Post for Jun 7-13 2015

TaN: The television program “My Crazy Love” is distorting and muddling the concept of love and giving the viewing and unknowing audience the mistaken impression that love is needy.  Love: knows no fear, does not make one insecure and distrusting, is neither one-sided nor expecting reciprocity, is neither conditional nor boundless, among other things being wrongly attributed to it.

As a wise priest I met by accident many decades ago in a remote barrio fiesta, he said (and I paraphrase, because it has been decades remember and my memory is not that accurate anymore): Love is a one-way street…there are no preconditions…you do not love someone because they loved you first or will love you back later because reciprocity is a characteristic of a business deal and not love.  God loved and loves us regardless of whether we loved or love Him back.  That is love.  Anything else is anything but…

In the “My Crazy Love” television trailer or teaser, it showed there was no trust and a sense of insecurity because the girl “panicked” when she could not contact her boyfriend or he did not respond to her calls so she went over to his place where she found an unfamiliar suitcase with women’s clothes which she jealously and mistakenly mistook for another lover or tryst.  If I were the guy, unless we have just been an item for a short duration, say a couple of months, I would ask for a cooling off period.  I do not think I can be with someone who cannot trust me to be forthright.

As with all other messed up things in the world today, people no longer know or even understand the true definition or implication of concepts today — like truth, love, values, ethics and morality, responsibility and accountability, and semantics and idiomatic expressions.

TaN: There are human activities that require no less than all humankind to participate in in order to be successful while there are those where a single person is enough.  It cannot be denied that there are repercussions and consequences that ensue from our activities that transcend (our man-made political) borders and the impact on the lives of others as distant as clear across the other side of the planet — carried by the winds and tides.

It is just like Big Business and the global power elite to have the mindset that nature can be compartmentalized, that we can prevent our negative environmental impacts (resulting from unsustainable business and human recreational practices and activities) will not cross political borders, that they can be contained within the limits that man has established.  Even landfills and concrete containment facilities can and will eventually lose integrity and leak into the surroundings.

It is foolish to think any man-made structure or containment facility will be capable of holding toxic or harmful waste from unsustainable human activities.  Everything changes…breaks down…given enough time.  Time is the ultimate factor that determine (nature’s or universal) equilibrium.

Given time, everything becomes as it should.  No matter how much damage man has caused, once man stops his destructive and unsustainable activities, especially when he is no longer existing, everything will return to equilibrium.  Those that have gone extinct may return or “re-exist” or something else may take its place in the scheme of things.  In any case, there is and will always be the natural propensity to come into and maintain a balance.

But going back to the original issue, human activities that involve accessing, exploiting, or otherwise availing of the resources in the environment will always transcend boundaries set by man and impact the latter negatively — varying only in the degree of negativity — sooner or later.

Human activities that can be localized — i.e., can be restricted or limited within the boundaries set by man, whether voluntarily (meaning through willful human actions, like regulations and policies) or involuntarily (meaning through no willful acts).

It is vital that human activities that transcend boundaries be totally eliminated and avoided while those that can be localized should be kept to the barest minimum and done only because it is a necessity — like having to kill for food and subsistence but not for leisure, pleasure, nor senseless violence.

It is precisely the inconsiderate, indiscriminate, and irresponsibly unsustainable acts of man, driven by greed and wanton disregard for anything and anyone else, that is at the root of all our climate and environmental woes and problems and is the primary cause of human misery.  We would not hesitate to commit minor acts, arguing that it is exactly due to it being “insignificant”, that, when put together (much like the drops of water in the ocean), bring about most if not all of our troubles — as in the saying, it is not the large holes but the almost unnoticeable leaks that sink ships.

It is high time we identify and immediately and abruptly cease all such globally-impacting human activities, mostly brought on by (modern) business activities and practices.

TaN: It is unethical to benefit from “inside information”, especially if the “inside information” is from a privileged or private source.  Even advantageous (to you) information falls (conveniently and fortuitously) on your lap, it does not mean that you are absolved of all guilt and fault when you decide to use it to your benefit — i.e., you did not actively seek out the inside information ergo you did nothing wrong or unethical.  That fortuitous event is undeserved and, for those who believe in fate, is intended to test your mettle, your strength of character, your integrity to recognize, resist and not take advantage of what is not rightfully yours to avail of..

It is common to justify stumbling upon (valuable and profitable) information that is or has not been rightfully and honestly earned — and rightfully and meritoriously ours to do as we please and benefit — as a windfall or “heaven sent”.  This, however, is not so and is just a convenient excuse or alibi to gain undeserved benefits and escape or delude oneself of guilt.

The proper decision/action is either to ignore the information and let go in one ear and out the other as if it was never heard or to tell the people involved or concerned about your overhearing them and advise them to be more careful next time (while assuring them that you will not be taking advantage of the “good” fortune).

Ethics is a very “cruel” — not in the true meaning of the term — and difficult practice or behavior that frequently forces us to do (the right) things or acts we would not otherwise want to do.  It makes us uneasy and nips at our conscience — unless one “does not have” one or has become so calloused that it no longer bothers us that we hurt or harm or disadvantaged others.

It is so tempting to give in to wrongdoings, especially when we know we “can get away with it”.  Wrong and evil are so beguiling that resisting takes a lot of effort but we must overcome and win over it because the alternative is unforgivable.

Next time something too good drops on our laps, if we are able to resist previous temptations, it gets easier and easier — just as it becomes easier and easier to give in to temptation each time it comes knocking at your door.  Remember, as it has been repeated in several verses in the Holy Scriptures (two of which are 1 Timothy 6:12 and 2 Timothy 4:7): “Fight the good fight; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses” and “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith“.


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