Post for Aug 2-8 2015

[another last-minute insertion but not TaN] As the (national) election fever in the Philippines heats up even more, this latest development of hitting Sen Grace Poe’s citizenship is yet another in the series of steps in the strategy of the Binay camp to increase the chances and ensure that Mr Binay wins the presidency.  How?

So far, the surveys that Sen Poe has a commanding lead over the former runaway frontrunner Mr Binay, both as a presidential and a vice presidential candidate.  And Mr Roxas is running a poor third or fourth.  This means that whether Sen Poe runs as a presidential or a vice presidential candidate, she is a virtual shoo-in.  Meanwhile, Mr Roxas appears headed for another disapointment for a shot for the presidency.

It would seem that the strategy of Mr Binay to get a good chance of becoming president is to split the administration forces.  This can be accomplished in a two-proned attack: (1) get the sympathy of the media and the public by making it appear that he is the underdog and that the administration is using all the resources and talents it can muster against him and (2) goad Sen Poe into running or seeking for higher office.

It is obvious in the first case, knowing how people, especially Filipinos, always have a “special affinity or sympathy” for the oppressed or bullyed.  It is all a matter of how you “package” yourself.  And Mr Binay is a master of “packaging” and manipulation of the public sentiment.

In the second case, it will not matter which office Sen Poe runs for.  Either way, it increases substantially Mr Binay’s chances of winning the presidency.  Should the prevailing scenario of a Roxas-Poe team, Mr Binay is sure that he will win, because Sen Poe’s popularity will not matter since she is not gunning for the same office as he (Mr Binay).  And, if the surveys speak the truth, Mr Binay will win over Mr Roxas.

Now, should Sen Poe decide to seek the presidency, this will split the votes of the administration — the loyal friends of Mr Roxas will remain with him, while the others will shift to Sen Poe.  Mr Binay is counting on the split support to trim down the votes so he comes within grabbing distance of the presidency.

It is for this reason that even though the prevailing opinion appears to be that the continued and sustained “attack” on Sen Poe (her citizenship, among others) will “backfire”.  This backfire is calculated to incite Sen Poe, in the hope that she will “prove them (Mr Binay’s camp) wrong and walk right into their trap”.

[last-minute insertion] TaN: The trend in the United States of America, according to the Alex Jones network, which has been ongoing for sometime under the Obama administration, is a concept called pre-crime.  It would appear that it is based on the Orwellian 1984 book where there are thought police that go around arresting and incarcerating people who have not yet done any crime but appears to have entertained the thought.

This is grotesquely and eerily interesting because it was reported in the same internet media some weeks ago that the Obama administration has been secretly putting in place programs and “laws” that are aimed towards such a scenario.  There was reportedly a program approved and being funded by the USA government where scientists and researchers are trying to “isolate” a crime or evil gene — supposedly one responsible for people doing bad things.  But if such is the argument, then people should not be faulted or guilty of evil acts and prisons and detention facilities are redundant because it is the gene’s fault and not man, ergo man should be or is faultless.

Another aspect or argument is what if the thought is in line or in congruence to academics and research.  Or what if the thought came about when reading a crime novel or watching a crime film/video or in the analysis of a crime, where the investigator is envisioning how the crime was (being) committed.  Or what if the thought is from a writer/author is trying to write a crime novel.  There are many what-ifs.  Will the “thought police” be able to determine or discern whether the crime thought is authentic or make-believe?

The world is getting more bizarre with each passing moment, especially in paranoid places such as Washington DC.

TaN: The problem with most people with respect to how they take or understand or give health news is that they tend and keep on blaming things that they “do not like” instead of the real culprit.  Take the case of coffee and of cocoa.

Coffee has been reported to be healthy, especially for the kidneys.  Due to this, there is a marked increase in global coffee consumption.  The problem is people fail to understand that it is only coffee that has been confirmed to be healthful and not coffee WITH SUGAR, MUCH LESS WITH MILK OR CREAM AND SUGAR, etc.  People tend to misunderstand that it is only coffee that is good for health.  In addition, there is no mention of instant or decaffeinated coffee.

As for cocoa, media (whether ordinary or health media) frequently misreports and carelessly interchanges cocoa and chocolate when in truth they are very different.  Cocoa is the immediate derivative from the cocoa beans whereas chocolate is the mixed commercial product where milk (and sugar) has been added.  Not even dark chocolate is anywhere near cocoa.  Only (bitter) cocoa is healthy and any addition or further processing negates or destroys the healthy characteristics or benefits.

It is common for business to confuse or mislead consumers to gain or increase profits by selling their contaminated, diluted, or otherwise adulterated products to unsuspecting, gullible, or trusting consumers.  Nowadays, profit is the only goal of business.  Gone are the days when business was for offering or providing consumers with products and services that truly benefit them.  Big Business will twist, mangle, manipulate, and essentially do what it takes just to get or increase profits.  Ethics and morality are out the window.

What happened to truth in advertising, as if there ever was any — just a clever marketing catchphrase to get the consumers to misplace their faith in “damaged” goods.

TaN: Whichever way or however you call it — assisted suicide, euthanasia, etc — it is plain murder and there is no two-ways about it.  Murder is the taking of the life of another — directly or indirectly — with prior intent or planning and assisted suicide or euthanasia is precisely that.

Advocates are so clever in their scheming.  They contend or argue that they are providing a dignified way out of unbearable and excruciating pain.  In truth, the victim did not have to bear the pain if only s/he had lived a proper life, a sustainable lifestyle, a lifestyle based on needs and not on wants, a lifestyle where people live as nature (or God) intended and not as (modern Big) Business “dictates”.

In the first place, our life is not ours to decide, with respect to keeping it or “throwing” it away — as we have to right to life, we do not have a right to death.  This is why I maintain that we do and can neither decide nor determine how long we shall live, but only how we shall die — peacefully (in our sleep) or slowly and agonizingly (and expensively) with lifestyle diseases and toxic pharmaceuticals that only prolong the agony (and frequently exacerbates the situation).

Aside from being a coward’s easy way out, taking one’s own life is a moral affront to all that is sane and logical.  It makes no sense that there are people who would even just entertain the slightest possibility of committing or abetting in the commission of such a despicable and cowardly act.  The only explanation I can think of — that would satisfy the insanity — is that they do not realize that at the moment of death, it is Judgment Day?!

People just either cannot understand or refuse or deny the reality that when it comes to taking one’s own life, retribution is “immediate” — in the sense that even though there could be a significant elapse time between the moment of death and Judgment Day, since the dead will not be conscious of the passage of time (exactly like when one is asleep where it seems like one has just nodded off that it is already morning) so it would appear to the dead that it is instantly Judgment Day at the moment of death.

Finally, please do not get or be sucked into the inane idea of or even just considering taking your own life.  Remember how impossible it is to create or breathe life into an inanimate entity and oh so simple and easy it is to end it.  Moreover, if it is not your time, no matter what you do, you will not succeed.  You might just end up in a worse situation or predicament — remember those who survive seemingly impossible and sure-death fates such as falling off a plane or high cliff at hundreds or even thousands of meters up or who are in the pink of health only to be run over by a vehicle?  Do not tempt fate (or God) because you will certainly regret it and it will be too late.

TaN: Endorsement or anointing a certain candidate (to the electorate) shows and proves that the populace is still basically “immature” and cannot or do not possess enough critical thinking skills to determine for themselves the candidate worthy of their vote (and trust).  It is a major embarrassment and extremely insulting to be told whom to chose to elect into office, as if one does not or cannot be trusted (or the intellectual capacity or the emotional maturity and integrity) to make the correct choice/s.

The practice of endorsing/anointing a candidate for a certain elective position (in government) is sooo annoyingly and childishly immature that it is sickening.  But that is not the worst of it.  What is pitiful is the seeming inability or incapacity of both the candidate/s and the electorate to fathom and appreciate the significance and impact on the psyche of the country.

Unless and until we outgrow and abandon this demeaning and infantile practice, there will be no hope for meaningful and intelligent leadership and the country will remain in the quagmire of patronage politics and corruption.  There is no and will never be a (true and honest) Daang Matuwid without ridding this ugly “tradition”.


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