Post for Sept 6-12, 2015

Btw, Happy 911! — the day the world was awakened to the reality of who is truly the evil doers.  I am glad it happened but not the suffering, trauma, and misery it caused

[last-minute insertion] TaN: As per Alex Jones’ September 9, 2015 Net cast, it is now becoming very evident that, in the United States of America, the “new normal” is that being ethical is unethical.  They have managed, by twisting and mangling semantics and definitions, to turn things on its head.  It is now politically incorrect and unethical to use the terms “mother” and “father” (being gender-biased) and “black” and “white” (being racist).  What a load of bovine ordure.

It is so lame as well as so diabolical that definitions and semantics are turned around, causing mass confusion and unnecessary (but planned and anticipated) guilt to (most) people who are normally ethical and politically and morally responsible and be conscious of their words and expressions when there is absolutely no reason for it.

These stupid and foolish shenanigans by manipulative control freaks are truly sinister and insidious for most of the (global) population and are being carried out through the “able connivance” of governments and influential mental-midgets (like many celebrities and popular personalities, especially in the entertainment, fashion, and sports industries).

In addition, whatever resistance being put up by thinking (and sane or logical) people are being attacked or ridiculed by media and penalized the judiciary.  The latest case, as of this writing, that I have heard is that of a barbershop in the United States of America where a female was turned away because the establishment had neither expertise nor equipment to perform the job and was subsequently fined and penalized by a court when the said female filed a case of sexual discrimination.  How stupid is this and I am certain it is going to get worse with no sign of reversing and getting better.

Furthermore, these ploys are to keep the public busy fighting each other so they will or cannot focus on the machinations being done “in the background”.  It is truly diabolical.

TaN: In this reality (we are in), there are only a few absolutes — like Truth and Right, although both have their relative forms or versions — and most, if not all, are abstracts or non-material/non-physical things.  Everything else is relative.  There is no better in absolute terms, only relative to the criteria being used.

There is no person better than another — in absolute terms.  One is better than another only relative to the criteria one uses.  A generic example would be “A Jack of all trades but a Master of none” is better than most people because he knows a lot of different things, things from different fields most people do not know of or about.  However, when compared to a specialist, one who has delved extensively in a particular subject or field, the Jack of all trades is no better.

So do not feel bad if one does not “measure up” to certain standards.  There will be other standards where one will excel in.  This only illustrates the declaration that “”all men are created equal”.  We possess different skills and talents and capabilities therefore we are all equal in that manner.  No one is above or superior to any other (in all aspects).  There is bound to be something or some aspect in which another is superior (to you).

Therefore, one should boast of one’s superiority or “betterness”.  As the saying goes, Be magnanimous in victory for boastfulness cheapens the triumph.  We are all equal in our differences; it is the differences that make us (not only) equal but co- and interdependent on one another — and this is the message in the classical movie “Oh God” (starring the late John Denver and the late George Burns) — God does not permit suffering and misery and it is for this reason that He “gave us each other”.

TaN: There is a rampant proliferation of fake medicines everywhere.  No country is spared.  This is the current allopathic toxic pharmaceutical poisons that are being peddled and forcibly (and legally) shoved down our throats.

There are various means or schemes employed by Big Pharma to guarantee humongous and obscenely massive mark-ups resulting in indecent amounts of corporate profits and personal financial gains — using FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) tactics as well as government coercions through policies and legislation from lobbying, pressure from international agencies (like the UN via the WHO et al and IMF-WB duo and EU and ASEAN etc), and deceptive and self-serving supposedly “philanthropic or altruistic” programs and projects.

I have it on good authority that during the 2008-09 financial crisis, all industries and sectors experienced massive losses and retrenchments and lay-offs and incurred massive debts except Big Pharma, which reaped huge profits.  Moreover, it is rumored that Big Pharma is using the exact same shills and under-handed shameless public relations groups that Big Tobacco used that held off science and undeniable proof regarding the detrimental and cancerous effects of smoking.  [Please note that “smoking” was specified and not “tobacco” because the latter is in truth good and very useful (very good and safe natural pesticides and medicine) and that its bad effects are due to smoking.  It is a matter of proper use.]

But what does it have to do with fake medicines?  Plenty.  Medicine is something designed and intended to cure a sickness or ailment.  If it does not cure, it cannot be called medicine.  Ergo, conventional or allopathic (so-called) medicine — being peddled and pushed and forced upon the population by Big Pharma — today do not qualify or even deserve to be called medicine because they do not cure anything.  It is all maintenance.  This means that these toxic brew of poisons MAINTAIN your deplorable and miserable diseased status.  How, by any stretch of definition, can we call these cocktails of chemical toxins medicine?

To continue, how can these charlatans, calling themselves “doctors” — unless and/or until they (begin) to teach their patients (and everyone else) on how to cure and stay away from diseases and sickness — have the gumption or unmitigated gall to refers to themselves as doctors.  The proper term for them is physician but even that term does not do justice and, in fact, is an insult to those who truly and sincerely try to cure and educate their patients.

Yeah, why don’t governments and law enforcement agencies go after these (quack) doctors instead of making life difficult for those who really try to or are capable of helping and curing sick or diseased people.  Why are not these worthless profit-making deadly concoctions they call medicine being the ones banned from sale or distribution or prescription to the public?  Whose side is government really on anyway, but does this rhetorical question really need to be answered?

Which are now the fake medicines?  Shame on you!

TaN: The ongoing and continuing refugee crisis undergoing in Europe made me realize that how a person accepts assistance reflects a lot on his/her maturity as a person.  A person who, and especially if s/he readily, accepts dole outs or mendicancy versus one who prefers a job or to work for whatever s/he wants or needs has no self-respect and dignity.  Such a person is prone to be a burden to others and society and has a high probability to compromise and “sell” his/her principles.

To relate to the European refugee crisis, countries should not be afraid to take chances with the refugees much less persecute them, refuse them asylum, or, worse, let them perish (in transit or killing them, as in the tragic truck incident in Austria) — exactly the same argument in the case against abortion and pro-choice.  It is when you let or try all you can to let people live that you are gambling on the possibility that one of those you saved or let live will either s/he or his/her descendant, someday, be some great person in history.

For all you know, it could be that one day, one (or more) of the refugees you helped or did not turn away be or have a descendant who is “destined” to change the world.  You never can tell.  One can never know what the future will bring, who in the future along the line of a refugee who did not die or was not killed will be responsible for changing the course of humanity, to bring peace and prosperity to all.  Who knows.

Is this a chance you are willing to risk?

TaN: Business should not wait until a customer complains before any action is taken.  Customer service should only apply to instances where the company — everyone, from the lowest to the highest — was not able to foresee or notice problems and issues that affect customer satisfaction.

It has become common (business) practice to wait until the customer complains or raises an issue that the company (usually through its customer service or assistance) initiates — more of a reaction than a pro-action — a remedy or solution.  This shows that the company is not sincere in its “care” for the customer but rather it is more concerned with its profit margin or bottom line, because, more often than not, remedies and solutions to customer concerns cost money.

A company shows real concern for its customers and clientele by being pro-active.  This stems from an instance in a flight where a passenger remarked that the in-flight meal was way below customer satisfaction and when word got to the flight crew, they said that they will make recommendations to management to change caterers.  The meal was really below par and the crew can easily see that it is no good.  But it had to take a passenger comment to initiate action.  This reflects on the airline.


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