Post for Jul 5-11 2015

TaN: A transgender can neither be a man nor a woman — and must be considered undefined.  Either be a man or a woman.  One must be from the very onset what one is (or has been “assigned”), much like one’s nationality — as against transgender which is more like citizenship.

One’s nationality cannot be changed for it is part of one’s identity and heritage; it is part of your roots, your origin — it is an integral part of you.  It is inalienable.  It is what makes you you.  It stays with you until your death — and even then, not even death cannot change your nationality.

Meanwhile, one’s citizenship refers to one’s (political) allegiance and can be changed.  This can happen any time and as often as permissible and feasible.  One can change one’s mind about being part of a particular country…there is a process.

As to changing one’s gender, this is absurdity bordering on insanity.  Changing one’s gender is tantamount to denying oneself of what one is.  People who cannot accept what nature (and God) has given (or made) them are pitiful.  However, they must neither be discriminated, maltreated, mocked, nor ostracized.  This would be unethical and one should not sink to those subterranean levels of behavior but instead rise above it.  One must seek to understand and be patient and tolerant (not in the bad implications as most people may tend to understand, especially those who are prejudiced).

Finally, accept the gender you have been given or born with.  Deal with it.  It is a challenge, a test to find out whether one can “man up” (so to speak) and whether one is competent enough to play out the role one has been cast in.  To be otherwise (or what you want to be instead of what you are), one would be a failure and will never find true happiness and fulfillment.  No truer words have been said, Happiness is not having what you want but wanting what you have.

Only then will there be contentment, for it is in contentment or acceptance that happiness comes forth.  Those who profess (and even swear to it) that one is happy in “the other” gender are deluding themselves and know deep down that they are miserable.  They are just not admitting it — to others and to themselves.

As a final note, all this will only exacerbate the already-confusing world we live in.  Imagine an ex-man-now-woman is seen leaving the scene of a crime.  Witnesses will swear that a woman did the crime, but DNA tests will show otherwise.  So, how will the courts decide which evidences to accept and decide a case on?

[We can always agree to disagree.]

TaN: What the contents of the media regarding Mr Jejomar Binay’s “desperate” attempts and shenanigans to get elected as President of the Philippines is so pitiful and shameless that it is downright pathetic.  (Critically) thinking voters readily see through the charade and veiled attempts to curry favor and win their sympathy because the Binays are very well aware of the penchant or tendency of the Filipino, especially the (unlearned) masses, to side with the underdog.

The Binays, especially the elder, are masters of playing with sentiments of their supporters — not necessarily all the masses.  They always go to their supporters — they who personally benefited from the “generosity” of the Binays with the taxpayers’ money and are unmindful of the true scam that is being laid on them — and play with the latters’ emotions to get them riled up and violent (or distraught with tears and pleas), believing to the point of fanaticism that their benefactors are immaculately spotless and angelically compassionate.

It is precisely this kind of politics that are divisive and detrimental to the whole nation.  The only beneficiaries are the politicos who are masters of deception, of manipulation of the emotions of their supports and masses as well as the technicalities and intricacies of the (letter of the) law.  It is in the letter of the law that the Holy Scriptures have warned of, that brings death.

As the drama continues to unfold, the past “sacrifices and heroics for the sake of the nation and in the name of democracy” is becoming questionable.  Their sincerity is now becoming shaky and doubtful.  It may all have been an incredibly planned scheme, with the greatest artistry, to slowly but surely claw their way to the top, laying claim to a “much deserved” prize plum — the Presidency — where the entire country finally becomes their property and playground, with easy pickings, all the while learning from the mistakes of past attempts by equally greedy (for power and domination) tyrants-in-disguise-as-compassionate-nationalists-in-service-to-the-people-and-country.

What utterly shameless greed and unparalleled lust.

And the latest — i.e., as of this last weekend — incident at the Makati City Hall where the Ombudsman’s second preventive suspension order was served with “much fanfare” is a perfect case of “Show me who your friends (or associates) are and I will tell you who you are” and “When you like down with dogs, you get up with fleas”.  When one’s followers and supporters exhibit such barbarism, arrogance, bestiality, maniacal savagery, and utter disregard for the law, it is a clear sign that the leader or “idol” not only tolerates and advocate such distasteful and pathetic behavior but the latter himself/themselves could possess such embarrassing and uncivilized behavior but is/are just keeping them “well-managed” so as to preserve their “good public image”.

[Please note: I sincerely apologize for the terminologies used above because my vocabulary fails me to properly describe my disgust and sympathy for the entire incident.]

TaN: It is “interesting” to realize that many of our world’s extremes, when combined, are both the deadliest and most beneficial.  To name a few, take the cases of: (1) hydrogen and oxygen, the most combustible gases make water which is the most incombustible; (2) hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide, the strongest acid and the strongest base/alkaline which make ordinary (table) salt and water which is vital to life and digestion; (3) sodium and chlorine, the most toxic (and combustible) metal and the most poisonous gas which make everyday (table) salt; and, (4) poison and medicine, the only difference between them is dosage where a small miniscule amount is medicine while a massive amount is lethal (as an old Chinese saying goes, paraphrased).  And then there is the explosive TNT (trinitrotoluene) which is also a medication to stop an occurring cardiac event.

These little trivia make interesting epiphanies.  Even the dreaded bacteria and viruses that sometimes kill people serve useful purposes — they “train” our defense/immune systems and (sadly) weed out those among us unfit to continue existing, leaving only the strong and adaptive to carry on and improve the gene pool (much like the predators, like lions, cheetah, and hyenas, of herbivores, like wildebeast, zebra, kudu, and gazelle).  Predators in the wild may seem cruel — by preying on the weak, old, and young — but they serve to ensure the fittest survive to continue the lineage.

The point being that one should not be too quick to judge or conclude on the nature or properties or value of things.  Many things exhibit or “possess” surprisingly different or even opposite properties or characteristics under different or various circumstances.  One cannot expect properties of things, even the most fundamental elements, to remain constant under different situations.

This world…this universe…is all about change.  Nothing is constant.  Everything is in continuous (but not necessarily constant) motion — like when they just discovered that the universe is expanding at ever increasing speeds, contrary to what had previously been believed (that it is slowing down to revert to the Big Bang) or flying away from each other at a constant velocity.

It is also about the unimaginably unexpected — like a whole planet made of diamond, another having underground oceans, a moon that is hollow (as if it were artificially created), and a celestial or cosmic body that “sings”.

But we do not have to leave this planet of ours to find mysteries, inconsistencies, paradoxes, and unexplainable phenomena.  We have our share of rivers, beaches, tides, and deep oceanic creatures and formations and underwater “landscapes” recently discovered deep down the ocean beds.

Indeed, to quote from William Shakespeare in Hamlet, There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio.  Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.  And these include the utterly and bizarrely strange and mind-boggling.  Who would have believe (before the actual affirmation) that there would be more stars and galaxies in the universe than all of the grains of sand in all of the beaches on our planet.  The vastness of all creation is beyond description and that is nothing compared to the majesty and glory of our Creator — the Father.


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