Post for Sept 27-Oct 3 2015

TaN: The answer to the Conspiracy Theorists detractors are the sayings: “None are as blind as those who refuse to see” and “The most difficult to wake are those who pretend to be asleep“.  Although it is true that there will always be those among us who are prone to “join the bandwagon” without critically discerning the truthfulness behind it, it is nevertheless likewise true that there are (prophetic) signs of a growing orchestrated global — though many are still isolated pockets but all indications are there that will reveal subtle links and connections — of control being put into effect for a final consolidation into total domination.

The spin doctors and stooges of the global power elite are working overtime to dispel, distort, ridicule, confuse and muddle, cause doubt, mis-inform, or otherwise discredit any and all “clues” that may lead to or reveal the entire mosaic of and for total and absolute global control and domination…how the seemingly little and remotely unrelated events and incidents actually add up and are all integral pieces of the puzzle.

People are quick to believe in the well-scripted deception and lies, afraid to be ridiculed and labeled as paranoid, or are just plain too lazy or stupid to think for ourselves and discern fact from make-believe and would simply prefer others to do the research and thinking for them…to discern between truth and reality and propaganda and nonsense.  It is unfortunate and pitiful that so many people have decided — wittingly or otherwise — to adopt such behaviors and attitudes.  This is on top of the general apathy that permeates most of humanity simply because what is happening is either “not relevant or significantly impact” their lives or because they are unable to see and understand such matters.

To end this, it is always best to keep a small but healthy amount of skepticism, suspicion, and open-mindedness, especially in these times — as people are becoming more and more able to justify their (wrong) decisions and (incorrect and unrighteous and unChristian) actions and behavior in order to enjoy what should not be and/or escape guilt and blame due to some twisted logic.

TaN: It is “interesting” that we are told that bad bacteria is responsible for almost all our medical woes and yet animals never seem to be targeted (or at least not as much as we are).  It is amazing that bad bacteria, somehow, is able to identify their human targets and likewise have the capacity to home in — i.e., possesses the ability to move on its own and having the intelligence to identify — and attack its intended target.

Logic dictates that it is nonsensical to believe that bacteria has the self-mobility and intelligence to seek out particular targets — or even randomly.  In truth, bacteria is everywhere but they do not “attack” because the trigger or activating essential is not existing or absent — which is an acidic environment.

People whose bodies are alkaline are “resistant” to disease and microbial attack because the nature of living things is of two states: acidic (which is interpreted as diseased, dying, or dead) and alkaline (which is interpreted as healthy or alive).  Bacteria is neither good nor bad but merely acting according to its nature.  It attacks or goes into action when the surrounding environment is acidic and stays “dormant or inactive” when it is alkaline.

This explains and can be attested to when people in the same room where someone has a cold sneezes and not everyone catches the cold (virus).  When they are tested for acidity and alkalinity, it will be found that those who caught the cold will have acidic bodies while those “immune” will be alkaline.

It is not what Big Pharma and mainstream medicine claim but that it is our state of health that determines whether we become “victims” of bacterial and viral attacks or not.

TaN: It is not only embarrassing and insulting — to the celebrity or well-known person — to want to be photographed with someone famous or popular just because you want people to know about it but even pitiful that one would be so shallow and desperate.  To be photographed (intentionally) with someone famous or popular just for the sake of being in the same picture frame, especially if the famous/popular person/celebrity did not even have the slightest inkling who you are and that you existed until that moment, is really pitiful.

This is a case of exploiting others for our personal benefit or gain — whether the gain is financial or otherwise.  For those with no intention of using the photograph for personal gains, it is still pitiful that one can be so starved or deprived of attention and self-esteem that one resorts to identifying oneself with a known person just to feel that one has some worth.

In addition, the “victim” personality has little choice but to accede otherwise, in this day and age of cyberspace where gossip and scandal and bad reputation travels faster than the speed of light, s/he might be at the receiving end of a cyber social media storm.

In conclusion, selfies and such attention-starved or selfish personal and self-esteem-seeking behavior are but symptoms of the prevailing lack of the correct and nourishing love and care that people so badly need.  Most of what is considered “love” is empty or distorted (by consumerism and commercialism) and is a principal source of global depression and “isolation”, which is why many resort to cyberspace to gain and establish (instant but non-enduring and often shallow or insincere) friendships that they cannot find in the real world.

It is sad…so sad indeed.


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