Post for Aug 16-22 2015

TaN: You would think with all the craze and hype of and for eating healthy, there would be increasingly more and more healthy people and yet more and more are getting sicker and sicker.  This only proves and vindicates my argument that it is not so much what (healthy or “super”) food you eat but how it is prepared and/or consumed.

Unless and until you are careful and are substantially familiar with what is truly healthy and comprehend the true definition of “health”, you may be treading dangerous waters when you attempt to wade through the ocean of information and dis-information and mis-information.  The world is filled with deceivers (out to make a fast buck even at the expense of other people’s health), with innocent but good-intentioned ill-advised or inadequately-researched so-called experts and public figures and personalities, and with (the rare but) true “benevolent and properly-informed and compassion and concern” for all sharers,

The first thing in returning to and/or maintaining health is to cease and desist all unhealthy lifestyle choices and activities.

Unknown and oblivious to most is the truth that, if and when left alone, the body (as with all of nature) has the innate ability to regenerate or restore itself to normalcy or equilibrium — which, in the case of our body, is health.  One prime example is the cessation of smoking.  It is said (in allopathic medicine) that once a smoker quits, the body returns or reverts almost instantaneously to its normal state (as it should be).  In the case of the environment, once we stop all the destruction and ravaging, the natural beauty and balance of nature returns within a relatively short time — depending on how much damage was done and on how isolated or “left alone” the damaged area is (devoid of any external ecosystem interference).

So, also in health, the first step to recovery is always STOP DOING WHAT IS WRONG/HARMFUL/UNHEALTHY!  Any effort to live and eat correctly without halting the harmful or bad habits will only either be for naught or futile or be minimal and only slow or delay the inevitable.

But why are more and more people getting diseased and sick — btw, being sick is not the same as being diseased (as explained in my book “First — DO NO HARM“).  One reason is that people are being mis-informed — be it intentionally (due to personal or selfish gains or agenda) or be it not (due to ignorance and the bandwagon or snowballing effect and the lack of enough common sense to understand both the simplicity and intricacy of health and nutrition or due to arrogance and the desire to be in the limelight rather than doing proper research, a case of “A little knowledge…”).

Finally, never believe even for a moment or even entertain at any time that man-made (or processed) foods can be superior to natural (as in organically grown) foods.  Our body is a product of nature and, as is, it is subject to nature’s laws and design and will only recognize those that are natural.  A case in point are the claims that so-and-so man-made concoction is better than water (as a claim made by a company on its sports drink in the United States of America).  NOTHING IS BETTER THAN WATER — when it comes to health and thirst-quenching.

TaN: Free will is all about the right to choose and the right to choose is all about the right to do or not do and not between and among several items.  It is an illusion to say that the right to choose is about choosing which of the things presented would we want, especially in the current state of consumerism.

Big Business would like very much for you to think and believe that you are limited and have to choose (only) among the (competing) products they are offering and that you cannot refuse to choose from among them.  In this manner, you do not really have a choice because you cannot refuse to choose, which is the true right to choose.

And when your right to choose is curtailed, so is your free will because you are being coerced to make a choice that you are not willing to make because what you really want is not among those presented.

The only true right to choose is only between doing and not doing or making a choice and not making any choice.

TaN: It is but right that any (and all) commodity (i.e., an item that’s non-consumable and designed to be sold or profited from) be profited from only once.  What this means is that there should no longer be any “resale value” and that such commodities must be public domain or common good.

To further clarify, I am referring to items such as cinema/film/video and the like where, after it has been shown to the (general) public, it should be considered public property and any further screening — at least to the same general population — after a substantial period has lapsed should be for free.  This would also extend to or include songs, literary works, and other such works that can be (mass) reproduced — excluded are works of art such sculptures, paintings, and others.

Should this prove to be too drastic, at least for now, then the least is to apply it only to their reproductions.  In other words, if I reproduce a copy of a film, the film may still be profited from but the reproduction should be free of charge, even if I incurred a cost for the reproduction.

It is somehow wrong to gain endless profit from a work/commodity that has already been profited from.  It is akin to a consumable product.  Once the product, say bread, has been consumed (or enjoyed, as in videos), there is no (or should not be a) second consumption.

And this is where the issue of patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights (IPRs) come in.  This restrictive and oppressive scheme invented by capitalists and their stooges is intended to curtail and hinder benevolent and sustainable development and confine the benefits to themselves, as well as to create dependence and control access.

In this regard, such counterproductive measures and greedy ploys conceived and imposed on us by the global power elite should rightfully and morally met with global resistance and civil disobedience through sharing only among and between ourselves and the optimal implementation of copyleft, creative commons licensing, and outright;y contradict the prevailing system in place.  Let us put what we have created and developed out there to be shared with all and protected against commercialization.

Perpetual and repeated profit from a non-consumable commodity is sooo wrong.


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