big Business to squirm out of tight and embarrassing situations, especially when they are “caught with their pants down”.  In addition, Big Media is in collusion and a co-conspirator to it all.

Take the case of the (supposed) statement of Barack Obama when he said, and I paraphrase (because the exact wording escapes me), that his administration is the most transparent than all the past ones.  Think: “kill list” or disposition matrix, alleged execution of “Osama bin Ladin” in Pakistan (who has since been revealed to have died of kidney failure years before the “incident”), NDAA or National Defense Authorization Act (where people can be held in indefinite detention by just mere suspicion or unsupported accusations), NSA global “anti-terrorism” data dragnet and certain key and sinister provisions of the Patriot Act, and the current and controversial TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership, just to name a few.  However, if we go through it all with a fine-toothed comb, we find that Obama’s administration has violated the (their) Constitution and human or natural rights with wanton (but premeditated) recklessness.

The old saying is very fitting in his case, When do you know a politician is lying?  When his lips are moving (or when he is talking).  The Obama administration has taken advantage of every opportunity that comes along — loopholes, hidden provisions, weaknesses, vague or broad definitions, and omissions or non-inclusions in the law, and people’s gullibility, trusting nature in government and persons of authority, functional illiteracy in the intricacies of the law, carelessness with appreciation and comprehension with legal jargon and procedures, and general apathy or not having enough time or concern with respect to matters that do not involve personal gratification and enjoyment.  So he speaks of one thing while doing a totally different and opposite thing — and somehow making people believe nothing is out of the ordinary or wrong.

The only other reason for “getting away with murder” is the general feeling of helplessness or powerlessness of the ordinary person to do anything — the “you-can’t-fight-city-hall” syndrome.

Finally, all these efforts have a (negative) global impact and has been in the works and gradual implementation for decades, if not centuries, towards a consolidation of power and control (read: New World Order or global domination).  Many “working committees” have since been created and many are still (covertly) operational, while some have come into the public spotlight and are being “ignored” or branded as “conspiracy theories” to mitigate the significance — the most prominent today of which is the Bilderberg group.


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