Post for Jul 12-18 2015

TaN: For (true) Christians, it is not true (and absolutely unbelievable and incredible and even a “supposed” (because I am still trying to find it) report from the United Nations that purports to declare that the planet has enough resources to sustain 16 BILLION PEOPLE on the condition that we live environmentally-sustainably)) that this planet is over-populated.  As written in the Holy Scriptures (in Revelations Chapter 20), Christ returned and(in the First Resurrection) raised all those who were martyred in His name and they reigned over the earth for a thousand years; after which the rest of the dead will be raised (the Second Resurrection) and the Judgement Day is upon all.

If what the global power elite claims is true — that the world is overpopulated and there is an “urgent”” necessity to “de-populate” — this will conflict with the Book of Revelations where it is written that the dead (in the Second and Final Resurrection) will all be raised.  If (and when) this happens, where will everybody fit, considering that all that have lived since Adam will come to life again and be judged.  Imagine the number of people — the billions that are alive during the resurrection plus everyone who had ever lived.  Imagine the sea of humanity.

Moreover (as some sort of a sidebar), if the other so-called critics of “unnatural” burial — like cremation, sky burial, sea burials, and those victims of calamities and tragedies such as being shredded by machines and being devoured by animals — are correct, how will they “get” their bodies?  And do not tell me that all those buried “properly” — i.e., their bodies — are or will still be intact.  And what happens to those whose bodies decomposed and have been recycled and redistributed to other plants and animals to form part of their bodies?  This is just plain arguing for argument’s sake; it makes no sense at all.

In conclusion, if we truly believe that we are or have been created by God and He is all-powerful, would it be beyond His power to give us new bodies?  And don’t you think that if He waited this long — until such time that there has been so many people to have lived and died — that He would have ensured that there will be enough room for both the living as well as the resurrected when He decides that it is time the world ends and Judgment Day shall transpire?  Do you think God would have overlook such an important detail?  Your God must not be very all-knowing.

TaN: We have been using sugar (i.e., sucrose from sugar cane and sugar beet) since as far back as I can remember and research but why is it only now that lifestyle diseases (specifically diabetes, osteoporosis, hypertension, obesity, cognitive loss, and constipation) are becoming rampant?  What has changed?

It appears that sugar is not even the culprit, rather it is HFCS or high fructose corn syrup.

But why can something, especially that it comes from fruits which are among, if not the most, healthy foods be so unhealthy?  It is precisely that it is designed by nature (and/or God, if you prefer) to be found in fruits where is likewise a high content or concentration of other essential immune and health supporting nutrients and not easily or readily extractable (under normal tool-less situations) so that the other nutrients (and fiber) will be consumed along with the fructose.

Most nutrients, especially sugar (i.e., both sucrose and fructose), are healthy under certain conditions, namely: unprocessed, along with the other nutrients it/they naturally come with, and, in many cases, during certain seasons or weather conditions only — like the kamias, which blooms and bears fruit like mad right after a storm (it is the only masochistic plant I know that prefers to be “slapped around” in order to be fruitful).  The problem with man is that he prefers to process food which robs or strips them of the vital nutrients and/or changes their (healthful or beneficial) properties.

So fructose is not bad.  It is when it is consumed apart from the other nutrients it is supposed to be found with in nature that it becomes “unhealthy”.  The problem is there is more profit in processing food, never mind if it is unhealthy.  Anyway, Big Food has ties with Big Pharma (and Big Chem and Big Biotech and Big Media and Big Ag and most any Big thing) so it is “good” (for them) to spread the business to “friends” — at the expense of the health of the dumbed-down consumers.

This case is similar to rice, which most Asian and African ancestors have been consuming for millennia and yet experience no medical or health problems.  But “modern” rice is riddled with lifestyle diseases.  Have you every wondered why?  Sorry, this will be a topic for another TaN another time.

TaN: It is very strange that so many people would do practically anything and everything — even attempt to turn water into wine — just to get elected or appointed into high government positions while every now and then the positions prove to be very dangerous to health.  One frequently hear of people under investigation suddenly developing some form of sickness or malady.

In fact, as someone once commented when he heard a politician “pleaded” to the electorate to elect him so he can serve them — and he is a very rich person — If he is really sincere and so determined and committed to serve the people, instead of spending so-and-so millions on the campaign, just distribute the money to the people!  To be in public office is not (nor has it ever been) a pre-requisite to serving the people, otherwise all priests and clergy and philanthropists and good Samaritans and all who faithfully serve the public would have to run for (public) office first before they can do what they do.

Moreover, it would be so foolish of anyone to expose oneself to danger and harm in the pursuit of service to others.  That is too saintly — and I mean that in a very sarcastic manner.

So why all the eagerness and obsession to get elected (or appointed) to public office, especially those in the upper echelons?  What do you think…

As a final note, it is not a pre-requisite to be in public office in order to serve the people and do good.  Anyone who says so has other intentions — a hidden agenda.  Shun him (or them) like the plague.  They are more like wolves in sheep’s clothing.


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