Post for Aug 9-15 2015

TaN: Without a doubt and beyond contesting, the perfect combination is a person with heart or humanity and intelligence.  However, such qualities rarely occur simultaneously and, instead, develop separately and in succession.  And, between the two, heart or humanity is not only the preferred but the “must be” quality to begin with.  It must be developed and in place before intelligence is set into motion — because intelligence (i.e., the innate or inherent kind and not the acquired or learned one) is already part of us at the moment we “come into existence” (i.e., even before birth).

It is dangerous to have unbridled or unrestrained intelligence — i.e., one that is not controlled by morality and concern for the good of others.  This is usually what happens with so-called criminal geniuses, who execute and conduct brilliant capers and masterful felonious plans that baffle even the best of investigators and crime analysts.  “Perfect” crimes are the epitome of such a situation where mental brilliance is not guided by good.  Meanwhile, humanity or concern for others alone is no better as one can be prone to abuse and exploitation by the unscrupulous.

While it is true that one is obligated to extend assistance — to the best of one’s abilities — to anyone in need of aid, one is only obligated to the point of: (1) assistance and (2) willingness to change.  “Assistance” refers to the act of helping but not substituting or doing the work for the one in need.  The one in need must still be the one who should do the work needed.  Assistance is only in the form of providing the methodology — as in the adage: Give a man fish and you feed him for a day; teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

As to “willingness to change”, the one in need must be open or willing to adapt and adopt new and (often) different methods and solutions.  One should remember (the admonition of Albert Einstein): It employ the same solution repeatedly and expect a different result every time is sheer stupidity.  So, if one does not change “tactics”, one should not expect a different outcome.

Therefore, the assistance one extends to the needy should be empowering or enabling and not create mendicancy or foster dependence.  The needy must be accorded proper dignity to extricate him/herself out of the situation or predicament.

But going back to combining heart and intelligence, the two ensures that one uses one’s wisdom and abilities are geared towards service to and for others and not just the self, for it is written in the Holy Scriptures that “it is better to give than to receive”.  And, as in the admonition that it is in the service of others that one truly finds lasting happiness and (meaningful and unparalleled) fulfillment.

It is thus more important to establish and develop one’s compassion (for others and for all of creation) before commencing on the feeding and satisfying the intelligence.  Let the guidance be set and in place prior to the amassing intelligence and experience to ensure that one’s actions will not bring only self-satisfaction but benefits to the common good.

TaN: Federalization of the Philippines is a bad and risky idea.  The first and foremost reason is the propensity of the ordinary Filipino to be easily swayed by influential people (mostly smooth talkers, famous personalities and public figures, and well-dressed or wealthy people) — with hidden and personal agenda — and events.  This means that the public sentiment can easily be “manipulated” by special interests into doing whatever will benefit the latter and often at the expense of the country.

In addition, the decades-old issue of conflicts between and among the different and varied ethnic and religious groups — which may be reconcilable but only either without the interference or machinations of special interests or the (sudden) acquisition of (true) nationalism and patriotism by the great majority — may eventually and inevitably lead to the break-up or disintegration of the Philippines, with each (federal) state ceding from the federation.  And this is not so far-fetched considering the long-standing and protracted problems with the Mindanao secessionist movement, the New People’s Army, the Cordillera People’s Liberation Army, and the various political dynasties with their own private little kingdoms.

Federalization of the Philippines will be a disaster — waiting to happen.  And with so many (well-funded) parties focusing on the mineral- and resource-rich island of Mindanao and salivating to persuade the island to break away from the federation and establish itself as an entirely separate state…unless there is some sort of a mechanism or provision in the federalization that foresees, preempts, prevents, and ensures that this catastrophe will never transpire.

The United States of America model would be a good start although it is not an impossibility that states may want to cede from the Union except that it appears to be complicated and difficult (but, again, not impossible).  The problem here would be that Filipinos do not have the same character and maturity — or even come close to anything like it — that the USA has.  People there are wise enough not to be easily manipulated and taken in by utopic promises — though the current situation with Mr Obama says otherwise.

Finally, for a culture and state of maturity of present-day (the great majority of) Filipinos, federalization is an extremely stupid idea.

TaN: The USA Planned Parenthood and (consequently) the RH Law of the Philippines is or has to be a scheme to “kill three birds with one stone” — to push the program of Big Pharma, to depopulate, and to supply the needs of Big Biotech.  Big Pharma provides the toxic abortifacient chemicals and the devices, the depopulation advocates get their wish, and Big Biotech is able to use the DEAD babies, fetal tissues, and organic substances in their research into longevity (and even immortality), eugenics, designer babies, germ warfare (where a virus can be designed to target only specific individuals that fit or meet certain genetic profiles), and just about whatever you can imagine.

Recently, there is the controversy of videos of Planned Parenthood where secret recordings (being released in tranches) reveal the government program selling from fetal tissues to “fully intact” aborted babies to research for handsome profits and with nary a flinch or slightest sign of guilt or remorse.  It will not be far-fetched to have the same situation especially in populous Third World countries where there are so many potential “commodities”, especially among the desperate and poverty-stricken families.  Life in such countries is cheap and readily and easily “for sale”.

Moreover, this does not confined to Third World countries and are present even in industrialized or First World countries — particularly in the depressed or slum areas of urban population centers.  Imagine, if it is present in the United States of America, it can be found most anywhere else — with the possible exception of small population First World countries like the Scandinavian countries and the more well-off members of the European Union like Germany and Great Britain.

Fiendishly clever of the global power elite and depopulation advocates to dream up of such a dastardly scheme and make a profit from misery and poverty.


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