Post for Jun 14-20 2015

TaN: Marketing create wants not needs.  Our needs are and have been provided for even before man first appeared in this temporal world.  Everything has been lovingly and meticulously planned and prepared — i.e., everything that man will need.  It is up to man to determine and make his own wants and desires and this is what (modern) marketing has tasked itself into doing.

Marketing in itself is not bad because it is supposed to try to provide (or bring to the market) man with something beyond his (fundamental) needs…to make his existence somewhat more interesting and enjoyable.  Marketing is only responsible for bringing to the awareness of the market/consumers/public the existence of a particular commodity, service, or concept.  Actually, the whole idea or task of marketing is simply to make everyone aware of the existence and availability of something.

However, like anything and everything that greed and global control freaks (sooner or later) get their filthy hands on, the beneficial (original or initial) purpose of any creation of man is subverted and the lust for wealth and power takes over.  This has been the same story over and over through the entire history of (so-called) “civilized” man.

Marketing today has morphed from just announcing the availability of a commodity and its characteristics, features, and functions to devising and scheming various ways to manipulate and persuade consumers and even going “the extra mile” to undermine and deceive them into making purchases through peer or social pressure, envy (of not having), or even developing and nurturing herd mentalities or the bandwagon mindset.

It is sad and pitiful that greed and lust for power can always find ways to turn something good into something evil.

TaN: Doing any task well, with passion and compassion, with attention to details and putting in our best effort regardless of the importance or size is the mark of a good person.  As saying goes, There are no small parts only small actors.

When people discriminate between important and not-as important jobs, it follows that they are prone to discriminate against other people — showing more “respect” and attention to people of importance and tend to ignore or treat with less concern or regard other people of lesser stature, especially if the other person is seen as having less (in wealth or power).

It can likewise be observed among people who would pick up paper money on the street (or anywhere along the path) but not coins.  In either case, whether it is paper or coin, it is still money, but those who do not bother with coins are usually people who will treat others with prejudice to the status in society and not as deserving of a fellow human being.

These are small things that provides a glimpse as to how ethical a person is.  These are minor details that reveal whether one is ethical or not.  These are little signs that tell others what to expect on how they will be treated.

Many do not notice these quirks mostly because they too are somewhat of the same mold, varying probably only in degrees of intensity.

Doing a task well, even and often without expecting even just some sign of appreciation — let alone financial gain — is frequently a sign that one was brought up well, that one will be responsible, especially to those that cannot or do not have rights (like taking care of the environment), and that one can be trusted to give one’s best in everything one does or have been assigned to do.

TaN: Today’s (June 14, 2015) news: “ILO wants promotion of early education among member countries” is ever so subtle in its message but has a very dangerous and negative impact into the future of the youth.  It all begins with the erroneous or mis-understood notion and definition of what is the purpose of education and the inability to differentiate between teaching and training.

Education is the transfer of information and/or experience (and skills) to another individual.  Education is divided into two: teaching and training.  In teaching, what is transferred (or communicated) are values and knowledge for the purpose of making a person better and moral.  In training, the purpose is to equip a person with knowledge and skills that makes him/her employable, which is beneficial only to business but not necessarily to society, unlike teaching.

Training serves business interests while teaching serves society’s interests.  Business has been (very) successful in “indoctrinating” people’s minds into believing that it is not only vital but an indispensable need to learn knowledge and skills to be a productive member of society when, in fact, it is intended to increase profits of capitalists and the wealthy.

Teaching people to be better members of society, how to behave properly, with dignity, integrity, courtesy, due respect, and be helpful, how to be responsible and accountable, and how to be good and (freely) productive (in a good way) for the benefit of all, for the common good…

It is common (but very wrong) to equate training with education, which is what almost all formal educational institutions and mainstream schools are doing.  What most conventional schools do today is to prepare people to become “slaves” of capitalism and consumerism.  It does not free people to be good, moral, and ethical individuals.

Returning to the news headline, the ILO (International Labor Organization) appears to be acting as an instrument — wittingly or not — of global domination by the global power elite.  They are serving as an agency by which (member) countries are “persuaded” to offer their citizenry to the altar of Big Business, the mega and transnational corporations and conglomerates who transcend political borders and use (secretive, restrictive, coercive, and manipulative) trade and other forms of international agreements to advance the agenda to control global populations, resources, and wealth.

Moreover, “promotion of early education” appears to be in line with the desire and necessity to ensure that people behave as the power elite wants and it is important to “catch them” while they are young and impressionable so that the “proper” mindset can be set in place to lessen the chances of “troublemakers” in the future.


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