Post for Jun 28-Jul 4 2015

[still another last-minute insertion] TaN: In the light of still another sea tragedy involving passenger vessels — specifically that in Ormoc, Leyte — it is high time that a truly compassionate and humane law to address the victims’ plight and misfortune, especially those of the casualties’ including unexpected expenses and other corollary services and facilities  [It is assumed that sea tragedies are but an example, a mere point of argument, and it should cover and include all other mass casualties — like plane crashes, bus collisions, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, deluges, typhoons, and fires.

The law’s rationale should be that since the tragedy was not deliberate nor a result of negligence (and on a large scale), victims should not shoulder the burden of the regular cost.  Doctors’ fees may be waived but consumables must be charged at replacement costs only and use of equipment should be likewise minimal (at based on depreciation).  It is immoral to charge victims of tragedies regular costs.  If need be, the government should step in to foot the bill then go after (i.e., send the bill to) those who should be held accountable — like owners and the drivers, pilots, ship or boat captains, and even building safety and maintenance personnel.

Of course, only those who are below a certain income level will qualify because of its intention to assist and mitigate the financial burden of those who are less able or less fortunate in society.

[another last-minute insertion] TaN: What happened at the Makati City Hall when the second suspension order for Mayor Binay was served shows that kind of supporters the incumbent mayor has — hoodlums.  If I were the mayor, I would quickly distance myself from these thugs who have no respect for the law and would not hesitate to resort to violence at the flimsiest whim.  Instead of showing indignation calmly and somberly, such display of savagery will only further fan the flames of the already sizzling controversy besetting the Binays.

It is not as if the good mayor cannot defend himself that he would require hot-heads to defend him.  I am sure he has a battery of lawyers ready at the wings to protect his rights and take care of all legal matters.  It is one thing to show just how much one loves the mayor but it is completely a different story to employ maniacal violence.  It is shameful.  These are exactly the kind of fanatic supporters a good public servant does not need — like he “needs a hole in his head”, so to speak.  One’s supporters reflect the kind of person one is.

Ang unang manakit ay pikon at ang pikon ay talo.”

[last-minute insertion] TaN: It is “interesting” to note that while “slick and veteran” politicians (almost) always claim that accusations of corruption and wrongdoings are unfair and baseless and should be settled in the proper forum, like the courts, and not in the court of public opinion, both Binays even at the very onset choose to bring the issue to the people rather than face the probes on them or file a case in court — the “proper venue”.

From the very onset, they have been avoiding formal inquiries, claiming the proceedings are just schemes to sling mud on their good names and public service track record but at every opportunity they will bring up the issues not just to the people but the masses — people, I am sorry to say but meaning no disrespect nor malice but just the truth — who form opinions mostly via personalities and not on the facts surrounding the circumstances or to audiences who invited them as speakers and therefore would have some degree of belief in their “innocence”..

It is woeful that people permit themselves to be used and exploited for paltry and measly reasons, mainly because they have a mendicancy mentality and need the “pity and dole outs”.  This is why many (unscrupulous) politicians prefer to keep and maintain the people at poverty and near-starvation states for in so doing keep them ignorant and dependent “on their generosity” (using taxpayers’ money).  The poverty-stricken people are feel or are made to feel indebted to the generosity and kindness of despicable politicians who behave as masters rather than servants of the people.

TaN: For most Christians, capitalist and consumer alike, fail — intentionally or not — to understand the definition of the term or intention of God when He said He is commanding us to have dominion and not domination over all of His creations.  God’s command was to have dominion and not domination — the former is to exercise supervision and stewardship while the latter is to (irresponsibly, unsustainably, and otherwise wastefully) exploit, squander, and otherwise ravage all of creation as if it is inexhaustibly infinite and his creation.

It is because man acts as if the environment (and even beyond to outer space and into the deep cosmos) is his property and/or inexhaustible that he irresponsibly takes what he wants (not just needs) without the slightest concern or consideration of what will be left behind for the next generation.  Capitalists promote consumerism — especially in the forms of consumer electronics, disposable fashion or crazes and trends, short-lived or high-obsolescence rate products (with long useful lives), and non-recyclable, -reusable, -re-purposeable, and -redeemable “innovations” and “re-creations” —  because it rakes in obscenely massive profits.  Consumerism is the greedy capitalists’ solution to money-wise consumers where the latter are “goaded or pressured” to make (mindless) purchases and dispose of them as soon as possible (because they are no longer “in style”, “up to date”, and or otherwise “have no spare or replacement parts or are expensive to replace”.

Accessorizing is one of the most ingenious marketing strategies to get consumers to unproductively spend (a lot) on personalizing and “beautifying” their possessions.  Another is the deliberate designing of non-interchangeable or incompatible parts and accessories for different consumer products, like charging cords and batteries, so consumers have to be saddled with many items that are unique to particular devices.

But I digress — as I frequently do, I apologize.  Going back to topic, it would appear that the predominant or “new normal” of the Age of Enlightenment (after December 21, 2012, according to the Mayan Calendar) is secretive or unilateral and arbitrary “redefinition” of terminology as we speak in order to escape or evade guilt and accountability.

Without informing others, people now change the meaning of the words they use to suit their purpose.  We likewise “mis-understand” or mis-appropriate terms for our own selfish and perverse intentions, frequently to get an unfair advantage over others or to hide certain vital information that may be damaging, harmful, or otherwise disadvantageous;

This is the case of our “innocent” confusion between the definition and comprehension of the words “dominion” and “domination”.  As mentioned and differentiated at the onset of this TaN, it would appear that man has conveniently and deliberately used the wrong definition to lay his selfish and greedy claim over all of creation, mis-appropriating them to satisfy his own evil devices and desires.

If man had faithfully and rightfully observed and implemented the correct and proper meaning (of dominion), the world would not be in its sorry state today.  There would not have been man-caused extinctions, unprecedented deforestation and denudation, unparalleled wholesale devastating transformation of ecologies and eco-systems, and unbridled and wanton rape and plunder of natural resources in every nook and cranny of the planet.  And there are plans in the works for extending man’s insatiable greed and lust for power and wealth well beyond the boundaries of our planet, reaching deep into the cosmos.

Man is so without shame, conscience, and compunction that he thinks only of himself in the here and now.  Oh, there are countless beautiful and noble words and phrases of wisdom and compassion but they are all for show, for others, for “public relations”, only for the record.

The true intentions are evident in his actions, for actions speak louder than words (and often the truth).

This world, this reality, all these temporal things have been given to the Devil and it is his biding that we — wittingly or not — play right into his game plan.  Everything and instant we irresponsibly and unmindfully take and exploit the environment without regard to the impact our actions will have to and on others — even those at the most remote nook of the world — and to future generations, we sink deeper and deeper into the quagmire that is Hell.

So go ahead.  Be as insidious as you can and want; be as deceitful and ???; deny all you want; when the moment comes that we have to explain and defend every action and decision we made, we will be made to face the consequences of all we did and no amount of alibis and lame excuses or begging and pleading for mercy and clemency will do you any good.

Dominion or domination, it is your choice and yours alone.

TaN: The saying: Vox populi, vox Dei is valid or true only when applied to people who are of God — and I mean truly of God and not those charlatans and self-deluding individuals who are “of God” in name only; those truly imbibe and practice the teachings and admonitions of Jesus and not just going through the “rituals and traditions” or, worse, only by virtue of being affiliated or a member.

If the voice of the people (without any distinction or qualification) is truly the voice of God, then the world or at least those parts that practice democratic elections — federal, parliamentary, presidential, or any of its shades and forms — would be devoid of graft and corruption and of all the anomalies.  But then again, if we are going to split hairs, one would argue that the saying talks only about the voice and not the will of God.

It is important that we know when to apply adages properly and can distinguish between when to apply or is applicable and when not.  Usually, those who (indiscriminately or surreptitiously) apply the adage have some other (personal) hidden motive or agenda and this never bodes well.

It is just like democracy.  It is one of, if not, the best form of governance, but that should be qualified to applicable only to or when the citizenry is mature and responsible (and sensible with integrity and honor).  Otherwise, (benevolent) totalitarianism/dictatorship or monarchical form of governance is more apt — just like what is in Heaven.  In Heaven, there is no democracy; it is dictatorship but a benevolent one.  What God says, goes.  There are neither discussions or arguments on or over it.

It must be remembered that in this finite temporal world where most everything is relative, absolutes are generally not applicable.  One must be able to apply discriminately and discerningly, with a critical mind and a good heart.  No: Vox populi is not always vox Dei.

TaN: As in the slogan of, If and when you control the mind, you control the body.  Also as in the saying, Man is free but everywhere he is in chains.  Control of the mind is key to control of the body.  Likewise as David Icke had said repeatedly (and I paraphrase), democracy, as it is being peddled by the global elite, is the “chain that shackles modern mind and his body” because once the mind has been “convinced” into a mindset and believes it is free even when everywhere the evidence “as plain as the nose in one’s face” that it (the body) is not free to determine its own destiny.

In the olden times, a monarchical set-up was used by the power elite to dominate, control, and enslave the (general) population.  However, because of abuses, cruelty, injustice, and oppression were rampant and blatant, people revolted, overthrew, and replaced the monarchical system with democracy — where people are “ruled” by consent, i.e., people agreed to elect and have a selected few among them to serve and act on their behalf.

But democracy, in the form envisioned and practiced today, is but a myth because, in truth, the power elite has regained and returned to power — primarily through the machinations, orchestrations, and insidious scheming of Big Business by way of its unethical practices and profit-obsessed marketing activities that are “powered” or backed up by human behavior studies.

When people are openly and brazenly being oppressed, sooner or later, people gain the courage and unity to rebel, revolt, and overthrow any and all tyrants and oppressive authorities — as can repeatedly be witnessed and studied throughout human history.  However, when people perceive and believe they are free (to act and determine their own destiny) — i.e., only perception and belief but not in truth and reality — people tend to be very tolerant and are very open and susceptible to manipulations.  When people’s minds have been conditioned to believe that they are free when, in fact, they are not, they will not react (i.e., rebel, revolt, rise up).  And this is what is happening globally.

The world over, people have been led to believe they are free via the mainstream media and ably assisted and supported by other willing groups (who have been “promised” a piece of the action or be paid their “price”), such as Big Pharma, Big Biotech, Big Agri, Big Foods, Big Chem, and most of all Big Government.  This is why there is so much secrecy among those in authority and so much resistance and demand for more transparency and accountability from the grassroots 99%.  Truly, the Mayans were right when they declared thousands of years ago that December 21, 2012 is the “end of the world” — and the beginning of the Ethereal Age, the Age of Enlightenment.

Remember: If I control what you hear, see, and receive, I control how you think, behave, and act (and react).  If I control your mind, I control your body.

And the global power elite has control over all the important and vital aspects.  People have to eat, so I control you by controlling what, how, and when you eat.  I control what goes into your food and body (and medicine) so I can incorporate psychotropic chemicals and fluoride compounds (to control your mind), Trojan abortifacients (to reduce “your over-population”), heavy metal preservatives (like thimerosal to promote autistic symptoms), and inorganic or artificial usually petroleum-derived vitamins and minerals (to provide just adequate nutrition to keep your alive but not healthy so you will be forever dependent on medicine and so-called “supplements” (which are ineffective and non-bioassimilable and often toxic).  And there are more.

As a coup de grace, the toxic cocktails are pushed on the gullible and mis-informed consuming public through media spin masters and established “professional” organizations that regulate licenses and impose sanctions for recalcitrants and deviants.  Finally, as an encore, the final nail in the coffin, so to speak, are the various secret agreements and treaties that over-ride legitimate governments, like Codex Alimentarius and the more recent TPP of Obama fame (or infamy).


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